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  1. syncrofred

    E39 fog lamps

    Full of insects or otherwise, I’ve found them to be next to useless. Perhaps in really dense fog they work. I can’t remember the last time I drove in any.
  2. syncrofred

    E46 Engine into E39 M5730

    At 190k it’s just nicely run in. Regular oil changes with best quality oil should see it ok for a long time to come.
  3. syncrofred


    Never too late Mr Knight. Looks to be in nice condition.
  4. syncrofred

    E39 touring - sound deadening

    You can spend some serious money on this depending on the product you choose. Regular sheets of self-adhesive bitumen stuff is quite cheap, whereas Dyna Mat isn’t. I assume it’s more effective, but by how much I have no idea. Until reading this thread I’ve never considered doing the back of my Touring, but now you’ve got me thinking.
  5. syncrofred

    Air-bag Warning Light

    I’ll quiz him about it tomorrow when he comes round to do some more work on his E21.
  6. syncrofred

    Air-bag Warning Light

    All the time I have owned my car, the steering wheel has been a couple of splines off centre. After six or seven years on my To Do list, I’ve got used to it. My son borrowed it a couple of weeks and came back banging on about this mega annoying situation. My answer was, “Next time you borrow it, put it right”. Last week he borrowed it again and tackled this massive problem. The result is an almost straight wheel and the dash warning light on. This is a certain m.o.t. fail I’m sure. So, how do I reset it when I don’t have the magic inpa stuff?
  7. syncrofred

    Air-bag Warning Light

    No idea how he did it, I wasn’t there. I can’t imagine he would have had the ignition on, unless it was accidental, to unlock the column.
  8. syncrofred

    Private Reg question Re SORN

    I would not cancel the insurance while the car is off the road. The saving versus the risk?
  9. syncrofred

    Driving License Expired

    New license arrived. Expiry date 2024. No explanation of confusion, but I’m not surprised. Just pleased with the rapid response.
  10. Couple of days ago my wife got a letter from the gov.uk saying she needs to renew her driving license. This prompted me to have a look at mine. Whoops! Ran out in December 20. So I went on the website to renew it. Part way though I was asked if I really wanted to do this because my current license doesn’t run out until 2022. My license clearly says the expiry date is 2020. I have no recollection of receiving a reminder letter, but if the system thinks it’s still good that’s no surprise. Anyway I completed the application and sent an explanatory letter along with old license back to the DVLA. Has anyone else had this happen to them? Makes me wonder what would have happened if I’d been stopped by the fuzz.
  11. syncrofred

    E39 Touring Rear Wiper Arm Cover

    Just a thought, someone may have a better idea. Put a couple of drops of thread locker onto the screw and hopefully it will find it’s way down and lock the screw. You will then be able to drill the head off it and disassemble the arm. If this works you should them be able to carefully drill out the rest of the screw, tap/clean the thread for a new screw. If the consensus is that I’m talking bollocks, I apologise.
  12. syncrofred

    Driving License Expired

    Well, thanks for the replies, but I haven’t moved house for twenty years and nowhere in the renewal process was the expiry date of the photo mentioned. I passed the 70 age threshold three years ago. The renewal process did request my passport number, which would link them to another, presumably valid, photo of myself. As my driving is Covid limited to next to sod-all, I’ll wait and see what they send me.
  13. syncrofred

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    The old chestnut, wet carpets in the rear nearside footwell. Had this about five years ago and failed again. Cleaned all the sealant off the inner membrane and re-stuck it with Tiger Seal. Hopefully good for many years to come. Same side. Strange.
  14. syncrofred

    Car Sos

    Not seen the episode but the car looks great. Your dad must have been well chuffed, even though he didn’t get to do it himself.
  15. syncrofred


    Inherited my steel one from my dad. Fifty plus years old and good for another couple of decades at least. Must be the best product B ana D ever made. Currently got a cast iron six cylinder engine sat on it. Didn’t even flinch.
  16. syncrofred

    Peugeot drivers, new level of stupidity....

    Ok. Got to agree with that one. Police should have put a hammer through it, “To improve visibility sir”.
  17. syncrofred

    Tesla drivers, new level of stupidity....

    Have to agree with Sharkfan. Anything not on grippy tyres is going to slide. I think you have a downer on Tesla owners. If I was rich I would have one.
  18. syncrofred

    Happy New Year 2021

    I don’t think any of us will be sorry to see the back of 2020. I will not relax until most of the population have had the the vaccine. I’m constantly appalled by the careless attitude of so many people to social distancing etc. This latest massive increase in infections doesn’t surprise me one tiny bit. Ok. Rant over. Have a happy and healthy new year people.
  19. syncrofred

    Gearbox oil change on 180k x5

    Running fine? Then change it.
  20. syncrofred

    Bought another e39- again

    I hope your friend is suitably appreciative for this gift. It looks splendid. Great colour.
  21. syncrofred

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    After about a year of looking at the yellow lights and one red one, I finally got around to resetting my service indicator lights. Oil and filter were changed on Monday so I thought I’d finish the job properly. Nice row of greens. With the mileage I do, that be good for a year minimum.
  22. syncrofred

    New E39 owner

    I sent you a pm. Did you get it?
  23. syncrofred

    What would you do with a Tank engine?

    I can’t begin to imagine how bad that will be.
  24. syncrofred

    New E39 owner

    I’ve got a pair of electric seats that I know I will never fit, if you’re interested.
  25. syncrofred

    Another new virgin

    Welcome Ian. My Touring hasn’t quite hit the 200k mark yet, but it’s going well. Hope your motor serves you well.