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  1. ally

    My BMW No Active Subscription

    It’s not really a question of how often. I need to see them, I have different booked subscriptions, the point is that the new app doesn’t show me them at all, it puts me to the connected drive store which still doesn’t show which ones are booked and which aren’t. That’s a step backwards in my book. I also got an email a couple of months ago saying that two of my booked subscriptions were about expire, which they weren’t, and one of them is Apple Car Play
  2. ally

    My BMW No Active Subscription

    Well they should leave us old iD6 dinosaurs with the connected app which works perfectly fine then
  3. ally

    My BMW No Active Subscription

    I really don’t like the new app and don’t see the need for it either. I used it a few months ago and it wasn’t good, used it a couple of weeks ago and it still wasn’t good, the connected app does everything the new app does and I can see things like booked subscriptions, at a glance - where I can’t with the new app. Also sent some destinations to the car with new app, nothing appeared in the car but they are hidden in the messages somewhere, sent a destination with the connected app and it popped up as soon as I got in the car.
  4. ally

    Safety cameras now available on Connected Drive

    It’s worth checking with you tuner, the tuner that did mines offers free remaps if it is ever wiped out by a dealer software update, something I wish I had know before. I think most tuners will offer that, definitely worth asking anyway.
  5. ally

    Key Fob Diamond Button

    How long did you press the button for? I have to press mines for about 2 -3 seconds to get the function to work.
  6. ally

    Buying a G31 530d soon

    Ah, yes.
  7. ally

    Buying a G31 530d soon

    The unlicensed demo version doesn’t show everything, it shows a few generic things just an example of how to use it. The actual options on Bimmercode will vary by car.
  8. ally

    Standard M-sport 19” Wheels - Run-flats?

    My 18” 662s and 19” 664s came with run-flats. I’m pretty sure that’s standard with these wheels, apart from maybe 17” SE wheels as mentioned above
  9. ally

    Tyre Pressures (Again)

    My iDrive always recommends a slightly different pressure, usually just 1 or 2psi above what my tyres actually are. Occasionally the same pressure. Those recommendations always seem to fluctuate slightly too, so must be linked with tyre temperature. I always go by the settings on the B Pillar
  10. ally

    Some annoying teething problems

    For the steering vagueness, could well be the tyres, I can’t say for the SE but I think these cars are designed and set up to run on runflats. What width are the wheels? Maybe a 245 tyre would help also.
  11. ally


    I feel your pain too. I had my car fully detailed and ceramic coated in August 2019 at considerable cost, then in November 2019, this happened in my drive whilst parked. 99% sure it was the takeaway delivery driver the night before but couldn’t prove it, police did nothing.
  12. ally

    Petrol or diesel

    I would definitely be looking at a PHEV for those kind of journeys. As above, the 530e is very much worth a look if you want a G30
  13. ally

    peeling leather

    Judy at LTT Leathercare is very helpful indeed and is very popular on detailing forums. I’ve had great help and service from Gliptone, I used their dye to respray the seats in my last car, and also used their kits for scuff repairs and touch ups prior to that. Perfect colour match every time.
  14. ally

    BMW app sending nav directions to car

    I think it’s annual
  15. ally

    BMW app sending nav directions to car

    That’s a shame really, I much prefer the connected app