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  1. syncrofred

    What are you doing now?

    You could get a job at Warwick Castle, as their trebuchet loader, Dan.
  2. syncrofred

    What are you doing now?

    What’s a 110kg stone and why would it need fettling?
  3. syncrofred

    Newbie here

    Welcome Norman. An e39 that doesn’t creep on the handbrake is a rare beast. It’s been the biggest mot problem I’ve had for years!
  4. syncrofred

    E39 525d crankcase breather filter

    I would expect that regular oil and filter changes would keep the crud levels at minimum and thus no damage.
  5. syncrofred

    E39 525d crankcase breather filter

    I did several years ago and I seem to recollect that it is indeed a straight swop. I remember that the original filter was so clogged and disgusting I think it must have been the original.
  6. syncrofred

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Cheers Dan, I’ll have a look at them. Busy weekend so it will be Monday/Tuesday now. Annoying when something is wrong but you don’t know what.
  7. syncrofred

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Kicked and swore at it. Just got back from holiday. Car had been in long term car park for twelve days. Enough juice to unlock but not enough to start. Had power drain issues a couple of years ago, but it seemed to resolve itself. Seems like it’s happening again. Last time I found that pulling fuse number 4, which looks after the washers, interior lights and the self levelling suspension sorted it, so I pulled the fuse before we even drove to Manchester airport. Obviously not good enough. I’ve just connected the meter between the battery earth cable and battery, but it’s not registering anything. I’m going to try another meter, as a check. Any ideas gratefully received.
  8. syncrofred

    SuperDave RIP

    I never met Dave, but as said, his name was always there. I’m in the age group that gets sent the testing kit and whilst it’s not especially onerous to do, it’s tempting not to bother. This just tells me and all you other guys, don’t ignore it, it’s too important. My condolences to Dave’s family.
  9. syncrofred

    Stuck driver's mirror, cannot even fold it

    Mine moves about with little resistance. The power fold works intermittently and goes with a loud crack, but parks in completely the wrong place. I’ll have to dismantle it and have a look see.
  10. syncrofred

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    MOT day. Just fitted new track control arms, front pads and handbrake linings. Failed. But, it was a tyre. Apparently the tracking was out and took the corner off. New pair and front and rear tracked up. Should get the pass certificate on Monday. Reading the V5, it transpires I’ve had the car for nine years. Best driving, most reliable and cheapest to run car I’ve ever had. Love it.
  11. syncrofred

    spare tyre r17 when stock r16

    Basically comes down to rolling circumference. Put a chalk mark on the tyre, roll it along until the mark comes round again and measure the length. Do the same with the other one. If the two readings are very close you shouldn’t have any problem.
  12. syncrofred


    That’s the trouble with the world. It’s chock full of people who don’t do the right thing. ( like wot we do! )
  13. syncrofred

    Done a bit of plane spotting today......

    Hmmm, interesting conversion. I’ll have to investigate further.
  14. syncrofred

    Merry Christmas Fivers

    ...and a Happy New Year to you and yours.
  15. syncrofred

    Diesel 11p a litre more than petrol

    The motoring organisations, who are supposed to be on our side, are saying nothing. Not that I’ve heard anyway.