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  1. Hi! Is item 52108142880 still available, if yes how much? Thanks!
  2. Zackpl

    Rust under hood air grille - repair kits?

    These are integrated with the bonnet. Good body shop should shape a one for you and weld in. Or clean loose rust and treat it with good rust converter then apply a coat or two of epoxy primer. These are covered anyway by mentioned insulation and a seal on the edge.
  3. Zackpl

    E32 740i with Hartge bits

    Great taste in cars and wheels sir! To top it up you would need Hartge A staggered wheels in 18".
  4. Zackpl

    Some BMW E28 parts

    Hi Cotswold, Still need the above to price up please. If part number 51129056462 isn’t available can I have the price for 14 of the following item please? 51111867927 Many thanks.
  5. Zackpl

    Non start issue

    I reckon fuel pump fuse was checked and it’s ok? I was happily driving my E28 a few months back when suddenly engine cut out. I tried to start it straight away but no joy. I couldn’t hear the pump priming when turning ignition on so I checked the fuse. It was looking good but under closer inspection I found one of the fuse ends shrunken into the plastic coating making no contact with terminal. I had a good spare so set off after a few minutes. These torpedo style fuses used to be made with porcelain now it’s plastic and generally poor quality. Maybe yours is furbed?
  6. Zackpl

    Cooling loop behind grill?

    As above it’s steering pump fluid cooler. It doesn’t matter if car is LHD or RHD the pump, cooler, fluid lines are the same for both versions at least for M30 powered cars.
  7. Zackpl

    Some BMW E28 parts

    Hi Cotswolds! Could you price up the list below for me? 51121867615 x 1 51129056462 x 1 51121867611 x 1 51121867612 x 1 Thanks!
  8. Must be one of the last ever produced, probably 2000cm3. Looks not that bad and seems to be complete. Shame seller tends to pull adverts out when is not happy with the price (based on one most recent negative comment). https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-BARN-FIND-1973-L-REG-NO-RESERVE-/264722627080
  9. Zackpl

    E28 Beige interior glove box and under panel

    You have a pm, thanks.
  10. Zackpl

    E28 533

    Looks like a Recaro seat of some sort with missing headrest. There’s also front reg plate back base missing. Looks fresh and straight though.
  11. Very rare wheels. Pricey but I wouldn’t be surprised seeing them shipped to US or sold here for this money.
  12. Zackpl

    Bonnet alignment

    Try to adjust it by playing with bonnet locking pins, those with springs mounted at the front end of the bonnet. They have some adjust ability in both directions. Mark your original position first just to have some reference point. i did my bonnet adjusting the above but also wings and rubber buffers controlling the height to finally set the gaps properly.
  13. Zackpl

    Parts for Sale

    Hi, you have a pm!
  14. Zackpl

    Bellino 9 Litre Spare Fuel Tank

    I don’t think it was down to dealer to choose what kind of boot carpet was equipped. On my 1983 525i boot carpet is thin without padded section covering underneath part just above spare wheel well, which is closed with a round shaped ply piece and three locking pins. Ply part works as a spare wheel well lid and straightener for carpet. The above applies to all cars made before 05/85 if I’m reckoning correctly. My other 1986 car has the padded version. Nice collection of fuel tanks OP!
  15. Zackpl

    Everyone with a e28 put your pics up :D

    My 1983 525i Lapisblue, restored last year.