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  1. v8 boy

    Uploading Pictures

    You have to click the 'quick reply' box to get the expanded view with the options.
  2. v8 boy

    Anti-virus/pc security

    Been using Windows Defender since getting this PC 18 months ago, had no security issues despite visiting a fair few 'dubious' sites..
  3. v8 boy

    2 series gran tourer

    Try asking in the right place first..
  4. v8 boy

    Forum election fun

    Yeah it is, I'm on other unrelated-to-cars forums, and the result was more split, actually in one case very similar to how things seem to be panning out in real life.
  5. v8 boy

    best 535 ive seen

    Pictures seem to be from 2012 judging from the resto thread on PH. How much is it realistically worth do we think?
  6. v8 boy

    Expert advice and thoughts on this E61

    What would you replace it with? I feel piano black is a bit boring with a black dash top while aluminium and carbon fibre look brash, and don't clash with the light leather. All my personal opinion of course, it's a highly subjective issue!
  7. v8 boy

    Proper Forum...

    I remember a few slightly silly individuals who've joined up here thinking it's a general BMW forum before, wouldn't be surprised if this causes a few more to come crawling out of the woodwork.
  8. v8 boy

    New Audi Q7

    Not sure about the grille but I prefer the new one! The old just looked too bloated to me!
  9. v8 boy

    New Top Gear

    Though if they were Mark 1 800's they are probably rarer than the cars in the TG special! With regards to the show itself, I have pretty much lost interest now, I've gone from watching every episode, to now just putting it on when I have nothing else to do, the schoolboy humour just doesn't seem that funny to me any more!
  10. Transporter's do seem like quality bits of kit.. but you pay for the privilege!
  11. v8 boy

    Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777

    I can see where you're coming from, but most airliner systems are provided with a means to turn them off, in case of an incident where they go haywire and risk causing an accident. Anyway I was convinced that the plane was lying in the ocean somewhere, now I'm not so sure, certainly shows that we still don't have an answer for everything.
  12. v8 boy

    E34 Appearance in Films & TV

    This one? http://www.imcdb.org/vehicle_270328-BMW-525i-Touring-E34-1993.html It was quite a while ago now (Series 3), but I remembered it as soon as I read your post..
  13. Not sure about E39's specifically, but the estate Rover 75 definitely seems as quiet as the saloon, and I've been in plenty of each.
  14. v8 boy

    face book, is it just me?

    I am on facebook, and I do find it really useful to keep up with friends who live miles away, but then I'm really picky about who I have on there, that's the way to keep it civil.
  15. Not through football, but I did some running the other day and strained a muscle in my groin.. not nice