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  1. Yes he was refering to the 545i (N62) in a petrol/ULEZ free context. The use of the "smoke*" relating to N62 stem seals, linked via the *coment at the end of the post etc.
  2. Yeah I know. I do mostly mixed urban and never had chance to do a full tank on a run. 70L (~£98 Vpower) @36mpg = 544 miles 15.4 gallonsUK (~£6.365/gallon) @36mpg = 544 miles
  3. Hard to say accurately, I'd estmate less than £50/year on insurance. Really doesn't seem worth compromising for financial reasons on paper vs. performance, the main problem is availability in good condition. M Sport 4d Auto(07) 525i 530i ====================================================================== Power 214 bhp 268 bhp Top Speed 153 mph 155 mph 0-60 mph 7.5 secs 6.3 secs Torque 270 Nm, 199 ft-lb 320 Nm, 263 ft-lb CO2 Emissions 178 g/km 182 g/km Miles Per Tank 554 miles 554 miles Consumption 36 mpg 36 mpg Insurance group 38 42 Annual road tax £250 £260
  4. It's good experience to try a few before you buy. I think every motor is over priced at the moment. The LCI has a few little extra bits updated but the N53 is not as quiet idling, worth a look anyway.
  5. DarkHorse

    Strong petrol smell on cold starts.

    LOL yes, it's always worth fielding for opinions.
  6. DarkHorse

    Strong petrol smell on cold starts.

    2006 530i is an N52, which I've never experienced personally. Could be normal, an old 3L petrol lump will likely smell a bit for the first minute, especially if you are down wind of the exhaust. If it's starting and idling smoothly, no fuel line leaks with no error codes then I wouldn't worry about it. Not CCV related. The N53 does also smell a bit on cold mornings, luckily the wind direction is favourable to the orientation of the car on the driveway .
  7. DarkHorse

    Whining noise when at speed 80 / 90 km/h

    Hi n welcome . I could only hear a high pitched whistle on my crappy laptop. Common suspects are: Sunroof seal Winscreen seal Wiper blades Wing mirror Roof bars/rack
  8. DarkHorse

    How to update 2007 iDrive with no USB port

    Yes I was disapointed to find feature support a bit lame in this area. @BAG320 we seem to have derailed your question a little, appologies. Hi & Welcome . Based on the info so far in this thread, are you still planning to update the iDrive and what results are you expecting to get?
  9. DarkHorse

    How to update 2007 iDrive with no USB port

    Yes and at least the steering wheel and i-Drive wheel track select/volume controls work . Note that the in-track seeking forward/rewind is too slow being only ~2x normal play speed (slow decoding MP3 on the fly, 2007 LCI). Also a bit of a pain with long tracks, so I now have a way to more easily pre-process 1 hour mixes into managable 4 min chunks and only experience a slight ~0.1 second delay between tracks. Plus I have had a few MP3 files skip past in the track list and wouldn't play due to the MP3 headers not satisfying some sort of Joliet naming requirement, which was resolved by using a different MP3 creator/converter. Edit: For Navigation maps and MP3 storage I'm burning to Philips DVD-R 4.7Gb (regular single layer).
  10. DarkHorse

    How to update 2007 iDrive with no USB port

    As far as I'm aware, bluetooth music audio streaming/control is not supported (in i-Drive until ~2011), only pairing for phone comms and in car hands free. Might as well just use the Aux line-in/headphone jack. Edit: Or burn 4Gb DVDs compatible to MP3 storage (Joliet file system ISO 9660 standard, ImgBurn) for use in the Sat Nav DVD. Both front ROM slots will read MP3 discs, the other/top being the smaller 700Mb.
  11. Is it in the river yet? Just do it, you'll live longer, save yourself a fortune and a bucket load of stress. Edit: and get used to looking at a non German dash where many have human interfaces that could have been designed by FisherPrice, with similarly packaged driving experiences and a performance to match. Might be cheaper and more reliable though...
  12. DarkHorse

    Would a failing hpfp put a car in limp mode?

    Front seat leather creased and scuffed steering wheel looks a bit rough for 56k, wheels are pretty badly damaged. HPFP debrie may damage injectors downstream. Insurance company purchase... new clutch... 3 weeks of ownership and bailing out... hmmm. If the car was in mint condition maybe.
  13. DarkHorse

    Please I need immediate help

    Wahooo! What a fecking relief!!! For all of us I mean . What a journey hey. It's not good for the brand's reputation that one can find themselves in such a position really.
  14. DarkHorse

    Please I need immediate help

    or a Relay breaking down...
  15. DarkHorse

    Please I need immediate help

    Chase that, power dropping out on important modules looking like flat battery symtoms. I was previously sceptical the battery was toast after I saw/heard the engine cranking over, though sadly I'm not familiar with the Diesel motors. Edit: Probably going to find a loose fat ground or live wire heavily corroded or blackened or a short. Caution in case of fire hazzard. Anyone know the likely suspects?