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  1. Ok, that might make spence as my radio reception is really crap too! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. What about the receiver? There must be one in the car. Anyone know where it is? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Yep, used the vl2020 battery and followed the re code as you say and still nothing. The fuses are Ok. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  4. Diamond key Allan Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Hi, My central locking stopped working a while ago, first one key, then the second a while later. Which would suggest the battery's have gone. However I've replaced the battery with a new one and still nothing (tried re coding the keys but getting nothing whatsoever. What else could it be? The only thing I can think of is the keys aren't getting charged anymore, or the receiver has given up? Anyone has this and found a fix? Thanks Alan Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. If you like it that's all that matters mate! but personally I think Imola is one of those colours that needs silver alloys.
  7. AlanT

    E39 double din Pioneer head unit install

    Hey mate I've just bought the same stereo and fitting kit as you. I did have to trim the air box slightly, but not much at all really. I'm using it with my ipod connected which works really well. Haven't connected my phone yet as I'm trying to figure out what cables are required for my galaxy s4.
  8. any tips? anything I need in the car, or to do to the car? and any good android apps for maps etc? cheers Alan
  9. AlanT

    Is this a fault with the LCM? FIXED

    I attached my HID ballast to it, but that was two years ago, never been touched since, must have just worked its way loose.
  10. AlanT

    Is this a fault with the LCM? FIXED

    Guys thanks very much for your help. Turns out Hawksbe was right, a loose earth point on the inner wing was the route of the problem many thanks Alan
  11. AlanT

    Is this a fault with the LCM? FIXED

    Ok, thanks for all the above. I didn't think it was linked at all. But my keys battery won't charge just now(remote locking has stopped working) so wondering if it could in fact be a fault with the ignition switch? Just seems a very random fault to have? Thanks again. Alan
  12. AlanT

    Interior change started

    This is looking great!
  13. My front drivers side sidelight and indicator has just stopped working. Its not the bulbs as I've swapped sides to check, all other lights work as normal and I've checked the fuses. Does it sound like the Light Control Module has packed in? If it is the LCM, I understand that to replace it I need to code it to the car to correct the mileage, but do I have to code it to the car for it to fix the lights? Thanks, Alan.
  14. AlanT

    Locking the car (not)

    I need to do this, both of mine have stopped charging now. hopefully a couple of new batteries will sort it!
  15. AlanT

    Good grief, the cars not happy....

    Thanks Duncan