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  1. t.wak

    Stretch's 530d/S62 Sport Touring. Updated 04/06/19

    Nicely done, spotted:
  2. Hi all, Got a pair of front calipers removed from an E39 M5 when fitting a BBK. Australian car, no corrosion or nasties. Removed around 7 years ago when the car had approx 60,000 miles on the clock. Has very worn pads fitted still. Asking 300 British Pounds shipped from Australia paid via PayPal Family & Friends, or normal PayPal + fees at cost. Any questions please PM or post below.
  3. t.wak

    M60 only firing on one bank! any idea's?

    Yes, pretty obvious if it hasn't been played with. My friend's car had been manual swapped and the loom wasn't layed correctly which led to the error. I had this issue 6 months ago on my car, I changed the cam sensor for a genuine one which didn't fix it, so I then replaced the oxy sensors which fixed it. Aden
  4. t.wak

    E34 540 - left bank not firing

    My bad oxy sensors also caused these issues, I replaced with Bosch and all is well.
  5. t.wak

    E34 540 - left bank not firing

    Check your cam sensor also.
  6. Tell me about it, 6 years later and I'm finally doing my touring. But if you let her go, I have dibs on the dash
  7. t.wak

    Low spec instrument cluster LCD display issue

    Mine had the same issue and I bought a new ribbon cable from Ebay and tried to do it myself, but the lead is so fiddly, it is difficult to line the contacts up correctly. I ended up getting it probably as good as yours, and was happy to leave it like that!
  8. Hi all, Does anyone have one of the big P/S reservoirs to suit V8 cars with self levelling? Part number I come up with is 32411140846, NLA and having trouble finding a secondhand one. Mine's all dented up so was hoping to replace it. Thanks, Aden
  9. t.wak

    Electric headrest switches (back)

    I also have one of those looms in the shed somewhere if any photos are needed.
  10. I ended up finding an exact match secondhand from Schmiedmann. It arrived and actually looks and tests as brand new, so that's me sorted until the next one breaks. Thanks for the heads up with what you used.
  11. t.wak

    WTB: E34 540/6 Undertrays

    Hi all, Chasing the plastic undertrays from an E34 540/6. I can get the front one brand new but the rear one that goes under the gearbox is NLA unfortunately, so please let me know if you have one available. Front: 51718147355 Rear: 51768147358
  12. t.wak

    525TD cut out while driving, now won't start

    Mine did this to me once but I got an injector error light on the dash. It turned out to be the in tank lift pump.
  13. Thread resurrection time... I'm going thru the same thing at the moment - drivers sport seat base heating pad tests bad. Did you find a decent replacement?
  14. Looking for the thigh support switch from a non-memory electric sport seat - 61311378380Also the seat loom from the same seat if anyone has a seat that is worse for wear that they are pulling apart!Thanks for any help.
  15. t.wak

    540i Automatic Gearbox Problem

    Pull the trans sump off and check the linkage to the mechatronics, it may be jammed? Anything special about this car?