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  1. germanlkmanx

    E39 535i V8 M-Sport 108’000 miles

    Sorry, now sold.
  2. germanlkmanx

    E39 535i V8 M-Sport 108’000 miles

    Thanks all! It’s a great car - it needs the bootlid swapping out/repairing and then would look very smart for its age indeed! If I had the garage space I’d happily keep it to use every now and again but unfortunately I don’t so it jut has to go. Car is located in Shropshire in the West Midlands, WV7 postcode. thanks, Tom.
  3. germanlkmanx

    E39 535i V8 M-Sport 108’000 miles

    Hi Guys, For sale is my 2001 E39 BMW 535i Sport Facelift. Cosmosschwarz Metallic (303) with Cream full leather interior and beautiful Piano Black trim. Steptronic automatic transmission. 3.5L petrol. Date of first registration 11/05/2001. 108k miles – 5 former keepers. MOT expiry 11/2019. Full service history with 2 keys. Some highlights: 18" M Parallel Alloy wheels with wider rear wheels E46 M3 Steering wheel, Rare Genuine Single CD Head unit Genuine BMW Mudflaps I will do my best to provide as much information as I can, starting with the service history: Pre-delivery check Oil Service & Microfilters at 12,999 miles Inspection 1 & Microfilters at 29,608 miles Oil service at 56,716 miles Inspection 2 at 61,309 miles Oil service & Microfilters at 75,925 miles Inspection 2 at 84,263 miles. Whilst this is not meant to be a service requirement, for peace of mind and preventative measures I have also replaced the timing chain tensioner. Oil service, Microfilters & Air Filter replaced at 93,807 miles. The vehicle comes with a mountain of receipts, MOT’s and various invoices. I will mention only the main work carried out over the years starting with most recent: Radiator replaced £110 MAF replaced 4/4/2016 at a cost of £106.74 Front control arms with bushes and centre drag link replaced on 21/04/2015 - £673. Front and rear brake discs along with pads replaced at 75,925 miles on 14/08/2013. This included service items at a cost of £763. Torque converter replacement at 68,387 miles at a cost of £564. On 24/09/2010 at 67,309 miles both cylinder head covers were removed and re-sealed. This service included rocker covers seals and belt replacements at a cost of £979. There are more but I hope this demonstrates that the car has been maintained throughout its lifetime. The body is in decent condition for its age, the area that lets it down currently is the boot lid above the number plate light is subject to bubbling rust - a common area of corrosion on an E39. Best option is to get a second hand boot lid from ebay - I am currently watching and waiting for one to come up in the correct colour and would suggest that the new owner do the same! Naturally up close you may find a stone chip here and there - this car is now after all nearly old enough to drink in human terms approaching 18 years old. Front and rear bumpers were professionally refurbished to remove stone chips at a cost of £600 2 years ago although the front now has a minor scuff which can be seen if lying down on front of the car. The 18" M parallel wheels were fully refurbished at a cost of £500 2 years ago and have zero kerb rash/damage with loads of tread left on all four corners. The overall condition of the car should be described as great for its age. The condition of the interior is really good with no tears/burns etc. around the front seats. The trim has minimal signs of wear, again in great condition for its age. This is a non-smoker vehicle. Everything in the car works... Sunroof, memory seats/position, auto steering tilt, windows, controls etc. Common age related faults with E39’s are the MID/radio pixels – they need attention. There are plenty of replacement options on Ebay and you could get yourself a kit for a few pounds or a new unit for about £30-£50. Dash pixels are perfect. I think I have covered pretty much everything but if you have any specific questions or would like to see additional pictures please do not hesitate to contact me. Overall this is a good motor and there aren’t many 535i’s left on the road. If you are passionate about E39 and V8’s – this is the one to get. I’ve taken care of our cars and as such in advance kindly ask that test drivers do not aim to achieve land speed record. The age concealing private plate is included. The E39 is becoming a modern classic, especially in V8 format with prices already starting to rise for well kept examples such as this. I will finish by outlining some standard specs: Engine power 245 bhp Engine size 3498 cc Brochure Engine size 3.5 litres Acceleration (0-60mph) 7.6 seconds Top speed 152 mph Drivetrain Rear Wheel Drive Driver Convenience Air-Conditioning In Car Entertainment (Rare CD Head unit) Armrest Speakers Adjustable Steering Column/Wheel Cruise Control Electric Windows (Front/Rear) Seats Electric (Memory Driver/Passenger) Upholstery Leather Seat Height Adjustment Exterior Features Alloy Wheels (18in) Body Coloured Bumpers Paint Metallic Mirrors External Side Protection Mouldings Genuine Mudflaps Factory Sunroof Interior Features Mirrors Internal Computer Safety Air Bag Driver Deadlocks Air Bag Side Anti-Lock Brakes Immobiliser Air Bag Passenger Electronic Stability Programme Traction Control System Central Door Locking Head Air Bags Alarm Front Fog Lights Parking Aid (Rear and front) Power-Assisted Steering Head Restraints £3650 Ono.
  4. germanlkmanx

