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  1. DarkHorse

    Dodgy Ebay advert?

    Only auto's.
  2. DarkHorse

    Dodgy Ebay advert?

    LOL, yeah that's a good one . Hope you have better luck soon. Couple more on AT today.
  3. DarkHorse

    Diversity Antenna??

    Key fob syncing?
  4. DarkHorse

    Diversity Antenna??

    Hi and wellcome , Lots of similar Diversity Antenna problems written about on this forum. Might also be worth reading up on the potential tailgate wiring loom isuses that the E61 is prone to suffer.
  5. DarkHorse

    Any good e60s petrols about?

    Sorry, I just meant generally, there could be a few more on the market, just never much when you are looking for one, lol. Or perhaps... we could see a few more post Brexit if A50 is revoked, then maybe people holding back will decide to make that purchase and trade in their old 5s, say by mid summer those motors hit the second hand sales... possibly, who knows.
  6. DarkHorse

    Any good e60s petrols about?

    Next week/month there might be a flood more of them. 525i M Sport Saloon Manual Black, 2007 LCI part leather. 84k miles, short MOT asking 5.5k private seller in Windsor. Could be ok for 5k... unknown really. Edit: Or try to haggle on this: BMW 5 Series 3.0 528i M Sport Petrol Manual Touring 5dr (warranty) (60 reg) 87k miles asking 10.5k London
  7. DarkHorse

    Dodgy Ebay advert?

    Yep, not in daily use, sounds strange, could be primed and sat on a garage forecourt looking for bites. Or usually get the story about getting a company car and not driven anymore etc. Worth a viewing and test drive for the experience, a challenge to try and spot any bigger fault(s).
  8. DarkHorse

    Which wheels are these?

    Oh yeah, good spot, I managed to miss those.
  9. DarkHorse

    Dodgy Ebay advert?

    Advert says it's a “nice machine?”, so it must be good , and "Massive spec car.. full electric pack" which all looks pretty average to me. Hard to give that any weight really.
  10. DarkHorse

    Which wheels are these?

    Don't know, couldn't find them here: http://www.bmwstylewheels.com/
  11. Cheers, originally I wasn't keen on the medium BMW beige but it has grown on me, being brighter, cooler in summer and balances well with that darker wood trim. If you are lucky on the later 2009 models you can find the slightly smarter lighter cream version with piano black trim. Trying to get all your preferences ticked on these motors is quite difficult, where interior was the only one I couldn't meet at the time and consider myself very lucky to hit 7 out of 8 ticks (after a 6 month search ).
  12. Sadly they can all be potential money pits at that age. A statistical gamble or what else can we do... I just can't justify dumping 15k+ into an F11.
  13. DarkHorse

    530i LCI - Low MPG

    As long as the tyres are the same type/size on each axel, I think you can get away with that.
  14. DarkHorse

    Looking for a 530 sport. What to look for?

    Thanks. Yes I got 4 on at the moment, good value but a bit noisy (with speed increasing drone/whine) on my 1620kg E61. I guess tyres and ride quality is very subjective and hard to compare via a forum chat really.
  15. DarkHorse

    Looking for a 530 sport. What to look for?

    What brand of runflats was that?