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  1. 4drmatt

    205 on 8" wheel

    205/45/16. Not stretched much really
  2. 4drmatt

    Wheel Refubs - £20 pounds! YES TWENTY POUNDS!

    They must process a huge amount of wheels to be able to do them that cheap... Great find though I wonder if they post wheels?
  3. 4drmatt

    Creating a website

    Your best bet is just getting a Wordpress website. there so many free templates or even if you want one designing its not much. That will give you a fully content managed site that'd take ages to write from scratch. I worked as a web developer for many years and this is by far the easiest and IMO best way to get a website up and running. Look for a host that has a one click install for Wordpress. I've actually been setting up one today for a friend. I used pixelinternet.co.uk. Can't argue at those prices! I wouldn't bother learning any code other than basic HTML and CSS.
  4. 4drmatt

    Thoughts and Opinions please. Wheel Referb

    Black. It makes it look like the beast it is
  5. 4drmatt

    Whats your mileage?

    1. bigD - '95 520i-135k 2. Bmpaul -'94 525i-208,160 3. E34-520i-24v - '91 520ise 183k 4. Bmwlad - '91 525ise 192K and still going strong 5. andy_rew - '94 525i Sport - 168K 6. GStarrr - 525 TDS SE auto - 133k 7. MadeinWigan - 540i/6 - 156k 8. MadeinWigan - 525i SE manual 149k 9. Cashybai - 525i SE manual 167k 10. inanity - 92 525i SE manual 123k not run in yet 11. Dan Clark - '95 530i V8 Manual 122k 12. Dunc - '95 540 manual 128k runs sweet as a nut but had an engine rebuild at 60k iirc to get rid of nikasil 13. Roy1978 - 1995 525tds se 265k !!!! 14. Rs510e - 1993 525i se (i believe) manual 130K (random electrical fault otherwise fine) 15. Rs510e - 1992 525i se automatic 170K miles (speedometer sensor tempermental in cold weather) 16. Stevewanda 1991 520i se Manuel 76000 miles full history 17. Robmarrs - 1990 Racing Dynamics K38 Manual (538i SE lol) 85K 18. Jonesy525isport - 1994 525i sport - 209k+, still runs like new. 19. Bolf - 540i/6T 1996 - 198k FSH , like new. 20. Bolf - 525iSE 1991 - 190k , not bad 21. Viva-espana - 1994 525i se Touring auto, just done over 100K FSH immaculate ! 22. gsxrmarky - 1995 525 TDS touring auto 175k 23. battscrxvti - 535i se - 1988 E34 ....... 80k yes 80k 24. 525i sport non vanos 1991 225k goes drifting every few months! still runs great on its orginal engine! 25. 530i "Hugo" 155k 26. Matt 1911 1993 525i se manual 96k 27. SSkoda 1993 525iT 167k - cooling problematic when bought, entire suspension worn out/now replaced 28. SSkoda 1989 525i 201k - bent valves from cambelt snap 29. SSkoda 1989 525i 98k - fuel pump 30. SSkoda 1994 525TDS 205k - hard to start in cold 31. SSkoda 1993 525i 129k - running lumpy, but on year old stale fuel... 32. Huff 1995 540iA 90K, and smoooooth as... 33. 1992 525i Sport 206k/ 1990 535i Sport 168k/ 1991 535i 202k (parts car -engine good) 34. 1992 BMW 525i Touring Auto - 177K - Engine Is Perfect Still Pulls Hard 35. 1995 BMW 540i 6 Speed Manual - 156K - Poop your pants quick 36. dunk525 1995 525se manual. 126k 37. mazza 1995 BMW 520i manual 172k - Still runs and drives excellent 38. duncan-uk 525ix touring a mere 99,700 - getting to know it ATM 39. Calypso-E34 - 1996 E34 525i SE Auto, an easy 99,740 - Sheltered life! 40. Sport5- 1995 525i Sport LSD Manual New oil every 7k!! 132k RR'd @ 201bhp as standard!!! runs like a dream! 41. 1989 E34 535i SE, just 47k! think that makes mine the lowest on here! 42. RockyBalboa-UK's friend Ken - 1994 540i Sport 6 Speed Manual - 385,000 miles (block replaced by BMW due to Nikasil at 92,000). 43. 4drmatt - 1988 525i manual - 171,000, going strong!
  6. 4drmatt

    Hello from Bedford!

    thanks for the welcome it is a 525i, but as it's early has the m20 engine. the throttle response is very poor and seems to use a fair bit of juice, but as i do 5000 miles/year not really a problem
  7. 4drmatt

    Hello from Bedford!

    Hi, i'm matt I had an e28 a few years ago and loved it! Unfortunately it needed a lot of work, so I passed it on to someone else... Fastforward a couple of years and I know have this as my daily car... ...which I picked up for just £240 However, it needed a lot of work. I replaced the upper arms, lower arms, tie rods, drop links, which improved things no end. There's many more things wrong with it, but I need to do a little research first!