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  1. I took the sptings off after a short while, they put the bootlid out of alignment and bent some parts.
  2. ally

    no factory head unit

    If you still have the original HU then you can just connect and use it for the settings
  3. ally

    iPhone X and Intravee

    Intravee worked intermittently for a while with my iPhone x but since the last update I get nothing at all, not even charging. Currently on IOS 11.3.1
  4. Hi looking for a price for 51712694832 & 51712694899 please for chassis No CK19628. Thanks Ally
  5. ally

    electric folding mirror passenger inopp

    Mines occasionally does this, I think it’s either the switch or the passenger side pack
  6. ally

    Coolant leak

    I wouldn’t normally but it took a lot of water so it’s not 50/50 any more. Got a bit more out through the pump and bottle hoses so hopefully that’s most of it out and of course there was the leak too.
  7. ally

    Coolant leak

    I have swappped the rads but had only drained the old rad so far. Just wondering if I disconnect the hoses from the aux pump and the expansion bottle if I might get a better drain on the rest of the system that way? Rather than the engine block plug. And the car is up on stands at the front, should I put it back down to drain everything else?
  8. ally

    Coolant leak

  9. ally

    Coolant leak

    Yeh that one is but it’s pricey, best part of £60 inckuding postage. Realoem indicates a price of about $18 for it.
  10. ally

    Coolant leak

    While I am at it, where is best to get a right hand "pork chop" part No 51717008690 Seen some on ebay but don't look great TBH and UK dealers still want silly money for them
  11. ally

    Coolant leak

    After a trouble free drive yesterday, cleaned up and stupidly replaced the undertray etc this morning, as it would be a few days before I am able to do the coolant flush. Then I went for a run this afternoon and got the coolant level warning again, found a pin hole leak on the rad under the hose connection, can’t quite understand how that never happened yesterday but hey ho. I guess it’s rad weld until I can get the rad replaced, got one teserved at eurocarparts, currently doing 30% off. Anybody used rad weld, any opinions, good or bad?
  12. ally

    Coolant leak

    Thanks to all for your input so far
  13. ally

    Coolant leak

    I took the hose off again this morning after seeing lots of steam in this area last night, and previously saw evidence of a leak in that area with fluid near there. I did my stat last year and I wonder if I just didn’t get that hose back on properly, or the o-ring wasn’t properly seated but after a 5 litre top up and bleed it seems fine so far. Nothing coming from there and I have heating again. Used the electric pump to bleed first then checked again after starting and running a while. Been for a drive and still nothing coming out of that connection. I’ve removed the undertray (a slight mission in itself due to rusted screws) and will get everything cleaned up tomorrow then look for any leaks again. I bought 12 litres of the blue coolant from Halfords so will do a complete flush soon as there was a lot of water used to top it up.
  14. ally

    Coolant leak

    Now I am doubting myself and wondering if it is actually the rad connection
  15. ally

    Coolant leak

    It’s the top left hose, just where it goes on to the top of the rad, seems to be the fitting itself, strangely. If I wiggle it it gets worse. Thought it might be the rad but I hope not. I’m getting a new hose tomorrow and will see what happens from there. Thanks for the reply