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  1. BMW_Dixi

    RIP Donut

    such sad and tragic news thoughts & prayers going out to all his family and friends
  2. Happy New Year Y'all !

  3. wonder what it will go for ? http://blog.caranddriver.com/not-exactly-cheap-thrills-janis-joplins-porsche-356-going-on-the-block/
  4. Just heard this awhile ago, he was a British driver living in the states http://www.weartv.com/news/features/top-stories/stories/indycar-driver-justin-wilson-dies-head-injury-60044.shtml#.VdvGePlVikp
  5. BMW_Dixi

    USA South Purge reaches beyond silly

    I have refrained from commenting on this thread because it does hit home. First off, the south isn't all about redneck guys with Rebel Flags flying on their , pickup trucks. Yes, there are a few, but before this battle flag issue came about I could have driven a 500 mile radius from my home and maybe seen one flag, now that is different, call us immature or whatever you want but it is the same rights everyone else seems to want that the people in the south want, freedom of speech. so now you have rebel flags flying all around, so they tried to get rid of one flag, and now they have thousands flying. I have had a full size one in the bottom of my cupboard for probably 30 yrs, but I have never flown it out of respect of people that did say it offended them. But every year a small battle flag is placed on my great great grandfather's grave, I believe he has the right to have it there because he fought in the Civil War to protect his home and family I agree on what Seesure said, people do need to research and learn about history more. Being one of my hobbies is Genealogy I have gotten really interested in all sorts of history, you have to learn to help with your researching. In fact, the Irish and British were the first slaves brought to North America on slave ships, I am sure with my family I will find some were on ships being they were here in late 1600's and early 1700's. But that was eons ago, and people cannot continue to hold grudges on what are ancestors did or didn't do, that is the past, we are suppose to learn from the past histories to not repeat the same mistakes, but now they want to remove part of our southern history, to me that is a slap in my ancestors's faces, to pretend that what they fought & died for didn't happen. The Civil War wasn't all about slavery, but most won't believe that. I to watched 12 years a slave and it breaks my heart to know that some went through all that, but I also know that wasn't typical of that era, very few southern families owned slaves at all, only the wealthy could, in fact most of my ancestors worked along side of slaves in cotton and tobacco fields. so if only lets say 25 % of the people owned slaves do you think the others would lay down their iives and fight a war for something they didn't even have? It was fought for tax reasons and their homeland. I know slavery is a terrible thing, and I wish it had never happened, but it has been going on since day one, and is still going on in parts of the world. And on the " offending" problem which angers me the most is getting out of hand here in the states, it started years ago when certain people said that the 10 Commandments that were on some govt buildings offended them, now it seems people are just thinking of stuff they can say offends them, if something offends me, I just don't look at it, simple as that, I don't ask to take it down or remove it, because when we do that, we take away some of the rights from people that want to see it. ok my rant is over, but I could probably go on and on about it because it irks me that people are such idiots thinking they can erase everything that may offend them.
  6. I wanted to share a video of my local Air Force Base's video that was featured on national news, I remember taking a tour of it years ago, very interesting http://www.today.com/video/22-below-zero-kerry-sanders-braves-car-torture-test-chamber-500219459939
  7. BMW_Dixi

    Dog name suggestions pleaae

    I had a black lab named Shadow once and an Australian Shepard named Dudley
  8. BMW_Dixi

    NASCAR crash at Daytona

    After a 3 hr rain delay the race finally got started around 10:30pm. Here is a clip of the bad accident at the end of it, amazing how well the cars are made, F1 cars as well, the driver walked away from it http://www.nascar.com/en_us/news-media/articles/2015/7/5/last-lap-wreck-daytona-austin-dillon-coke-zero-400.html
  9. BMW_Dixi

    Just a few thoughts

    to think about
  10. BMW_Dixi

    Just a few thoughts

    the laws have changed a lot in 30 yrs, probably was a lot easier back then to be allowed to remain in the UK, getting married wouldn't make it any more easier now with all the new rules/laws, I could get a visa just as a partner, just takes a lot of money with no guarantee if it will be granted then lose that money in the process
  11. BMW_Dixi

    Just a few thoughts

    sounds like you are have been thinking a lot and are having second thoughts about us, or want or wish to get back with someone from your past to make it right and want to kick me to the curb, remember I am in the same boat missing you, my son only visits me maybe once every 2 weeks, plus you have grandkids, which I do not. you see me on skype everyday but maybe that doesn't count as seeing someone, or maybe you are getting tired of doing it. sorry if me being in your life is considered a punishment , I realize being apart for a long time is hard, but I want this to work because I love you , but if it is going to stress you then you decide what you want to do about it all. but reading you post has stressed me out and it made me think you want to call it quits just to keep your sanity
  12. BMW_Dixi

    Eye surgery

    glad all went well ,, now he may " trade" me in now that he can see all my wrinkles