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  1. DarkHorse

    New wiper not hitting right

    Mine misses that area because the wiper doesn't curve at the tips as much as the screen curves. I've thought about giving the wiper a tweak but worry about damaging it.
  2. DarkHorse


    If I was over 70 then I wouldn't think twice about it. The risk of death/damage from virus far outways the risk from the vaccine. If under 50 and healthy, the decision is harder to make without being able to compare data for a longer time frame for the virus and all the various vaccine alternatives. Chatting to some nutt jobs on other forums... after 5G transmitters, virus is burned out already (in June), infections increasing due to lockdowns, as do mask wearing... big pharma, big reset, chip injection tracking etc. ...the latest twist seems to be that the increase in deaths is a direct result of the UKs vaccine roll out program. lol, they do crack me up but worryingly there are quite a lot of them.
  3. DarkHorse

    New wiper not hitting right

    German engineering excellence! Wind the window down, put your arm out, reach around and wipe off the excess water. Great fun at motorway speeds .
  4. DarkHorse

    Speaker upgrade

    Sadly I have no experience with the Logic7 setup so not entirely sure but any result has to be a good improvement over the basic factory offering (). Whilst trawling the forums I get the impression that the new 3rd party options will perform much better. The full implementation has more speakers and units to wire up plus some module coding will be required to enable iDrive Logic7 functionality. I think many/all of the speakers are 2ohm instead of the typical 4ohm which might make a part upgrade perform adversely if using a mixture of kit. Maybe some others can chime in with some better informed opinions.
  5. DarkHorse

    Speaker upgrade

    Sound system upgrade? There are lots of options, most are not easy or cheap, it depends on your budget, patients and capabilities. Here's my experience so far in this thread, where you'll find lots of links and info to wrestle with. Edit: ££££ https://www.fourcaraudio.co.uk/brands/audison/audison-prima-bmw-amp-mini
  6. But but... they knew what they were voting for! 2020: 2018:
  7. Yep, next week ;). Most don't but Admiral Insurance requires declaration at renewal. Mines a multicar policy. https://www.admiral.com/magazine/guides/car-insurance/what-do-i-tell-my-insurer Things you need to tell your insurer at renewal (Admiral) Some things can wait until it's time to renew your policy. 1. Penalty points If you or any named drivers receive a fixed penalty, motoring conviction or are disqualified during your policy term you must tell your insurer at renewal, using the DVLA conviction code. You must also declare attending any driver awareness courses. You don't need to mention parking fines. 2. ...
  8. Too many miles/km and getting a bit too old and slow (for my money @181k miles). Try the info, links and video in this recent thread, lots to chew over, never rush to buy any BMW ;).
  9. UK VAT implementation apparently had nothing to do with the EU, under Westminster control.
  10. Upsides anyone? Everything is awesome : EU-UK RELATIONS - Big changes compared to benefits of EU membership.pdf
  11. I recently replaced a like for like original BMW AGM battery for an equivilent AGM battery spec (no coding required), though I had to register the change which apparently resets the IBS charging profile to learn the characteristics of the new battery.
  12. DarkHorse

    Odd noise!

    Yep, I've been caught out with tyre noise. Varied noise with load and cornering, all the classic symptoms of a wheel bearing but no, it was a malfunctioning RFT tread pattern.
  13. Hi & Welcome to the forum . Nice one! My clutch switch is a little fussy but I am able to live with it for now. As long as I don't move/wiggle the clutch whilst cranking, its normally not a problem.
  14. DarkHorse

    Fitted 2 Way speakers in rear now weird problem

    From what you describe, one of your new speakers has a failed mid bass driver (receiving no audio signal). In the past I have damaged/foldered the spade to speaker wiring when pushing connectors on. I would disconnect the speaker and try testing from another sound source. Alternatively I have briefly used power from a 9v battery to see and hear the bass driver move. Try with the old speakers first to see them jump in or out buy don't leave 9v DC connected for more than a second or you might over heat the voice coils (in sencitive tweeters).
  15. Insurance, now there's another legalised racket. I've now booked an online 2hr 45min (via zoom) Speed Awareness Course, which cost a couple of quid more so I could get a Sunday morning slot for £88 in early January. Safer and more convenient, thanks for all the advice .