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    Mercedes SL500. Last BMW, Alpina B10 3.3 Manual.

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  1. How very dare you!!! I remember this as a quality used vehicle from fair dealing dodge (Mark/max) of Doncaster, the home of quality used cars. I actually drove this before you bought it, it was shit! Never mind, 15+ years and its a classic, innit.
  2. blueb10

    E12 M535 build nr 138 of 450

    Just seen that this has been completed. Looks great, excellent work, you have every right to feel very smug! Hope that you now enjoy it for a long time and that i get to see it sometime soon. Steve.
  3. blueb10

    E12 M535 build nr 138 of 450

    yeah, what a dilemma, some people have no consideration. I would love a mint 3.0Si but I suspect that any that are left that are not stupid money will be pretty far gone. Keep rescuing them though mate, we need people like you so that they don't all disappear.
  4. blueb10

    E12 M535 build nr 138 of 450

    Coming along very nicely Jamie. A pleasure to see really nice, skilled work being carried out by your mate, we could all do with a mate like that! Should be down your way next week if everything works out, picking up a new car but will probably be rushing, otherwise it might have been nice to meet up. Keep up the good work, really looking forward to seeing this completed. Steve.
  5. blueb10

    E12 M535 build nr 138 of 450

    Thanks for the update Jamie, good work, coming along nicely.
  6. blueb10

    E12 M535 build nr 138 of 450

    Thanks Jamie, much appreciated.
  7. blueb10

    E3 2500 Restoration complete March 2015.

    Looks absolutely lovely, well done that man!
  8. blueb10

    E12 M535 build nr 138 of 450

    Hi again Jam; Very impressed with the work so far, any "normal" person would have taken considerably longer to get anywhere near this stage. Must get myself over to Gaydon, would like to see the E3 and the M535i, maybe this year? Having a break from nearly thirty years of BMW ownership, just got a couple of Vauxhall work horses and my old waft mobile, SL500. Will continue to follow the progress, best of luck with the remaining (lots of) work. Steve.
  9. blueb10

    E12 M535 build nr 138 of 450

    Great work! Does your wife ever see anything of you?? Does the tax disc indicate when it was last on the road? Where was it for 17 years? Not withstanding the amount of time and effort you have put in to this, it really is not as bad as I thought it could be. Is the E3 finished? I was following the progress on that but it seemed to tail off. Sorry for all the questions, keep up the good work, I look forward to updates. Steve.
  10. blueb10

    E12 M535 build nr 138 of 450

    Looking good, nice work.
  11. blueb10

    E12 M535 build nr 138 of 450

    No, I no longer have it, have some good memories of it though, it was a lot of fun. It was the car that I had wanted since they came out. My brother bought it originally and I bought it from him, it then went back to him! All in all, we probably owned the car for over twenty years. Last I heard, it is now owned by a fella in Chesterfield who was/is doing a full restoration. The car is quite well known and has been talked about on here before, search "the Panasonic car". Mine was very well specced as well, very similar to yours. I can remember taking off what remained of the air conditioning system and scrapping it! As you know, there weren't many of them and I always believed that they were made to individual order, hence why every one is specced different in some way. In my opinion, criminally under valued for years and still are, they really were the first M car for the masses, so to speak. Unfortunately, as referred to in my previous post, the supposed use of cheap steel resulted in a lot of them rotting away, there really cant be many left at all now so good luck in saving one before it got beyond saving, I think a lot of people would have dismissed that as beyond repair. I will continue to follow your work and look forward to updates. Steve.
  12. blueb10

    E12 M535 build nr 138 of 450

    Hi JAM172; Reminds me of when I did my E12 M535i, but it was 15 years ago. Mine was nearly as far gone as yours, most of the corrosion was hidden until you started digging about and then it was heart breaking as more of the car disintegrated as you prodded it. Be careful anywhere seam sealer has been applied, this tends to be where the corrosion starts, in my experience. Having said that, this is normal for all E12's, poor quality steel? Wishing you well with the restoration, would love to see it once completed. Be careful with the oil cooler, mine was missing all those years ago but you could still order one from BMW, at a ridiculous price! I fitted one from a Vauxhall senator, even the mounting bolts lined up, just had to have pipes made up. Steve.
  13. blueb10

    Throttle position reset.

    Hi all; Can anyone advise on how to reset the throttle position? I had the throttle body off of my Alpina 3.3 a while ago and ever since, when starting up first thing, I get the EMS light on and the car starts in limp mode. I can easily correct this by turning on the ignition to the first notch and then flooring the throttle pedal for a few seconds, ignition off and then start as normal. I have had diagnostics plugged in and the only fault is showing up as something with the throttle but I am unsure about the translation. I think that the procedure I follow points to the throttle position sensor and I need to reset this due to me having removed the throttle body. Mine is the cable type throttle body, not the later fly by wire type. Any help or advice appreciated. Steve.
  14. blueb10

    Anti roll bar bushes.

    Thanks greenelektra. Does anyone know what ARB's are fitted to the 3.3? Are they 528 as in the donor car or were they uprated to, say, 540 spec?
  15. blueb10

    Anti roll bar bushes.

    Some advice appreciated. What anti roll bar bushes would be the best choice for an e39 B10 3.3. Seem to remember seeing something about using X5 bushes, or may be mistaken. Are polybushes worth considering?