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  1. ally

    Winter wheels/tyres

    My car is M Sport (not the brakes) and has 18” staggered wheels as standard.
  2. I’ve had similar issues, not losing bluetooth but media issues, phone music, Spotify etc. The only thing that fixes it for me is to restart the phone.
  3. I have for sale 4 x 16” style 82 alloys, for E39 fitment. The wheels were refurbished and are powder coated with anthracite finish, only covered about 50 miles since refurb so are as new. The tyres are Avon Ice Touring, 225/55/R16 Please note the tyres are from 2011 so are past the recommended age for a tyre, there is a lithle crazing on them, the tread is hardly worn as these did not cover many miles, there was actually a couple of years that they weren’t used. The buyer can do what they will with the tyres £400 plus buyer to pick up (Aberdeen) or arrange courier. More photos available on request.
  4. ally

    Audio System

    Thanks very much guys
  5. ally

    Audio System

    Just came across this during a search Does anyone know if the car is pre wired for tweeters? I have blanks where the grilles would be. Looking for plug and play speaker upgrades if anyone knows of any good ones. I did a Bavsound upgrade on my last car (E39) which already had tweeters and sounded pretty good after the upgrade, but they don’t an upgrade for base stereo, base audio or whatever it’s called. TIA
  6. I can’t say what’s causing the memory losses but for me it point towards the keys. For the headlight washers, I think the frequency is configurable somewhere, maybe Bimmercode. I think I remember seeing mines currently set to 20, or something bizarre like that, somewhere and I think that was Bimmercode, so if yours is the same that could be why you never see the headlight washer activate. I think the lights do need to be on though, regardless of the switch position. I would check mines again but I’m away just now.
  7. ally

    Door creak

    That may well have been Carbaflo KSP105 they put on it. Used to be able to get it as a spray years ago which was very handy for all sorts of creaks, but extremely hard to find nowadays, and pricey. You can get very small bottles of it from the dealer and ebay etc, they use that instead of gummpflege now.
  8. ally

    Door creak

    Ah, thanks. Sounds like it could be that area. I wonder if some well aimed teflon spray might help it.
  9. ally

    Door creak

    Hi all My driver door has an audible creak when opening and closing, and when in between. I would have thought it was the hinges etc but it isn’t, it’s very hard to pinpoint but sounds like it is coming from the centre - top of the door card area, possibly the glass. Something is flexing somewhere in that area. This door is also a bit rattly / clattery when it is closed, the other three sound quiet and normal. Anyone seen anything like this? TIA
  10. ally

    G32 Warranty Work Needed

    Sorry I went off on a bit of a tangent there, slightly OT with talking about servicing, but was just to relay that my 2 year old car may only see the inside of a dealership once, for a service, but after 3 years old it will be independent specialist. It’s a shame you had to go twice for the warranty work, but great you are enjoying it now.
  11. ally

    G32 Warranty Work Needed

    Dealerships can often be poor, especially on the service side of things. My local dealer is good for parts but nothing else. A few years back, midway through my E39 ownership I decided to have service done at the dealership, see what the difference was. My local dealer refused to use the oil which was stated in the owner’s manual, so I took it to another dealer 80 miles away. My car had just been detailed so when I dropped it off I told them not to wash it, don’t even vacuum it. The car was dropped off first thing and I waited until the end of the day to be called to go and get the car back. During the call the service advisor said they had also given the car a clean......... I counted to ten. Thankfully when I got there it hadn’t bern cleaned so that only demonstrated a lack of communication and what must be standard BS to the customer. When I got home I checked a few things, they had replaced both cabin filters yet they left leaves in the filter housings, never again. A good independent specialist is always better for service, it’s a shame that even nowadays there is still a stigma attached to that, and resale values can suffer if a car doesn’t have full dealer service history, yet the work done is often very poor at a dealership.
  12. ally

    AirCon creaks & pops

    One thing that used to work wonders on creaky dashes and door seals etc. was Carbaflo KSP105 spray, sadly it’s incredibly hard to find these days, I can only find the tubes of liquid these days. Or a very expensive kit which only contains one spray. Used to get a few cans of spray no problem on ebay years ago. I used it on my old E39 and made it silent. You could try a teflon spray in the gaps and joins etc.
  13. ally

    OE Reversing Camera Installation

    So I am just connecting the red/blue to the green, splice them together so to speak?
  14. ally

    OE Reversing Camera Installation

    Many thanks again. Yeh I saw the two grooves on the mini connector, I was just wondering if it mattered which way round they go, so green still goes to PIN 11 but if they become one then that’s fine. And assuming that just plugs in to the back of F204, I’ll get back to it in the morning.
  15. ally

    OE Reversing Camera Installation

    Thanks Matthew, that makes more sense now. So it looks like the green wire is in the back of fuse 204 on pin 11. Not knowing the pin layout, I guess it’s either pin 2 or pin 5 which is next to pin 11? Would you know how I connect the supplied harness single red/blue wire to the existing green wire from pin 11, using the mini connector? Might become more obvious to me in the morning once I get in behind it.