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  1. DarkHorse

    Wipers stuck on, warnings all over the car

    Check battery voltage/condition. Check for water in boot spare wheel area and scuttle drains under pollen filter, ECU passenger side (UK) can flood. Don't code anything unless you are knowledgable.
  2. Yep, thanks, I ran into this info after a quick google search. Didn't know about maxin out the com port transfer speed though. I'm watching various vids for extra 'how to use ISTA' information. Maybe try checking/setting all the latency times to 1ms and see if that helps the INPA error popup problem or not. Ports (COM & LPT) -> Siera...interface(COMx) -> Port Settings tab -> Advanced button Edit: sorry I've diverted your thread some what .
  3. Hmm, a different interface, mines a physical cable and not wireless so I'm not sure. I've downloaded and successfully installed ISTA, the software launches but haven't tried to connect to the car yet...
  4. No worries, will do, cheers.
  5. Cheers. Had to install the Mega desktop application (cloud sync tool) and create a Mega account with a valid email addresss. 9.98GB 7z compressed archive is downloading... Edit: 500MB transfer limit on free accounts, waiting another 6 hours for the rest of the data...
  6. Device Manager -> Ports (COM & LPT) -> USB Serial Port -> Port Settings tab -> Advanced button. Set the COM Port number to COM1 and set the Latency Timer to 1ms (from the default of 16ms). That's it I think. Edit: INPA version?
  7. Not sure what the error is about, sorry. Looks to be better English than mine (though I'm accessing N53 pages), what version of INPA is that? Download link?
  8. DarkHorse

    BMW e60 diagnostic

    I've got INPA, DIS and some coding apps on a crappy laptop that only runns with a power adaptor connected and live ~30 miles away. None of the apps are particularly easy to use, understanding German would help and is always a slow time consuming exercise. I was going to offer but I'm dealing with a lot going on in my personal life at the moment (not least, organising a funeral etc.) and cannot spare any time in the near future, maybe in a month or two. Sorry.
  9. DarkHorse

    White/grey smoke

    The CCV (Crank Case Ventilation) failing diaphram is a likely suspect. Check for high vaccume suction when lifting filler cap (and sometimes rough running at idle) and you may hear quacking/squeeling noises from a reved up engine. Oil gets blown past the seperator and into the inlet manifold, which burns in the pistons producing a surprisingly large amount of white smoke (when you would expect blue but it is large F1 style white plumes). The issue can appear intermittently and dramatically re-occur. Depending on your engin type, the CCV may be part of the cam cover which can be replaced as a whole or if desired and able, DIY hacks with glue can resolve (google it).
  10. Probably Oil filter housing gasket, quite common for them to leak, not a hard job I hear...
  11. DarkHorse

    Clutch and dual mass

    Jeez, that doesn't sound right. What were you doing for that to happen, what BHP where you putting through which gearbox? Admittedly I haven't driven an auto for any length of time but the old one's I've been a passenger in or briefly owned, plus a 530d I've test driven. Where I'd really miss the predictable extra power control from a manual box setup. From being able to simply rock the clutch to climb out of a muddy hole, or shifting the weight rapidly in a corner, to sometimes spinning a wheel to pop the rear around more quickly (when occasionally having some fun), better control in the snow and ice, to having the option to bump start if required on an older banger. Bit of a drag in traffic though. Back in the day 20 years ago you could get a 7 series with a manual option, sadly no more. Sounds crazy now but I would have had one . With the new advances in auto box technology it's pretty hard to justify a manual these days.
  12. ~10 quid each on ebay.
  13. DarkHorse

    2009 530i M Sport Touring for sale

    Yeah not bad condition apart from the price. Clean piano black and light cream interior, except it looks like a gorilla with long finger nails has been regularly jabbing at that start stop button.
  14. DarkHorse

    Clutch and dual mass

    Roughly for a petrol/manual, an Indy costs inc VAT from ~£500 to fit a LUK clutch kit, then +£500 for the DMF.