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  1. IrfanRaja

    M62 b44tu parts

    Cheers see you soon.
  2. IrfanRaja

    M62 b44tu parts

    I'll take these Kenny I'm in Derby.
  3. IrfanRaja

    M62 Valve covers

    I had that too schwartz saying contact Randy in Texas.
  4. IrfanRaja

    Style 81 wheels wanted

    Thanks for the link unfortunately he wouldn't budge on price and I'm still looking for a set so any info would be great if anyone has a set lying around.
  5. IrfanRaja

    e39 oem alloys

    Hi Andy I have a decent set of style 50 alloy wheels with good tyres send me a pm if your still after some cheers.
  6. IrfanRaja

    Style 81 wheels wanted

    Hi guys I'm after a decent set of Style 81 wheels I'm in Derby closer the better please let me know of anything you have thanks. Here is a Pic of what I'm looking for thanks
  7. IrfanRaja

    2003 530i E39 sport for sale £1800

  8. IrfanRaja

    e39 Bodywork Thread

    This is a very useful post I'm looking for a decent body shop to get my e39 bodywork sorted near Derby.
  9. He hasnt done a thing to it as it was back up in a day he told me he was going to keep it but guess not. i did the cooling system with the 88 degree 740d thermostat and front suspension springs and shocks also did the fuel pump on it timing chain tensioner and full service I didn't advertise it just put a post on the e39 forum so he took it but is misleading ppl into thinking is had everything done when clearly it's not.
  10. This was mine for anyone interested it needs a gearbox service as its leaking from the torque converter and sump. Both front wings are rusty the rear quarter is rusty needs bodywork front subframe points are rusty needs TLC. It needs front arms and vanos has a slight ticking noise so bear that in mind if your thinking of buying it I sold it for £4400 and hes trying to make a quick buck on it dont want a fellow e39er misled in anyway.
  11. IrfanRaja

    2003 530D Sport Touring Auto - Non-Runner

    Hi I'm interested in the full car where are you located
  12. I went from Derby all the way to Horsham Sussex to see this bodywork was ok but the interior is no where near as nice as the pictures were also I bought it as the seller said previous buyer was happy with car and while driving the gearbox leaked all the oil out the gearbox cooler but he had the gearbox serviced and put a new cooler on it when i called him he said it would drive back to derby as he refunded the buyer and drove it back to Horsham from Luton anyway after buying it i drove 25 miles and the gearbox spat all the gearbox oil out again and the car would just rev i called seller and he took the car back which was nice of him as i was stressed out and took £50 off me to recover the car back to his house I got a train back all in all wasted £130 there was no new gearbox or invoice for one and this was on the 9th of January.
  13. IrfanRaja


  14. IrfanRaja

    £500 - Relisted for Sale. BMW E39 528i Sport.

    Hi did this sell ?
  15. IrfanRaja

    E39 530i Sport - Breaking

    hi are the front wings still available if so how much please thanks.