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  1. mudd786

    Upgrade to msport steering wheel

    Ok so has to be a F10 thats definitive thank you guys lol
  2. mudd786

    F10 2015 comfort access boot

    Darn it was there last week had a appointment for my son.... my in laws are in Croydon so maybe if I have to go down as some stage I may take you up on your offer .. appreciate the offer btw mate
  3. mudd786

    F10 2015 comfort access boot

    I am in Lancashire thats really helpfull mate
  4. mudd786

    Upgrade to msport steering wheel

    I am not sure TBH mate sorry, I never managed to get a definitive answer so I purchased a f10 wheel to be safe cheers
  5. Hey mate,


    I see you have successfully done the F10 M Sport steering wheel retrofit. I'm also interested in doing the same. Do you think the F30 vsersion M Sport Steering wheel can be retrofitted to the F10. The item below is good deal and it's taken from a F30.




    Will I be able to retrofit this into mine if I purchase it?

  6. mudd786

    F10 2015 comfort access boot

    yes i did pull up the schematic for this and it showed as such, hence i thought the kicking action must be correct but as i said was really hit and miss, i dont have a fault reader you think anything would be registered or is their a test that could be run to isolate the issu so i must have either a dodgy sensor and or connection ? Cheers
  7. mudd786

    F10 2015 Auto hold function

    will try this, one less thing to push for the PILOT lol cheers
  8. ive owned the car for 3 months previous original owner from new has had full bmw service car is only 3 year old, the latch you refer to is it the exposed unit on the edge of the door which latches to the striker ? i will try and grease this if it is that unit as the car door started to lock unlock as soon as the heater was blowing on the indoor door card for 5mins cheers
  9. mudd786

    F10 2015 comfort access boot

    Yes this what i tried from when i bought the car was intermittent, i read up and watched videos all suggested as you described which led me to believe something not right with myn then i lwas resigned to the fact dodgy sensor or connection but as i was washing the car moved across the back it opened so 5 attempts of sweeping action opened and closed so i assumed it must be a sweeping action needed.. but even that is not 100% cheers
  10. mudd786

    F10 2015 Auto hold function

    Yes mine feels this way also just touch brake come to a stop i release and see the green symbol appear above the auto hold writing
  11. mudd786

    F10 2015 Auto hold function

    Lol yup i said to my wife feels like a cockpit, you push start push auto start stop auto hold brake pedal hand brake button .... then your ready to go lol She did forget to push the handbrake or P button at her parents house .. caused car to roll into the wall which had a window ledge same height as the BMW badge on the boot its all pushed in along that line she must have pushed lever to N and left it... ah well as long as no one was hurt .. apart from her pride
  12. mudd786

    F10 2015 Auto hold function

    Hmmm i see you point, auto hill hold on manuals is not that smooth as it is in the auto as in the auto the box is always engaged so you do not get that jerk as the car breaks free from the brake i know the feeling my brother has a manual 520d and you really feel it hold and hold and then boom it releases.. not nice. I hate the start stop function and need to get it coded out.. the auto hold by itself works really well IMO cheers
  13. mudd786

    F10 2015 comfort access boot

    Hi Yes the boot lid has the button to close it, However the waiving the foot under the bumper does oopen it and close it when closing the indicators flash and you get audible beep. it just operates when your messing around but when you need it sods law never does lol its my wife who reminded me again after i explained we have been doing it wrong i explained we need to move the foot right to left sweeping under number plate area and i said i got it to work everytime... so obviously my wife walking back with shopping waiving away said gave up after 5 attempts and said could feel everybody in car park starring at her lol and of course i get into trouble for it... some people online show it as a kick forward and pull back of the foot .. on BMWs other cars have always shown it as a sweep of the foot left to right etc... it will always open as i wash the car and move across the back so my foot or leg must get detected as i move across the back must always remember not to have key in pocket when washing anyway as when you touch the handles the C/L goes bananas .. Cheers
  14. mudd786

    F10 2015 Auto hold function

    Yes i do really like the resting of the leg part. Yes i thought it was just the hydraulic which is good as i didnt want the handbrake mechanical actuator to die prematurely. has happend on 2 X5s in the family. They should have kept the handbrake a handbrake, i always thought it as a emergency brake you can rip up if hydraulics should fail ie loss of fluid etc, never know who may cut your pipes for a joke ... or as on one of the X5s due to air suspension failure the bum of the car every morning on the floor after a month both rear flexible brake lines leaking WOW ... exactly why i thought to avoid anything with air suspension ie F11 cheers guys
  15. Hi Guys So today is a bitterly cold morning with -2c on the stat and a -6c with wind chill. My wife called said opened the door sat in the car pulled the door and nothing just bounces off the car does not latch, i said just try bashing inside and outside maybe to release the mech if its iced up no joy i said try the lock unlock while holding the door closed did that locked but would not open again ugh frustrated now and late for work and now possibly locked in the car. my cousin informed me when i was borrowing his bmw to go and knock some sense into the car, that his car also has done this and you have have to leave the car running with air pointed at the the door... i just cant believe it ... any one had this issue and is it a common occurrence ...? she said pointed out like i was thinking our e39 in 10 years of ownership never did any thing like this definitely do not make them like they used to ... cheers