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  1. ally

    Bimmercode Ambient lighting

    It only lets you change from single bronze to single red
  2. ally

    Vgate iCar Pro Bimmercode

    The Vgate has never had full access. I bought a Vgate first, thinking that was all I needed, but I had to buy a different one, which gives full access to everything. The one I got is a UniCarScan UCSI-2000, which gives access to everything.
  3. Is the front sub under the seat also out?
  4. ally

    ISO Dashcam for G30/G31

    Another vote for the Nextbase 522 from me, I have the rear windscreen camera too. I mounted the front camera just on my side of the rear view mirror, non obtrusive, I have the screen saver set to GPS speed which is handyto glance at.
  5. ally

    any firmware update at service?

    I have the same problem in eco pro whilst on cruise, often slows down by as much as 3-4 mph which isn’t great when you are trying to pass a car, with another car on your back bumper
  6. ally

    Windscreen reservoir removal

    Apparently using only BMW washer fluid keeps it clear, there was a little debate about that before IIRC.
  7. ally

    My BMW

    I can’t use my phone at work, which is why I want to connect to the car from a PC like I could before, seems it can’t be done now though. Another step backwards
  8. ally

    My BMW

    Yeh I know about the app. I’m trying to connect to the car from a PC like I used to do before they changed the app. I can’t always use the app on my phone due to work.
  9. ally

    My BMW

    Anyone tried connecting to their car from a PC since the demise of the connected app? I've tried to connect to my car from a PC on the My BMW site, but it only shows the car, can't click on it or do anything, check status etc. I used to be able to access it via PC, and o anything the same as the app. TIA
  10. ally

    BMW Stopping Wheel Storage

    I would definitely consider cross climatrs next time, but they don’t seem to do them in the wider rear sizes?
  11. ally

    Things to look out for

    You’re welcome. I actually got mines from John Clark Dundee, so always worth a look. I’m sure others will have more things to look out for.
  12. ally

    Things to look out for

    There are a lot of familiarities between the G30 and the E39, which I like very much. For your own convenience try and get a car with the following: Icon headlights, apoarently much better than standard, the adaptive LED is very good. HK, or above, sound system, if you get one with hi-fi it’s still fairly easily upgradable with aftermarket equipment, if you get base audio, then it’s a bit more challenging to upgrade the sound system. Reversing camera, not essential but good to have. Otherwise, not sure if the 3.0d was affected but there was a recall for the EGR cooler so make sure that was done if it applies. You can check the service history of the car via idrive on these cars - no actual service book.
  13. ally

    Leaving the G30 fold

    If the door vapour barriers are anything like the G30, then it’s not so easy to add sound deadening to the doors, I wanted to add to mines (G30) when adding aftermarket speakers, but wan wasn’t able to remove the vapour barrier on its own as it incorporates the window mechanism - not saying it can’t be done but was enough to stop me there.
  14. ally

    BMW Service - 4th year

    That’s a result
  15. ally

    Leaving the G30 fold

    I had considered a G21 for the next car, but the quality of the cabin, the ride and road noise puts me off.