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  1. robmarrs

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Another fine piece of German Engineering..... likey shiny bits.
  2. robmarrs

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Sold the K38 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. robmarrs

    Racing Dynamics K38 - SOLD

    Yep, the suspension was far from ok at 20 years old for track use and the brakes couldn't hack the heat being generated with the better suspension and the car running slicks. You can't buy new RD dampers or springs so for me there was no point in keeping them given I wanted it to be a track car. When I got the car the wrong discs were fitted, 840 ones which were 4mm too small so the pads used to hang over the edge, and a disc cracked straight through from the edge to centre bore on a track day, interesting drive home that evening. The correct discs were only available from Brembo and at a price that makes B5\B6 discs look value for money.
  4. robmarrs

    Racing Dynamics K38 - SOLD

    Got the seats, the suspension and brakes were sold to help pay for the upgrades.
  5. robmarrs

    Racing Dynamics K38 - SOLD

    Guys After many years of owning the Racing Dynamics K38 I have decided to sell it due to the aquisition of a fully sorted and stripped out e46 M3 Track car. Much as I love it, with the other cars I own just not got the time or space to keep it. See the for sale part of the Forum.
  6. RACING DYNAMICS K38 based on an E34 535i SE SOLD First Reg 19/06/1990, 95000 miles - GENUINE, MOT until 8th Feb 2018 I have owned this car for 7 ½ years now and done less than 10k miles in it. Over this time it has been slowly developed into a very quick track day car which still has it’s full interior installed. Many people are very surprised how quick it is around Bedford Autodrome, my preferred circuit, this is due to the suspension and brakes more than the power/torque. It will go even faster if it is lightened further by removing interior trim etc….. I don’t want to do this. I am only selling it as a very close friend has sold me his very well sorted and fully stripped out track day E46 M3… he is after a Caterham now. I have 3 other cars as well so can’t hang on to the E34, much as I would like to. Racing Dynamics are the only none German tuner of BMW motorcars. Based in Italy with an American Division in California, they are still tuning BMW’s today. Most famous for shoe horning a K55 V12 engine into an E36. This car has been featured in 3 different car magazines over the years the first being Top Car in 1992, Performance BMW in 1999 and Total BMW in 2009, I have copies for the new owner. This car was originally owned by the Racing Dynamics Agent, Formula One Accessories based near Brands hatch. I have not seen another Racing Dynamics E34 in the UK, and have posted on various forums to see if there are other ones about, but to no avail…. this car is super rare, possibly unique in the UK. The original Spec for this car was an M30 engine bored out to 3.8 with a 90mm crankshaft mated to lightweight con rods and forged pistons with low friction rings, RD Spec camshaft and RD’s own chip fitted to the Motronic ECU, Exhaust is RD’s 6 Branch Stainless Manifold which is real work of art, with a stainless system. Fitted with an LSD and an M5 Final drive this car very quick through the gears. Diff oil was changed in 2013 @ 90,762 miles Genuine Racing Dynamics Rocker Cover, Oil Filler Cap, Gear Knob, Mats, Strut brace, Sill plates and Steering Wheel are fitted. Along with the distinctive and beautiful Racing Dynamics Bodykit. Very Rare Factory Electric Glass Sunroof fitted. The car will also come with the original staggered 8.5J Front and 9.5J rear Racing Dynamics RGP Wheels with road tyres. A full set of 4 Racing Dynamics RGP 8.5J tyres fitted with BTCC Slicks that have some life left, and a set of BMW Contours with BTCC wets that also have some life left. During my ownership I have replaced/fitted the following, a lot of it in the last two years. Brakes:- Front – Brand NEW Ceika 6 Pot calipers with Stainless steel pistons and Anti Knock back springs, fully floating 330 x 32 vented discs, running EBC Yellow stuff pads, £1600.00 + Import tax. Spare set of AP Racing Pads included. Rear – Fitted vented rear discs and calipers from an M5/540i running EBC Yellow Stuff pads, Spare set