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  1. Zackpl

    E28 parts quote please

    Hello, Could you price the following parts for me individually with total? 1175445 x1 9927022 x1 1108205 x1 1119235 x1 1177253 x1 1124760 x2 1367780 x2 1375774 x1
  2. Zackpl

    E28 528i on ebay forever...

    When I first saw it the price was set at £8k and it was well over reasonable price for decent e28’s back in days.
  3. Impressed by strength of all bonnet dampers above! You have a pm
  4. Zackpl

    Rubbing strip clips

    7 crosses will cover wing bit as well. From drivers side starting from rear door let’s use this code: S X X X X X X S X
  5. Zackpl

    Rubbing strip clips

    You will need 7 crosses and 2 sliders for each side. Just fitted new set on my e28.
  6. Zackpl

    Rubbing strip clips

    You mean door moulding trims?
  7. Zackpl

    Build 2

    Will it hold high temp build up on the calipers? I thought some heat resistant paints are needed to paint the brakes.
  8. Zackpl

    Build 2

    Nice build, I like the exhaust. What paint did you use to paint the calipers? I mean was it standard primer, base, clear coat application or something else? Thanks
  9. Zackpl

    My e34 M5 Elekta Touring

    You should warn it is adult content only! Fantastic car!
  10. Zackpl

    What were you doing when Chernobyl blew up?

    Tv show is very good made, very realistic. They managed to copy the past brilliantly and actors play is top notch. I was 11 when it blew up, probably when it happened I played football with other kids on some wild pitch surrounding the estate I was living at. We were rolling on a grass eating wild growing spinach. When it went official after mandatory presence on the 1st of May parade all women and children had to attend to local schools. Standing in the queue to receive a shot of high iodine liquid called Jugola syrup, to cheer up the kids I was given a bar of 100g true chocolate. Mind it was in Poland, Koszalin up north. Still alive the same as my brother, sister and mum. We were lucky the cloud passed us on the east. Very close though.
  11. Zackpl

    Parts quote please

    Hi, Had to amend this quote also quantities added: 18211176617 x 1 18211176919 x 1 51231868556 x 1 51216742120 x 8 51211919083 x 1 (new position not priced up above) 51131875898 x 2 51131848312 x 6 Thank you!
  12. Zackpl

    Parts quote please

    Hi, Could you price the following parts individually? Thanks 18211176617 18211176919 07119907030 51231868556 51216742120 51211916992 51321889788 51111882988 51131875898 51131848312
  13. Zackpl

    Price please

    Hi, can I have the following part priced up please? Thanks 41131930984
  14. Zackpl

    E28 parts pricing please

    Hi, could you separately price the following: 31331110196 x2 51711889473 41131930984 33521124572 x2 33551127435 33551129195 x2 thanks
  15. Zackpl

    E28 hella lamps (main beam)

    Washing powder can clean them pretty well.