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  1. da_murphster

    E61 550i - likely starter motor - big job?

    google research is looking like the entire exhaust might need removing to do this - sounds expensive https://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/showthread.php?t=837316
  2. My 550i has been struggling to start for a while and I need to get it sorted. I strongly suspect its the starter motor (it will take 10 seconds or so to 'catch, the battery is new and well charged) My local indy said it might be a big job involving taking the exhaust manifolds off etc? Anyone able to offer advice? I think the access is different on the petrols to the oil burners?
  3. da_murphster

    E39 custom sub box (fits saloon) - Bristol

    Prices are: £25 for the box £85 for the sub (ie £110 for both) I'm BS37 (near Yate) for collection The box weighs over 26kg inc sub or just over 20kg without.
  4. Sold my E39 and have the custom sub box left over - happy to sell with sub if you want it.: Custom made E39 saloon subwoofer enclosure. Made up of 18mm thick mdf, with 3 layers for the front baffle and its fully braced inside - this is a very heavy and very well made box - not your usual cheapo stuff! Was made for a 12 inch sub and is approx 40 litre capacity - I used it with a JL Audio 12W3v3-2 High quality Neutrik panel connector Sits very snugly up against the rear seats with the sub firing through the ski hatch Does not take up much boot space Sub available by separate negotiation Very heavy so collection only from North Bristol
  5. da_murphster

    Wtd: E61 rear outer pre LCI light 0 or entire LCI rear light set

    bump for this! I'm looking at about £360 to upgrade to LCI rear lights and not sure its worth it Anyone got a pre-lci rear right light?
  6. da_murphster

    Wtd: E61 rear outer pre LCI light 0 or entire LCI rear light set

    I looked at it briefly and thought it looked lots of hassle! Struggling for time at the moment so trying to keep things simple.
  7. So bust my rear outer light for my E61 touring, this one: Anyone got one? Plan B would be LCI retrofit and one of the £200 ebay cables but I can't find any decent pictures of the LCI lights - is the retrofit worth the upgrade? Anyone got LCI rear lights to sell?
  8. da_murphster

    SOLD: E39 530i sport MANUAL saloon LPG

    SOLD - car is Golding to Portugal....on winter tyres!
  9. Car sold - 66 wheels no longer needed
  10. da_murphster

    SOLD: E39 530i sport MANUAL saloon LPG

    last chance if anyone is interested....someone is looking at it to break, which makes me a bit sad as I think the manual 530i's are worth saving
  11. Contact details deleted
  12. da_murphster

    SOLD: E39 530i sport MANUAL saloon LPG

    Hi all, just put my 2001 E39 530i manual sport with BRC LPG up for sale. Its currently on Ebay classifieds but I will copy the details across later (I cannot access Ebay at work!) Silver 160k Mixed SH Most of suspension refreshed at 90k-ish few bits of rust and marks (nothing serious) 6 months MOT Few rattles - sounds like something loose (heat shield somewhere?) Drives well. BRC LPG system which runs flawlessly (over 50mpg equivalent!) M parrallels in VGC with decent tyres £1800 Bristol BS37
  13. da_murphster

    Wtd: E39 Style 66 wheel and tyres

    Selling my E39 530i and considering selling the m Parrallels separately to get some more dosh! Anyone one decent Style 66 wheels with tyres they are looking to sell? I'm in Bristol for potential collection.
  14. da_murphster

    E39 brodit air vent mount

    Still after one? I think mine is a brodit one.
  15. Just in the process of selling my E39 530i and conscious that I won't get any more for the car selling it with the m Parrallels. Anyone want to px their style 66 plus cash my way let me know. I'm in Bristol and would need to do this asap! Wheels are oem BMW ones, never had a refurb and in good condition. Come with decent tyres. I will get photos and tyre details this evening.