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  1. ally

    Adaptive Icon Light - switching on

    I wouldn’t have thought so? Does it heat up significantly more than the seats?
  2. ally

    Software update

    Unfortunately it’s very much possible to ruin a ceramic coated finish with just one wash, especially the way they wash cars at dealerships.
  3. ally

    OE Reversing Camera Installation

    Actual installation isn’t too bad really, the worst bit is making connections up front at the BDC, if yours uses that. I haven’t got mines working yet, it’s been remote coded, as local dealers aren’t interested in doing it. So now it either needs a remote software update - which the coders tell me some cars do need - or I have a bad connection somewhere. If it’s a bad connection then I think will find it at the BDC.
  4. ally

    Sat nav settings

    Hi all Just a small issue which is more of an annoyance really, but whenever I tick the box for 3D buildings in the sat nav settings, it never remembers it and reverts back to unticked each time the car is off. Anyone else had this? It’s going in for a recall soon so will ask them to look at it then, if it’s something that can be fixed.
  5. ally

    Software update

    I think there are a few recalls on the go, mines has to go in for the EGR cooler check / replacement. when I phoned to book in they asked which recall was it? Will they do anything else software wise whilst it’s in? I have the hanging signs saying not to wash the car, and they will be told not to wash it, especially since it was recently detailed and is ceramic coated, if they touch it they will be getting a bill to get it redone.
  6. ally

    Time for Winter Wheels

    That’s what I thought too. My original tyres are staggered, as are the wheels, but Camskill wouldn’t sell me 275 for the rears. They said it could invalidate the warranty and also the insurance. Made sense when they explained it. The door sticker also states 245 all round for winters. I asked BMW and they said go with the stickers too. Worth checking.
  7. ally

    Time for Winter Wheels

    Out of interest, what size tyres are you using? I am using my 18” style 662 as winters, when I bought winter tyres I was told it should be 245 all round, as opposed to 245 front and 275 rear.
  8. ally


    Hi Steve, I downloaded the music from a USB stick, if you have iTunes on a PC you can pretty much drag and drop / copy and paste what you like from there on to the stick, then from the stick on to the car. One system flaw is that the car won’t recognise my phone as a USB device when I plug it in ( because it is paired) so it may be possible to copy direct from your iPod. I can’t say how much space is allocated for music, there may be a setting somewhere that remaining space can be viewed but I haven’t seen it.
  9. ally


    Assuming you will be connecting your ipod via usb it should work without a hitch. The only issues I have had are with streaming BT music from my phone, whether it be Spotify or apple music, that is very much hit and miss but I blame the phone for that, as rebooting the phone seems to work when it goes awry. Other than that I have downloaded music via usb and cd on to the car 20gb hard drive, this always works flawlessly, and responds well to voice commands too
  10. ally

    connected drive

    I think it depends what the dealer puts on for you, they put some things on mines (used car) some of which will run out next year and some of which look like they are permanent For deezer and spotify, the paid app is on your phone, so that should work in any car that has those apps, as far as I know. I had spotify but ditched it from my phone and no longer comes up as a music source on idrive
  11. ally

    Bosch Aerotwin Wiper blade

    Yep, I’ve had various coatings on in the past, rainex etc. and had judder problems with them. AG polish isn’t a coating, as such, but will leave residue behind so so perhaps a follow up with IPA or a good glass cleaner might help with that. I just use 0000 wire wool when required, followed by a good glass cleaner Happy to have coatings on the rest of the glass, just not the windscreen
  12. ally

    Bosch Aerotwin Wiper blade

    Maybe just got a bad set, or the windscreen needs a good clean? Maybe needs a clay, polish or cleaning with wire wool, 0000 grade is best. I would think that the OE wipers are usually either Bosch or Valeo, I could be wrong on that though?
  13. Sorry to jump in on the thread, where is best to get ISTA from? I have an OBDII to ENET cable, will that be ok to use with it? Just wondering if it's very involved at all, I was quite happy using INPA on my last car but never got in to NCS Expert or DIS. TIA
  14. ally

    Connected Drive Question

    The dealer put some things it on for me when I bought my car, some of which run out next year, and some are permanent. I also tried the remote services for a month for £1, lasted way longer than that, I think it was more like three months.