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  1. syncrofred

    Tyres - Nitrogen vs air - what gets your vote?

    Looks like a round headed screw. Presumably their is some sort of valve adapter under it? Never seen one before.
  2. syncrofred

    This week's job finished

    Pity you’re in the Algarve, you could do a rough job on my runabouts.
  3. syncrofred

    Bowel Cancer Awareness Month - please read

    Thanks Duncan. It’s so easy to assume you’re ok and not bother with these tests, but they save lives. I just wish the NHS could be more pro-active about them and not just rely on people making the running. It is a sad fact of life that we are a very “out of sight, out of mind” species.
  4. syncrofred

    Bowel Cancer Awareness Month - please read

    Got my results. All clear and very low risk of future problems. Massive relief.
  5. syncrofred

    Bowel Cancer Awareness Month - please read

    Had an MRI a couple of weeks ago. Hospital called to say they want to keep an eye on things, nothing to panic about, and gave my a choice of another psa test, or a biopsy to be certain. I opted for the biopsy. They are doing it Friday morning. I’ll let you know the results as and when.
  6. syncrofred

    Bowel Cancer Awareness Month - please read

    I’ve been getting “poo sticks” for several years and whilst not fun, I always do the test. A month or so back I went to the docs and asked for a full mot as I hadn’t had any reason to go to the doctors for some years. He took blood samples and urine and got me an X-Ray appointment. I mentioned that every visit to the toilet in a motorway services had you staring at notices about prostate cancer, so could he check that too. My ‘psa’ test levels came back higher than normal. Not by much, but he said we are going to err on the side of caution and two weeks later, yesterday, saw me at the hospital for another exam and an MRI scan. The scan itself took forty minutes! Way longer than I had always imagined, but you just close your eyes and think of something else. I fitted a new alternator and had a new set of tyres. They kit you out with ear plugs and headphones cos’ the racket is amazing. It’s like working a road drill while being at a rock concert. Anyway, it’s wait and see time now.
  7. syncrofred


    Hi. Name and location would be nice. Hope you enjoy your 530d as much as I do mine.
  8. syncrofred

    525tds and 525d flywheels and clutches

    Keep us posted and take some pictures. Far more informative than text.
  9. syncrofred

    525tds and 525d flywheels and clutches

    Is it feasible to get a local engineering company to drill your flywheel and swop the pins over to it?
  10. syncrofred

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Easy when you know how and what you are looking for. I tend to stay well clear of explosive devices!
  11. syncrofred

    Suspected current drain

    Since getting a new battery under the guarantee everything has been ok. If I have any more bother in the future I’ll do the ammeter bit. I did that this time round and got no reading, so I believe it was just the faulty battery and not a current drain.
  12. syncrofred

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Took my car to the main dealer in Chesterfield on account of an airbag recall notice. They had it from 9.00 till 2.30 and then said it was ok and didn’t need changing. Better safe than sorry I suppose.
  13. syncrofred

    Battery advice please

    Do what I did this week and pop down to Halfords and have it tested. Yes it comes expensive when you need one, but you can’t not have a good battery.
  14. syncrofred

    What are you doing now?

    Deciding what to pack for Tatton Park weekend. Always good and cars to suit all tastes.
  15. syncrofred

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Lifetime!! How on earth can they do that?