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  1. r7ehw

    Interior trimming

    Loving it. Looking to get my interior tidyed up but not sure where to stop. I have the alcantara port trip and the seat bolsters in the front are now looking shabby - was thinking of retrimming the edges but now thinking full retrim would be sweet. Probably not worth it on my 520i although its cheeper than buying a new car.
  2. r7ehw

    Wheel Refubs - £20 pounds! YES TWENTY POUNDS!

    They are very local for me - 5 Minutes and at £120 I think I will give them a go.
  3. r7ehw

    How Much are My Seats Worth?

    My thoughts too! looks a bit worm and driver seat sags by the look of it. I am sure someone will pay you good money but you are getting to a point that that a set of seats cost more than these cars are worth!
  4. Did you do this and how did you get on?
  5. r7ehw

    I'm doing the Powerflex thing...

    How difficult is this to do. Is it a straight forward DIY job or are ther special tools required?
  6. Personally I wouldn't touch part warns. I have a friend in the industry and he say steer well clear. I run Dunlop Sp somethings and they are fine. Reasonably priced too at around £110 through a tyre discounter like black circles or my tyres.
  7. r7ehw

    Air bags on touring

    Well i'm getting teh airbag replaced, new battery and electrician to reset everything. Fingers crossed thats it for now. Next job will be front brakes unless they tell me needs doing now, then suspension bushes. Money, money money!
  8. r7ehw

    540 sport value

    I would say don't get carried away as they are expensive cars to run and folk who hae them often see them as a money pit and can't wait to get rid. In an age of high petrol prices aging cars with drink problems are not that popular. I appreciate there are enthusiasts out there who like them but at the end of the day they woudl I hope know what they are getting in to and should be capable of spotting a good one and negotiating accordingly. Tread with care is what I say.
  9. r7ehw

    Air bags on touring

    OK. yes i can manage with out it for a few days so its not critical and yes the alternator is on its way to an electrician to see if it can be fixed. Re the battery I had been told it was ok but as it has been flattened several times over the last few weeks I am concerned it may be damaged. I would prefer it to be 100% even if there is a price implication. At the end of the day the car has cost me nothing over the last 16 months bar a service at £250 so I can't really complain too much I suppose when its called upon as daily transport to do what ever I have demanded of it. I'm thinking f getting teh suspension bushes done as all is not quite as smooth as it might be. Any experience/costs known for this?
  10. r7ehw

    Air bags on touring

    Well the reason I asked is that as you say they are electrically operated and they were testig the electrics. This I read can cause a voltage spike and confuse the control box for the air compressor and hence cause it it to blow. I don't plan to make a fuss, but if its going to cost me a fortune I may have to. As it is I'm looking at an alternator, possibly battery, front discs ad pads and now air bag. It is all mounting up, on top of the hedgehog ast week. Could be a £6 to £700 month!
  11. r7ehw

    Air bags on touring

    Raymond, Thank you. Its a friends garage so doubt he will but always well to know whats what!
  12. r7ehw

    Air bags on touring

    Raymond do you think its the garages fault as sounds like they spiked it when testing the electrics? Interested in your views, as it was fine before they put it on the ramp?
  13. r7ehw

    Battery goes flat

    Thanks everyone. Its in the Garage and apparently the alternator is the problem. Does sound like the battery will need replacement too but the realy good news is, that whilst it was on the ramp the air suspension went bang and the right hand side of the car has collapsed!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
  14. r7ehw

    #@#*ing Pusher fan!

    Hi are you saying the heater fan will not work? This has just happened on mine and I changed the Hedgehog as its called, its a resistor of some sort, easy enough to do but a little pricey. I negotiated a discount and it was £76 fro a new part. There are pleanty of posts on how to do it includig photos etc.
  15. r7ehw

    Air bags on touring

    Hi, just had te car in the garage for my electrical fault. They've discovered its the Alternator, or a fault with it. Anyway, whilst it was up on the ramp the drivers side suspension has collapsed!!! Apparantly whilst up on the ramp it went bang and collapsed! What sort of cost are we talking for this?