of pads included. Braided Lines all round, Running Motul RBF660 Dot 4 fluid….. no boiling or loss of pedal even after 10+ laps of Bedford, changed early 2017 when the 6 pots were fitted. Suspension:- BC Racing fully adjustable Coilover Suspension front and rear with Adjustable Camber plates with spherical bearing top mounts. Extended Adjusters on rear shocks into rear cabin, Car has been set up on KDS and handles superbly. Over £600 in parts. Lowered steering arm mount to reduce bump steer Most of the suspension has been polybushed with Powerflex bushes. Genuine Racing Dynamics Adjustable Anti-Roll bars fitted front and rear, these are the thickest you can buy for an E34, The front bar is 27 mm with 3 adjustment points and shortened drop links. The rear bar is 19 mm with 2 adjustment points and adjustable heim joint drop links.. Cost around £650 with import taxes Safety:- New XL Bucket seats with runners have been fitted to VAC Motorsport Floor mounts, the drivers seat shown is not coming with the car as it was custom made for my size, XXXL and is going in the M3, I will fit another one before handing over to a new owner. This lot is over £1000 with import taxes. Sparco 3 Point Harness – passenger side currently needs the rear mount point sorting, may get this done before sale, The Std retracting fronts seatbelts are also still fitted and useable for normal journeys, Harness can be very quickly removed so rear passengers can be accommodated. Battery cut out fitted with anti-theft facility Anderson Jump start Plug fitted. Others bits replaced/fitted:- Cosmo Racing Short shift kit K&N Panel filter New Clutch Slave cylinder 2017 New in tank fuel pump 2017 New Propshaft Donut 2017 New Thermostat New Throttle cable Replacement battery Magnecor 7mm Leads with distributor cap, and rotor fitted at same time. Becker CD player with Ipod Connection, Upgraded Hertz Component speakers. Engine immobiliser. In my ownership always run on Mobil 1 motorsport oil and super unleaded Probably lots more that I have forgot. 2 sets of keys, large A4 folder of bills, lots of old MOTs to support the mileage along with lots of old tax discs, the 3 feature magazines and a Racing Dynamics period brochure. Bad points, please remember this car is 27 years old and has been used as a track car, it is not a garage/show queen:- Headlights have some chips/cracks from debris being flung up on track days – I have a second hand set to replace them with and was only going to replace them once actual glass fell out of the ones on the car, still passes MOT though with this. Rust on both offside door trailing corners – I have 2 complete replacement doors to fix this Front bumper has blisters in the paint where moisture has got in and has caused it to bubble and peel. Front nearside fog light out of line due to badger strike on the infamous Berkshire Pistonheads “Badger Run” Hoon. Nearside slide locating bracket to bumper also broken due to this, I have the replacement parts to fix it, bumper just needs removing to do it, you wouldn’t know it was damaged to look at it though. Paint and some interior parts are starting to show signs of sun/heat damage as it is parked outside when not in use. The price reflects its rarity and the investment made in the handling, brakes and safety, you only have to look at track M3 prices to realise they go for a lot more money than a std one. It could easily be put back to a std interior and with some fettling and paint would make a really nice interesting e34. Rare E34’s that have been for sale recently have been offered for much more money, the white Hartge H5s got to over 9k and did not sell I believe, I had spoken to the owner last year and he was talking about £15k plus, a number of Alpina B10 3.5’s have been 10K+. I am open to sensible offers, but don’t expect to knock off £1000’s. Test drives will be with me driving, I am happy to go to track day with a prospective purchaser at Bedford so they can see how well it goes. To arrange a viewing or chat call Robin on 07450 803804 Mobile, or email robmarrs@aol.com, I am not on the forum that often so don’t message me through this please.
  7. robmarrs

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Fitted Motordrive Bucket Seat and VAC Motorsport Seat mounts, must say they are well crafted. and 2 points of the 3 point harness installed.
  8. robmarrs

    They say it comes in threes!

