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  1. ally

    Price of replacement brakes (540i)

    I think the M Sport brakes are Brembo
  2. ally

    Great - buckled wheels

    Completely agree, I’ve had a couple of G20s as courtesy cars, and some other models, nothing comes close to the G30 for me, apart from my old E39. Not just cabin quality but road noise too. I see a lot of folks complaining about RFT and standard suspension which mines has, I would say it must be absolutely amazing on VD and / or non RFT
  3. ally

    myBMW App - iPhone V 1.5.0

    Stopped working for me on 30th June, that’s on ios and id6
  4. ally

    myBMW App - iPhone V 1.5.0

    The new app is very poor IMO and I don’t see any need for it at all, they have gone backwards with it. The old Connected App was much better.
  5. ally

    Replaced informatics head unit?

    Maybe they meant infotainment?
  6. ally

    BMW Sytner (Leicester)

    This is when they try and tell you they don’t have thousands in cars any more like they used to have, they will have you believe there is next to no profit for them when you want to negotiate.
  7. ally

    G31 Panoramic Roof

    I would tackle that with a soft detailing brush and a vacuum adjacent to the brush to take away all the dust from brushing, so none of it goes in the car. Then a wipe with some APC and a microfibre cloth.
  8. ally

    Carplay or iDrive USB for Spotify

    Cheers Matthew I will look into that. You might remember the carry on I had with transferring music from iTunes when it came to realising i couldn’t do that with Apple Music downloads, might decide to ditch Apple Music and go back to buying on iTunes or whatever
  9. ally

    Carplay or iDrive USB for Spotify

    What I will say is that I no longer use Apple CarPlay, I think it’s very poor indeed, quite annoying in some ways and lacking in some very basic features. I’ve reverted to just the BT music streaming from the phone which is “ok” with aftermarket speakers and DSP amp, but I’m interested in @sjak92 suggestion of playing from SSD, only trouble is I’ve been using Apple Music for a couple of years now so would need to purchase the music I have on that from somewhere else in order to download it. Will look into that. I previously used Spotify when I first got the car, it was ok, actually it was way better than CarPlay.
  10. ally

    Rear Seat Creak

    IIRC the dealer solution was some felt tape or similar, low tech but I think it worked
  11. ally

    Paint protection

    A lot of PPFs are self healing when it comes to minor scuffs, you can even get coatings which go over films now
  12. ally

    Paint protection

    Very true indeed, well worth considering. The only slight trade off for the very picky, is the slight difference in looks. But I’m sure PPFs are getting much better in looks nowadays
  13. ally

    Paint protection

    100% spot on. Many folks don’t realise this and some manufacturers would have you believe you need never carry out any maintenance.
  14. ally

    Paint protection

    The trouble with these dealer applied “lifetime” sealants is that they never properly prepare the paint first, they will apply it over poorly washed paint, over scratches and swirls, looks great from 30ft away but not really good enough. Ceramic coating is the best thing you can do IMO, unless you enjoy applying products to your car, things like glazes, waxes and sealants etc. which many do, and that is the way to go if that is what you like doing, there are tonnes of great products out there for that. Ceramic coatings give the best protection against washing / drying induced marring and chemical resistance, but aren’t scratch proof like some manufacturers would have you believe, so I still never let anyone else wash my car - although they are typically harder than the paint, usually up to 9H, but still require safe washing methods. As Boba mentioned above, any ceramic coating does need some maintenance to keep it performing as it should, most of them benefit from “toppers” to help with water spotting issues, to use as a drying aid and finally to act as a sacrificial layer, which will see you reach the full life time expectancy of the coating. A 6 monthly decontamination will revive and rejuvenate ceramic coatings, by using tar remover and iron fallout remover following a wash. There are one or two products on the market now which contain iron fallout remover in a shampoo so will perform a mild decontamination each wash, but mostly you will want to use a PH neutral “pure” shampoo which leaves nothing behind, again, tonnes if products out there. Lifetimes of the different coatings vary quite a lot, and looks can vary also, you can have a candy gloss shine from some, or a warmer wax like glow from others. Always make sure the paint is at its best before applying s coating, the car should be well washed, fully decontaminated, clayed and then polished - even a brand new car needs this - A lot of folks are put off by the initial effort but the long term benefits are well worth it. The paint protection, the sheer ease of washing and drying (especially in winter months when you don’t want to spend a long time doing this but it looks like you did) A detailer can perform this for you in as little as 2-3 days, prices vary depending where you go. Where are you based?
  15. ally


    That’s a common message and could mean of one of many things, usually not serious when it shows you to still drive. Have the codes read however you can, it’s easy to do yourself if you have ISTA or the BIMMERLINK phone app