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  1. DarkHorse

    How many 530i e61 manual m sports

    I'm one of em . It wasn't until I got one that I realised just how few E61 manual petrols were out there. I had a hard time finding an LCI version, started the search the end of 2016, waited over 6 months... The E61/m-sport/3L/i6/manual/black is a pretty rare combo to find, N52 or LCI N53 engine. I only test drove the auto diesel E61 quite mildly without really pushing, so can't really fairly compare. Though the predictable immediate power delivery and control of the manual box (both on and off the power) with a throttle/clutch combo, is something I would miss, even in a large exec estate. Just a bit more fun for me, 10:1 traction control activation to ABS light, now in moderation as I require a longer rear tyre life span.
  2. DarkHorse

    Interior Trim: Aluminium vs Wood vs High Gloss

    Lol, I'm ok with my current wood setup and wouldn't change it now. I've seen a bamboo on beige in a silver E61 m-sport LCI on A-trader a couple of years back, quite a rare combo. Hey, whatever you like. I think the 7 series had the wood combo options more in line with offerings from Merc.
  3. Just noticed the 20-spoke Alpina alloy 19" wheels. Might be another option to consider. https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/2005-bmw-alpina-b5-e61-touring/ (50 good pics of a B5 touring) http://lookatthecar.org/bmw-e60-alpina/
  4. DarkHorse

    Interior Trim: Aluminium vs Wood vs High Gloss

    The piano black gloss with cream or beige looks fine to me. My 2007 early LCI interior is a regular beige (like a latte coffee colour) with wood trim, not sure what type vin says S438 Fine wood trim (soft Poplar wood finish maybe?) but is a better match than the bamboo I've seen with the horizontal grain. A few of the later E60's had the lighter Oyster (cream) option which looked quite smart. I would have slightly preferred a Lemon (cream) with black inserts combo that I've only seen in other ranges like the E90. Anyone got any links to a more complete list of interior and trims options? Aluminium Bamboo Poplar Walnut Paino Black / Waltnut Glos / Diamond Black / Antracite / Dark Birch Synthetic Silk Graphite Sycamore Maple / Myrtle? Olive Ash Carrara (lighter, M5?) Anthrecite darker variants
  5. DarkHorse

    Is my car remapped?

    Remapping these non turbo petrol engines gains only a few bhp, whilst messing with the power delivery and may spoil the torque curve across the rev range, likely weaker at lower rpm if tunned for max rpm power output. So the factory compromises a little with respect to economy, emissions and taxes etc. 530i 272bhp (3L) vs. 525i 218bhp (3L). see N53 engine power differences and thinking of e60 530i Remapping
  6. DarkHorse

    E60/E61 Video Thread

    Next episode: DIY Brakes & Wheels
  7. DarkHorse

    E61 520d, 2008 should i buy it?

    At £500, assuming condition was ok and nothing else major was wrong, I'd get a cheap repair (steel wing instead of Ali etc.) then just drive it til it dropped. Use it to learn about the E60, save your money and get a 6 cylinder lump . Preferably an LCI (post March 2007) at ~110k in fair condition with receipt history.
  8. If I had money to burn then 128s have potential (big dish like 166s):
  9. DarkHorse

    E60 M57 Sounding Very Rough

    Very bad tractor like noise, nock nock nock? Sometimes it's the crankshaft pulley rubber damper breaking up. Try posting a short video with audio whilst roaming the camera/phone around the engine bay and under each wheel arch, this would give us a better clue.
  10. Looks like style 247, never seen them before. http://www.bmwstylewheels.com/bmw/247
  11. DarkHorse

    New Discs/Pads Binding Vibration

    Hmm, we're gonna need Shurlock Torque Wrench Holmes on this one. When you find out let this guy know (and his State side mate "Nafan"): It is a common complaint but certainly not normal to all. I don't think the majority of E60/E61 owners suffer from this issue?
  12. DarkHorse

    Front Light Condensation - E60 LCI

    On with the old E39 it used to be suggested drilling a small hole in the top/back, which would allow any trapped water vapour to evaporate out naturally instead of condensing on the cold front. I use this principle with old double glazed windows on houses that have the vacuum/gas compromised and fill up with condensation, which works well enough.  See original tips here. If/when I start to get any significant front lens condensation then I am planning to attempt similar on my E61, unless any info suggests otherwise...
  13. Petrol lumps tend to run hotter. Not sure how hot the N52 runs, definately wouldn't depressurise an N53 (where 105 degC is common).
  14. Hope the washer tube isn't split at thetailgate hinge, pumping water into the loom and roof liner. Temporary fix for the E61 rear window demister:
  15. DarkHorse

    Merry Christmas!!

    Happy Xmas to you and the forum also. Knowing the E60, I expect the New Year will bring us fresh problems to keep us coming back here again . There doesn't seem to be another half decent rear wheel drive option out there at a similar used car price...