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  1. ally

    Low mileage and Diesel is it an issue

    I went for a diesel and I do low mileage. I like the low end torque and the higher MPG, although with PHEV technology ever advancing, the next car may be one of those, but that’s a few years away yet for me. As mentioned, annual mileage doesn’t matter as much as some make out, and wasn’t really a consideration for me, it’s the type and length of journeys that matter.
  2. ally

    Winter Wheels.

    Yeh the staggered will give more grip in the wet but not in icy or snowy conditions, which is where square is better. My dilemma is to source a couple of decent refurbish-able 8j 662s or have another look in to getting wider rear tyres. I couldn’t see a setting on the door sticker for 275 rear winters, it only shows 245. I think the iDrive setting are the same but can’t remember. With the winters we get these days, all seasons might be worth a look too.
  3. ally

    Winter Wheels.

    Was this from a dealership? It would be good info for me as when I bought winter tyres last year for my staggered 18” 662s, the seller (Camskill) refused to sell me staggered tyres and insisted on 245 all round despite the wheels being 8j and 9j. They said it would void my warranty and insurance, I also couldn’t find a pressure setting for 275 winters on the car so I went with the 245s. They explained a few things on the phone which made sense to me at the time, but I hate the look of the 245 tyres on the rear 9j wheels. I’m with BMW insurance and could never get a straight answer from them about it. I would happily go wider on the rears if that’s doable, or just go with square setup all round but would need another two 8j wheels for that. I think most folks are on a square setup with winters?
  4. ally

    Winter Wheels.

    FWIW nitrogen in tyres doesn’t mean you will not lose pressure v/s air. It will leak out every bit as much as air, if there is any kind of leak. Nitrogen is less affected by temperature, which means the pressure is more, although not 100%, stable at varying temperatures, but unless they are completely evacuating the tyres of all air and moisture first, then filling the tyres with nitrogen is a bit of a con IMO.
  5. ally

    Would you an older 530i or newer 520i?

    I don’t see low mileage as an issue with diesels at all, I would say short journeys are the problem there. I would say it’s ideal for those Euro trips.
  6. ally

    Would you an older 530i or newer 520i?

    The answer for me (albeit E39 - G30) was and still is a 520d M Sport. This was after 10.5 years with a 530 Sport. Definitely worth considering unless you really don’t want a diesel. Ticked so many boxes for me it was the obvious choice.
  7. ally

    G30 Door mirrors.

    They definitely will pivot forward. I do it manually both ways when cleaning
  8. ally

    G30 Door mirrors.

    They will give either way if you accidentally knock them whilst going forward or reversing, or someone knocks them whilst passing for example.
  9. ally

    TV Function

    I think you can mirror an android phone if you have that, but I don’t think you can mirror an iPhone
  10. ally

    Speaker fault

    I would pay anything for Kylie!
  11. ally

    Speaker fault

    Yeh me too! I actually paid no attention to the entertainment system when I test drive the car, as this car wasn’t my intended purchase, it was just reasonably local and I wanted to test drive one before deciding to pursue any. I fell in love with it when I test drove it and that was that. If the car had the amp in the boot it would be 10x easier. The seller is sending a new harness for me to try out, and they have also offered to get a local auto elec to chase faults if it persists. I was all for taking it all out again but will persevere fora while longer, as it sounds so much better than the base audio.
  12. ally

    Speaker fault

    Disappointed. Unlocked the car just now, speakers banging and popping again. Continued after locking. I’m losing the will to keep messing about with this now. Looks like a return to crappy base audio is on the cards.
  13. ally

    Speaker fault

    Ah I’ve got you now. I have an adjustable plastic vent there, must be part of the optional air freshener system I’m guessing. So yeh I can just pop that out. I reconnected the DSP today with a new temporary “test” earth, connected the earth to one of the two studs behind the side access for removing the dash trim. Sound quality seems to be ok again, definitely more punch than without it, but the fault codes have returned, showing a short circuit to earth on all 4 speaker outputs. As these faults cleared the other day when I used the factory harness, so I think I can rule out any of the speakers and the wiring going to them. Not sure what is next really. I’ll see if there is any more snap, crackle n pop the next few mornings.
  14. ally

    Speaker fault

    I can’t see any blanks on mine
  15. ally

    Speaker fault

    It’s possible I guess, but it hasn’t moved since installation and nobody has been in the passenger seat. It’s possible my son has moved it slightly though, as he sits behind the passenger seat. If it’s a pin on the plug or the amp itself then I guess I will know as the new earth won’t solve it then. There is a bullet connector on the earth I believe, so I’m hoping it’s that. Ideally I would like to have it in behind the glove box somewhere or even in the glovebox itself, but couldn’t see a way of routing the harness in to the glovebox for that, and haven’t figured out removing the glovebox yet.