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  1. Taxboy

    Mediterranean Blue.

    Based on your requirements have a look at in2detailing ceramic crystal wax or Bilt Hamber Double Speed wax. I was going to suggest Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailer you'll only get a couple of months or so durability but it's so easy to apply spray on wipe off - that's it and usually under a tenner a bottle
  2. Taxboy

    Mediterranean Blue.

    When you say polish I'm assuming you mean wax or sealant to protect your paint ? There are a huge number of choices but what is most important to you e.g easy to apply, long lasting, cost etc do you need to fill swirls in your paint or is it in pretty good condition
  3. Taxboy

    Keeping my car clean

    I'm assuming that the quick detailer gives great beading ? I think what you are describing is a side effect of the beading. What happens is dust in the atmosphere gets trapped in the water bead and then as the water evaporates it leaves the dust behind. The effect can be reduced by using a LSP that sheets rather than beads, although it's diffcult to avoid totally. I would suggest leaving out the QD next time you wash to see if the situation improves, alternatively use something like the Autoglym EGP as this seems to be better as evidenced by your gf's car. However it may also be down to the fact that she drives hers during the week so the water gets blown off and takes the dust with it.
  4. Taxboy

    How to play podcast f10

    Thanks for that. I guessed it wouldn't be straightforward but at least you've given me starting point
  5. Taxboy

    How to play podcast f10

    I do have Bluetooth and my phone is paired to make and receive calls. So is it just a case of playing the podcast app or do I need to do anything in the car menu system. Apologies if this is a stupid question but as I said I'm not that tech savvy
  6. I'm not very tech savvy but is it possible to play a podcast through the car''s audio system please. This is for a 2013 f10 520dSE and android phone Any advice appreciated
  7. Taxboy

    F10 Grating Noise

    Do you recommend the tracking is done by the tyre fitting company or do I need to find someone with more specialist equipment
  8. Taxboy

    F10 Grating Noise

    It was tyres according to the dealership see my earlier post above. I've still got a bit of tread left so will find out for certain when I replace them next month. You should be able to get a free safety check so if yours is tyres it shouldn't cost anything to have it confirmed by the dealer
  9. Taxboy

    Wheel cleaner

    Another Bilt Hamber user here. I try and keep my wheels sealed so that car shampoo works for the majority of the time. Its also not good to keep using harsh chemicals if you want to keep your alloys in good condition for as long as possible
  10. Taxboy

    F10 Grating Noise

    The dealership advised it was tyres only and I don't suppose they would have passed up the opportunity to flog me a couple of alloys given the chance !! As per my earlier post the best way I can describe the noise is similar to a buckled cycle wheel which rubs against the brake blocks at the point it rubs against them as the wheel rotates
  11. Taxboy

    F10 Grating Noise

    Just to update this thread in case it helps anyone else. Car went into the dealers today and the rubbing noise is because both front tyres have gone out of shape. Even better the diagnosis fell under the fre safety check. Don't know if this is a run flat issue or I've just been unlucky possibly with a pothole
  12. Taxboy

    F10 Grating Noise

    0 Thanks for that I've had a feel around although I've got no means of taking the wheels off. I did notice that the front discs have a bit of lip on their outer edge so might be connected to that. The in car computer says I've got 2500 to 3000 miles left on the pads
  13. Taxboy

    F10 Grating Noise

    Thnaks for that - Ive got it booked in just rying to prepare myself for the size of the bill !!
  14. Taxboy

    F10 Grating Noise

    It's a quiet rubbing noise that I can only hear at low speed it repeats as you drive off the only way I can describe it as similar to brake blocks rubbing on a warped bicycle wheel in that you here a grating / rubbing noise only as the wheel turns at a particular point rather than being continuous. It happens driving with both the steering turned and with the wheels in a straight ahead position. I haven't tried turning the a/c off - mine always is on !
  15. Taxboy

    F10 Grating Noise

    As far as I know they are but might be warped disc rubbing against the pad ? The sensor light hasn't come on an I don't get any noise when braking