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    e39 530i se 2001, e38 728i Sport Individual 2001, 1992 Range Rover Tdi

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  1. e34-535ise

    Back in the same E39...

    I'd say the e34 was faster and the engine was just fantastic. Found the gearbox a little notchy but was ok. Mpg was terrible but I only used it as a second car. Should never have sold it.
  2. e34-535ise

    Back in the same E39...

    I do miss my e34 535i manual, that was a great car. I'm restoring an '84 Range Rover 3.5 manual and also have a land rover 90 3.9 V8 auto. Love the v8's but the tdi ain't bad!
  3. e34-535ise

    Back in the same E39...

    Sold my 530ise to a friend couple of years ago when I bought a 728i sport, which I sold last year. Been using my range rover classic since but recently bought my E39 back from my friend. Nice to back, I liked the 728i but missed the responsiveness of the 530i.
  4. e34-535ise

    No heat from heater after changing hedgehog

    All sorted....I'd been a bit ham-fisted fitting the resistor and dislodged the lever for the centre vent. Thanks for the advice given. Least it was a free fix!
  5. e34-535ise

    No heat from heater after changing hedgehog

    That does sound a possibility...better have a look to see if I've disturbed something. Thanks
  6. e34-535ise

    No heat from heater after changing hedgehog

    By the way, heat comes out of the windscreen vents...
  7. e34-535ise

    No heat from heater after changing hedgehog

    Thanks for the replies. I'll have a look into what you suggest. At least it's not winter!
  8. About 2 months back hedgehog failed. Replaced with cheap one, lasted a month. Now changed with second hand genuine off eBay. Works but no heat! Emailed seller, he says nothing to do with hedgehog. (Not had any recent work done to cooling system). Is he right? If so, where do I need to look? Thanks
  9. e34-535ise

    Hedgehog required..are they all the same?

    Thanks. I've ordered a genuine one on eBay from a BMW dealer for £40. Part number is 64116920365. According to Realoem this isn't listed for the 530i but I think it's because on the facelift models they fitted an improved version, so only shows compatible with 528i but should still be ok as says it will fit both pre-facelift and facelift 520i, 535i and 540i. It's new but old stock so a bit of a bargain!
  10. Need to replace resistor/hedgehog. Have an E39 530i 2001, quite a few different part numbers. Will a resistor from any e39 fit?
  11. e34-535ise

    Saloon towbar options..

    Thanks, not in topaz blue by any chance?
  12. After wrecking my bumper fitting a towbar I need another one. If anyone has one in good condition please let me know. Thanks
  13. e34-535ise

    Saloon towbar options..

    I take it the M5 has been moved on? Don't suppose you kept the towbar? The one I've fitted has been a bit of a disaster...the quick release mechanism is not working so if I still want a towbar will need to source another one...and a new bumper!
  14. e34-535ise

    Saloon towbar options..

    Thanks, unfortunately the cut in my bumper is too large for that to cover it! Think I'm going to need a new bumper.... How much was the OE wiring kit?
  15. e34-535ise

    Saloon towbar options..

    Was given a Bosal detachable towbar couple of years back that was allegedly from a E39 saloon. Decided to fit it today to my se saloon. Not gone very well...had to hack out quite a bit of the bumper. The towbar is straight rather than swan neck. On top of all that I can't get the towbar to fit into the mounting! Were the straight towbars fitted to the saloons and is there a cover to hide the great hole I now have? Thanks