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  1. Mark-535i-sport

    Final drive swap?

    Am I right in thinking that manual 535i feel more responsive with the final drive from the auto? I'm not looking for neck snapping acceleration but I would like my 535 to just feel a little quicker from standstill. As such, what's the best final drive ratio?
  2. Mark-535i-sport

    E34 panels - where to buy?

  3. Mark-535i-sport

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Looking good.
  4. Mark-535i-sport

    Slammed e34 touring

    Such good looking wagon. Schnitzer rims always look good on E30/E34.
  5. Mark-535i-sport

    Shocks/Springs or Coilovers

    Considering their cost I wouldn't be happy if I had to start filing them in an effort to bodge them on. I think I will most likely wait till it's lowered and then just see how it feels. It's a road car anyway, so unlikely to ever see the track unless my Lotto win comes and I can drop an S62 in there. I just want to lose some of that arch gap and get it looking its best.
  6. Mark-535i-sport

    Shocks/Springs or Coilovers

    Many thanks guys. Much appreciated.
  7. Mark-535i-sport

    Shocks/Springs or Coilovers

    Thanks. Any help getting the right kit would be appreciated. Did you have any bump steer issues? I'm running 10 x 17 with 265 section Yokohama on the rear and they only just fit. There's the tiniest bit of rub when cornering so I imagine I will need to fit a narrower tyre when I drop the ride height or will lowering give me extra negative camber and actually stop the rubbing? ETA - My 535 is a '91 car but I'm unsure on whether it's got early or late top mounts? I'm pretty new to E34 so learning as I go.
  8. Mark-535i-sport

    Shocks/Springs or Coilovers

    Thanks for the responses guys. I think I'm going to go with Bilstein B8 / Eibach -45mm in a couple of weeks from now. I was going to order the spacers to address bump steer but just saw this video... Did anyone else have issues?
  9. Mark-535i-sport

    Shocks/Springs or Coilovers

    So you can see front gap.
  10. Mark-535i-sport

    Shocks/Springs or Coilovers

    Ideally I want to drop my 535i by about -50mm and lose the arch gap. It's mainly a road car so ultimate performance isn't an issue. So far I am thinking Bilstein B8's and -50mm Eibach but any suggestions welcome. This is how it currently sits and I will drop from 265 rear tyres to maybe 235 for clearance?
  11. Mark-535i-sport

    New to E34

    Congrats on the purchase! I've been using mine for the daily work commute recently and it's not missed a beat. Mind you, mine has only done about 207k miles so quite low compared to some here.
  12. Mark-535i-sport

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    I've been thinking of getting one of those myself. I did offer 250 for a genuine one on eBay but when my offer was rejected I spotted the copies for around £70 and figured it might be worth a punt. I definitely wouldn't pay the 350 being asked of the genuine one. I had put the E34 away in the garage but had a change of heart and figured I'd use it for work all week instead. It's surprising how many positive remarks it seems to attract.
  13. Mark-535i-sport

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    As we live next to a farm the roads are covered in mud and cow muck in the winter months so it's time to give the E34 a break. I gave the underside and the wheel arches a thorough jet washing first and then a quick blast down the A30 to dry things off.
  14. Mark-535i-sport

    Nice To Be Back In A Manual

    Must admit, I just never want an auto.
  15. Mark-535i-sport

    rusted chassis for sale

    It would depend on the rest of the cars condition for me. Also what engine and box will you fit? Is the interior nice? I appreciate that it's only going to cost you in time (above and beyond the purchase price) but E34 can be bought pretty cheaply here, although prices do appear to be creeping up of late. There seems to be more interest too, with YouTube channels like M539 Restoration taking on Misha's E34 M5 etc.

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