    E39 PDC Problems!!

    I just got a PDC sensor from sphinx... £25 delivered, second hand but looks brand new on the face. Connected it up and I have working sensors for the first time! He's a good guy - fast delivery too! The rear bumper is easy to remove. Three bolts either side accessed from underneath the luggage area (in the boot) that attached to the impact structure. Then remove the three clips eitherside that hold on the wheel well lining and the bumper will slide straight back. I just changed my one rear corner sensor (m-sport bumper) and it took 20 mins for the whole job... Tom.
  5. germanlkmanx

    PCD Parking Sensors not working

    Gary - Well I checked mine today and exactly the same sensor as yours wasn't *ticking* So I unbolted the front bumper. To do this you must remove the lower front part of each wheel well liner - 3 screws, 4 bolts, all 8mm. There are two large Torq head bolts that go up into the front crash support bar, take these out. Then you can slide the bumper forwards. You can see the two sensors and their wiring on the floor. Note that the only reason I took my bumper off is my wiring had got caught in there from some numpty in the past. Otherwise, the sensors are both available for removal by taking out the headlight (again 4, 8mm bolts). I used my power probe and determined that there was no continuous live to the sensor. N.B. There is a continuous live, an earth and a sender wire. Then I pierced the wire at the junction where the other sensor wire meets - and had power! This showed me I had a break in the wire within the first 10" or so! Lucky!? So I removed the wiring tape... And found this!! So, I cut, stripped and put a connector in.... ...and taped it all back up. After putting it all back together, the sensor now ticks! Result! However, my PDC still won't work!!! I still get the continuous beep and flashing of the light on the switch when I put it into reverse! Any ideas anyone? All of my sensors now make a ticking noise, however the offside rear corner is definitely QUIETER than the other 7. Do the sensors go bad like this? Could anyone comment as to weather it's worth buying a new sensor to replace the rear corner? Thanks all, and Gary - I hope my photo's can be of some use to you... Tom.
  6. germanlkmanx

    Rear Spoiler

    You can't see the lip spoiler in the rear view mirror... At least I can't see mine anyway.... But still do it anyway because they look awesome.
  7. germanlkmanx

    PCD Parking Sensors not working

    I never knew this! I nearly paid the dealer to tell me which sensor was broke on mine! I've just been to the garage and the drivers side number plate sensor does not click! Thanks guys, you've just saved me £80 + vat ! Tom. Sphinx - PM me with a cost - I need to go out and check its the sensor and not the wiring but presumably it is. Let me know how much you want! My car is a sapphire black 530i Champagne if that matters - Don't they come in different face colours?
  8. germanlkmanx

    11 - radiator temp sensor. Is this causing my misfire?

