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  1. DarkHorse

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    530i N53 fuel economy: With a functioning NOx sensor and capture system with Stratified Lean Burn mode (direct injection) trickery activating under low load conditions, then 40+ mpg is achievable (~15%). But it probably isn't worth investing +£400 chasing/fixing the extra fuel economy when it might take 3 or more years of motorway commuting to get that value back. Edit: Tax remains around the £270-£290 range, Touring N53 3.0L being the more expensive.
  2. DarkHorse

    E61 M47D20 Broken down

    Raw deal, sorry to hear, especially after throwing time and cash to find out .
  3. DarkHorse

    Looking to get a E61...Guidance?

    Sadly it is too easy to be unlucky and get hit by a huge number of big ticket fixes. In my limited experience a sensible maintenance budget is ~ £1k/year, often front loaded costs into the first year of ownership (playing maintenance catch up). For example, N53 petrol (manual) 120k, a few too many previous owners. Nearly 3 years and ~18k miles later, with a new clutch (only, not DMF), front brakes and some tyres, minor budget mods etc. A more detailed list of niggles I choose/accept to live with (thus saving £s) and other examples here:
  4. DarkHorse

    Who else is considering selling there 5?

    Yes agreed, strange times. I'm hearing about friends who are returning or selling a motor as they are no longer required when working from home. Some disposed of early to reduce depreciation costs.
  5. DarkHorse

    Which tyres.....

    Yes, so far I like the regular Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 tyres. More tyre info in this recent thread:
  6. DarkHorse

    Who else is considering selling there 5?

    Hmm, unexpected 6 months ago. Cheap used vehicles in demand to avoid public transport, seems to be helping to hold up the second hand car values. A temporary market distortion, for how long? Which types of motors are in demand? Any other market news, observations or forecasts?
  7. DarkHorse

    Looking to get a E61...Guidance?

    What ever you get, research it well and be prepared to wait quite a while for 'the one'. Never rush, chance or impulse buy a 10+ year old E6x, even if it does look pretty and mean. So far so good...
  8. DarkHorse

    E61 Tailgate woes (Heated rear screen)

    Yep same here, my temporary fix for the E61 rear window demister (screen heater):
  9. DarkHorse

    Odd vibration through steering. Place your bets.

    Agreed, check the rims and tread pattern spins true. Maybe raise up axel stands, chock the front wheels and spin up the rears to 50mph ;), the culprit should be visible. Or it could turn into one hell of a Homer moment, face it your worst neighbours house, jam the throttle open, have someone else filming and leave the dash cam running ... bang it on youtube and post the link back here .
  10. DarkHorse

    E61 clock/trip reset

    Hi and welcome to the forum . Not experienced this myself but I have previously run across info on one candidate (of many) that can be related to the Central electronic module (Control Body module, E6xKBM module for power distribution management) behind the fuse box in the glove box area (depending on age of manufacture). Might be worth researching and verifying as a possibility.
  11. DarkHorse

    Diagnostic tool or Laptop?

    ISTA-D for diagnostics (you need) ISTA-P for programming / coding (no need or experience personally) That BMW guy is a bit like marmite that's partially been dropped in $hit, some parts could be ok to chew on... i guess . Edit: he's enthusiastic, entertaining sometimes and trying to make a few quid with his skills, hey who doesn't.
  12. DarkHorse

    BMW e61 530d lci

    Could be dodgy, maybe its a ringer or import.
  13. DarkHorse

    When open thermostat N53B30

    Hi n welcome to the forum . I don't remember seeing the temperature below 95 DegC but that was a while ago when I last checked. I thought the fan is either on or off, when AC is on or cooling temperature > 115 DegC. Someone please confirm?
  14. DarkHorse

    Diagnostic tool or Laptop?

    I have a basher Windows10 laptop (old heavy HP i7 1stGen, 4GB RAM, 240GB SSD, battery is toast). Use it for the kids MineCraft, pirate streaming and BMW software (INPA and ISTA-D) with a USB OBDC II cable. If only I knew how to use the BMW stuff properly , on a 'need to know' basis. I learned to live with a few minor persistant faults codes if they are insignificant, avoid chasing every little thing on a 13 year old motor or I'll probably end up doing more harm than good .
  15. DarkHorse

    E61 seat

    Ah right, no worries. The seat is secured by 4x T50 floor bolts, you might be able to pack and raise the seats floor rails by 15mm but it could impact on crash safety and may be an insurance claim issue. MOT probably wouldn't notice (or matter?). I remember a thread on here where extra padding was added under the seat, which might help.