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  1. It's getting back to standard at the weekend, will post pics, thanks man
  2. good point friend, noted. getting a final check up on it friday, gonna get pictures of underneath etc, thanks
  3. MOT till may, only advisory last year was number plate light The stereo was an early change, as original audio had failed but has ipod connectivity in glovebox, plus the audio controls on steering wheel still work with it which is a bonus. had the alpine head unit and 320w sub tidily installed and with the standard 10 speaker set up sounds awesome, really nice crisp sound. yeah i was hoping to go past the 2k barrier as drives superb, unmodified and never abused. Whoever gets it next will just have a bit of paintwork to deal with, hell i might even get it done myself if i have the time to increase the value
  4. if i could find somewhere to store it i would, i mean look at it
  5. The jacking points were attended to along with a few small welds on the floor pan, floor area was also treated and cleaned up. o/s/f wing was replaced, n/s painted again as not bad, both sills were painted and inner sills done. rear wheel arch lips were done too but could with a decent body shop visit again. So no major work required. No subframe rot, when front and rear bumpers were off absolutely no rust in there. Very solid car all round in general and just minor cosmetic stuff now. Interior wise seats could probably do with a good clean, rest of the interior is immaculate apart from slight wear on driver seat upper bolster. Absolutely no suspension work or cooling work required, not a clunk to be heard (apart from a slight undertray plastic rattle type noise on rough surfaces)
  6. Well, struggling here. I have a very well loved and cherished 530i coming up for grabs shortly. Given the fact there's not many manual gearbox equipped cars around these days and due to the age of the car i cant get an online price and hoping someone can help. I've owned this for 10 years and loved every minute of it. I've spent thousands over the years, currently sitting at 152k and still running terrific. Recent full service, waterpump, spark plugs, filters and O2 sensors. Last year diff rebuild, power steering rack, starter motor and alternator. Bodywork has been attended to in the last few years but will need a wee bit again soon. Over the years various small sensors, ABS pump rebuild by BBA reman and general wear and tear all attended to, it's wanted for nothing. But its time for a change, will only be advertsing it on here first as would like it to go to en enthusiast. will also be including the original wheels and tyres, anyway, here's some pics if anyone can give an idea of value.. thanks (sorry for posting on this forum but can seem to process gold membership)
  7. Not something I've checked yet mate, was gonna get the cat sensors fitted first as they were showing at fault, car has done 150k so they've done well, just initially though I might have a fuel pump on the way out
  8. Hi folks, having recently had full service plugs etc, noted a return of a previous small issue where I had eml on whenever the car had sat for a week or so then started. Faults codes showed 5 and 6 miss fire plus post cat sensors, having replaced the plugs and being told the post cat sensors don't affect the running, I'm now getting lumpy idling again before the car fully warms up, when it is warmed up it runs sweet as a nut but tonight i swear I could hear some sort of qiuiet but noticeable high pitched whine whine I've not heard before, having had the car 10 years you know when something different, any thoughts or experience with this anyone?
  9. Thanks man, had to re edit my post, I said back exhaust in error, down pipe to mid section bolts rotten so hopefully they can repair.
  10. Hi folks, service being carried out just now, they reported exhaust may need replacing (rotten at downpipe flange bolts, may try a repair sleeve) being toying with the idea of a new system, standard exhaust has lasted 19 years so can't complain. Bmw are extortionate for a new system, always found this one a bit muted, would like something with a bit of growl but not too noisy. Any advice on best deals and places to buy, what aftermarket stuff do you guys have? Cheers
  11. Mr C

    530i manual - loss of drive

    Been looked at, rear diff shot, can't complain really, it lasted 18 years and 146k.. Best to get it refurbed? Or buy new (doubtful if still available) would rather not ebay one in case that goes caput further down the line too
  12. Mr C

    530i manual - loss of drive

    Yeah, it was a strange snapping type noise, not overly loud, I initially thought clutch cable had gone.. Hoping for nothing too drastic.
  13. Mr C

    530i manual - loss of drive

    Thanks dude, recovery coming in half an hour now, can't really get underneath it just now to check, first time in the 9 years i've had it that its seen the back of a recovery truck
  14. Bugger, moved a mile from the house today, heard or felt like a snapping noise underneath when acceleration gently. Car wouldn't go forward any further, managed to coast into a lay by. Can select all gears, as soon as you release clutch pedal, no drive whatsoever, no strange noises or clunk's or smells. Garage can't recover till tomorrow or possibly day after, anyone had such an experience,
  15. Well it turned out to be a starter motor, it lasted 17 years and 140k, can't complain...all going well again!