    Thanks for those guys...I'll definitely try the test mode tomorrow... So I changed the RADIATOR (not coolant) temp. sensor today (the one on the hose going into the rad as opposed to the one in the block which I believe is the coolant...) and the code then did not reappear...result!! Started the car and.........no change...... So I whipped the plugs out...they all looked good. I decided to change them anyway (even though it's going for an inspection II on Monday). Drove it around a little, and honestly I didn't feel the situation had improved much, if at all. Thought sod it, I'll try some MPG tests. So I got on the motorway, set the cruise at around 60mph and even though I had to keep adjusting it and braking (traffic) I managed to get 34mpg! Then I got off the motorway by my workplace and drove the 6 miles home (my normal daily commute and I returned 24-25mpg! Considering the traffic was better, I think i'd lose a couple of mpg points on my 'normal' cruise but this seems like success! I must say, I'm driving it around and i *think* it still feels a bit rough, but honestly i'm now at the point where i'm listening to it and trying to feel for it so much that I reckon I might be kidding myself into thinking that anything is wrong at all... I think this might be the case! So it's going in for an isnpection II on Monday. I'm going to ask them to not change the plugs as I've done it today and ask them to check out why my PDC won't work ( I presume a sensor or two but my Modis doesn't seem to have the function to check - unless anyone knows better)? I figure it takes 20 mins to change the plugs, so maybe they'll do it without charging me extra...or maybe (and lets face it most likely) i'm dreaming and they'll charge me the 80 quid +vat! Anyway, I'm going to mention my smooth running issues to them but preliminarily I'll just ask them to keep an ear and feel out for it when they do the test drive portion of the inspection and then take it from there....I HAVE to drive the car to heathrow at 4am Thursday morning as i'm going to the U.S. for a few weeks so one way or another it needs to be right...I just hope not at the expense of dealer led rectification!! I'll be sure to report on my experiences with Benham Wolverhampton on Monday evening... Thanks for all the help guys! tom.
  9. germanlkmanx

    11 - radiator temp sensor. Is this causing my misfire?

    It's getting up to temp I believe. My temperature needle sits just shy of vertical...should it be completely vertical? I.E. 12 o'clock? I thought the sensor giving false readings may have an effect too, but to the point of misfires? My scanner seems to suggest that it's not just one cylinder, it will jump across the 6 with sometimes upto three dropping out at a time. I spoke to BMW service today who seem to think what i'm seeing maybe masking a thermostat problem, but obviously he suggested I bring it in for them to investigate... I'm gonna pick up a sensor today and change it, can't hurt right...Then it's in to BMW on Monday! Wish me luck!
  10. germanlkmanx

    11 - radiator temp sensor. Is this causing my misfire?

    Oh really? That's interesting. I' seem to remember a few posts where people seem to be quote easy 30+ on a run and early 20's around town. Maybe they were American figures though although I thought 'American gallons' made their figures lower...
  11. germanlkmanx

    Hi, i'm new! E39 Champagne - Wolverhampton

    Thanks for all the comments guys! I am indeed posting without problem now! If any of you are technically minded, maybe you could offer some help! My first problem has arose! viewtopic.php?f=11&t=51963 tom.
  12. Hi guys! Well, I've owned the car for a month and i've encountered my first issue! 530i - Champagne. 02 reg, 126k, auto trans. It started when I realised my fuel consumption was bad - 26mpg from Heathrow airport to Wolverhampton at night with cruise control set between 65-80! I am since getting about 18.5mpg around town! eek! Then I realised I had an intermitant misfire! So I've borrowed a Snap On Modis scanner and i'm getting a repeat code of: 11 - Radiator Temperature Sensor. Any ideas here? Would this sensor going bad cause my misfire issues? A friend of mine who does a lot of VW's seems to think in a VW it definitely would. Does anyone have any further comment before I get down the dealer in the morning? Thanks guys! Tom. P.S. Hello I'm new!
  13. germanlkmanx

    2002 530i Sport driving newbie

    Very nice dude. Can't beat a bit of Sapphire black over some 18" Paras!
  14. germanlkmanx

    Hi, i'm new! E39 Champagne - Wolverhampton

    Hey, why'd you think I went for purple? Ha, thanks for the welcome guys! The proximity of the car to the table is a bit of a concern to be honest, more a matter of when than if I suppose! Still, it'll give me a good reason to get the paintless dent removal guys out... I'm still having some problems posting here, all my posts need to be 'vetted' by the mods for some reason. The topic I refer to in my above post is yet to appear in fact! Anyways, thanks again for the welcome! Tom.
  15. Hey guys, i'm Tom and i'm a newbie. Just bought myself an E39 Champagne...here's some pics! I used to have an E36 325i and traded it in for something a little newer - so far so good! I'll be hanging around these parts from now on so.... HI! Oh - and for anyone that might be able to help, i've posted up a thread in the E39 section, good indys, code readers and a few other things i'd be interested in learning more about! Thanks! tom.