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  1. ally

    E39 17" tyre recommendations please.

    As above, Camskill are good for tyres. I had Vredstein Ultrac Sessantas (18”) Nice quiet tyre, good grip and good wearing.
  2. Many thanks for the info - good write up there too! I was always under the impression that the Terraclean went all the way to the exhaust, maybe that's just on petrol cars. I know that the local Terraclean rep removes parts, DPFs etc. and cleans them. My car is only just over 18k miles so hopefully a bit off before I need to do any of that work, but it doesn't get the longest of journeys so could come sooner, I'm quite happy tinkering away with this type of work anyway, and should be easier on the 2.0d (B47?)
  3. What’s people’s thoughts on using Terraclean? Can it clean EGRs?
  4. ally

    Oops !

    £185 each from BMW Direct, well over £200 each from some sellers. Like I say, I would have had them both snapped up
  5. ally

    E39 audio upgrade.

    My advice is steer clear of these Chinese aftermarket units, I had a very bad experience with one sold by an ex “sponsor” on here. The rest are a real lottery in terms of if they will work properly, and if you get any after-sales support. What I ended up doing, I wish I had done in the first place. I sent my BM54 unit away for an amp upgrade plus bluetooth streaming. This, coupled with a Bavsound Speaker upgrade worked very well for me. I also had an Intravee II but you could keep your cd player in the boot. I briefly had a Parrot HU and and Apline Apple Car Play HU, both were ok but when I went back to OE it looked 10x better and some functions are lost when you go aftermarket. ( I had MKIV Nav) Dennis Cooper on here is very knowledgeable with all things audio and always has his finger on the pulse, he will advise you of many options.
  6. ally

    wiper intermittant problem

    Also I believe if you had a windscreen replacement, the sensor needs initialised, think I remember reading that somewhere. Might be doable with INPA
  7. ally

    Oops !

    There are two of these for sale in the parts section, £200 for the pair. Bargain. I would have had them if I still had my E39
  8. ally

    wiper intermittant problem

    I’m not 100% sure but I think if you disconnect the rain sensor by unclipping the mirror base to gain access to it first, then you may be able to use intermittent wipers, possibly with variable speed. Then again you may find it’s not properly connected in the first place
  9. ally

    Replacement folding wing mirrors

    I would agree and they seem to be for LHD cars (if that’s possible) going by the angles I had to adjust the mirrors to. Bought a genuine set of M5 mirrors a few years back and there was a big difference in terms of where I had to adjust the mirror to.
  10. ally

    Front bumper adjustment

    Not sure which part you mean, but the guides on each side where the bumper slides on are adjustable
  11. ally

    Oops !

    Someone is selling two new splash guards for £200 in the parts section.
  12. ally

    Oops !

    Best to remove the bumper then you can see if the guide is ok on the car and the bumper. The guides are a little adjustable, the bumper may have just popped off that bit if you are lucky, but will have to be removed and slid back on to it if that’s the case
  13. ally

    Wiper blades?

    I tried the Goodrain a couple of times and had issues both times, so always reverted to Bosch which are the best.
  14. ally

    Rear Entertainment Options

    Thanks for the link
  15. Hi all What options are there for rear entertainment on G30 cars, what restrictions are there? I currently have a Nextbase DVD player in the back, but looking for something a little better now as my son gets older, I've seen BMW DVD player / screens online but ideally would prefer the type that mounts within the seat back, rather than clamping on to the headrest posts. If anyone has retrofitted anything, OE or aftermarket, I would really appreciate any advice. TIA