    What a couple of days with the K38! Went to Pistonheads Sunday Service at Goodwood yesterday, got a blow out on the nearside rear at Farnham on the A31, not too much hassle as had the trolly jack in the boot, and a spare, all swapped over in 10 minutes, ..... one seriously shredded track day tyre! Go to leave Goodwood, car won't fire at all, suspect no fuel as been having intermitant pump running problems with it, relay etc. Have to call out AA as have not got a test meter to check things out, they get it running, but some weird voltage drop on the pump feed, then it stops again whilst just signing off the repair, the AA guy ended up bypassing the internal wiring with a wire from the front fuse box to a scotch lock tapped into the feed wire under rear seat, got me home fine. The diagnosis is some wiring problem between the no 23 fuse output on the engine bay distribution box to the rear seat, break or something... may even be the old alarm playing up, need to see what that is tapped into behind the glove box. This evening, I jump in it to move it to it's regular parking spot, the clutch pedal hits the floor and won't come up..... slave or master cylinder caput I guess, something did not feel quite right at times yesterday when using the clutch. So now the car is stranded outside the house, with no time to sort. Happy days!
  9. robmarrs

    BMW e34 - dream come true

    In short no it won't work. The Becker Traffic Pro BE4720 is not an BMW I-Bus compatible unit, the E34 does not have have any I-Bus wiring either, I-Bus started in the E39, E46 and late model E38 It can be done but you need to put I-Bus wires into the car, and get a BMW Traffic Pro BE4769 which is I-Bus compatible. I am assuming the steering wheel came from a late model E38, I don't know if that would fit your car.
  10. robmarrs

    E34 front bolt on 'coilovers'

    About £700+ I think from Northampton Motorsport.
  11. robmarrs

    E34 front bolt on 'coilovers'

    I was of the same opinion when I first saw the MKII set up BC sent me, as my past knowledge was coil overs on MKII RS Escorts, where i had to wire my springs in to stop them falling out of the spring cups. However when discussing the BC kit with my go to specialist Gerry @ Phoenix motorsport, who also prepares track cars and was the guy going to weld the units to my spare stub hubs, it then made absolute sense. If you think it about logically then it will make sense. it does not limit the shocks damper rod travel at all, they are custom built shortened shock tubes and piston rods in any event to help with the lowering and adjustability, they would be loose in a std length outer macpherson tube, what is important is that the pistons rod available length of travel is not affected at all, therefore retaining correct control. On mine now the coil spring remains uncompressed except for supporting the cars weight and the piston rods remains with the same available travel whatever I set the ride height too as the whole tube screws up and down in the threaded lower portion of the strut. We have all seen these cars that are so low they literally "bounce down the road", they might be low but they don't handle well as it is all way to stiff and have no travel, you need travel to keep the rubber in contact with the road and get grip. See here for BC's explaination http://www.bc-racing.co.uk/br-series-coilovers On the kit you are considering, if you lower the car to the bottom of the lower spring support you will shorten the travel of the shock piston by quite a bit, potentially bottoming it out in the tube, on my MK1 BC version the spring was basically flapping about the minute the shock extended if the lower spring platform was set as low as it would go, however when it was set it up so that the spring was making good contact with upper and lower platforms at all times and under some slight compression the ride height as way too high, not what I wanted at all. I too considered the GAS gold option but that was another few hundred pounds more than the BC kit and does not feature the same type of height adjustability. The K38 is now a superb handling piece of track machinery, making some pretty fast road machinery disappear into the rearview mirror on tracks as it goes round corners so much faster! Just trying to offer advice, so you don't waste your hard earned, I was lucky as BC UK bailed me out after discussing my issues with them, I was well hacked off with their MK1 versions performance! My car is a track biased car so is quite hard on the street, so may not suit your ultimate aim.
  12. robmarrs

    E34 front bolt on 'coilovers'

    I would say best avoided, as you may not even manage to remove your current shock tubes! The adjuster bit you see just sits against your lower spring seat, installed it looks pony if you don't remove the lower spring seat like I did on the BC kit I bought. On my K38 I fitted a coil over kit from BC Racing, (twice) because the earlier Fronts to the MK 1 version, pictured alongside my original RD Strut, which can retain the orignal top mounts and top spring mount as well as the original lower spring seats (but I cut it off) rattled like hell, and the springs could jump out, it was an awful set up. However after contacting BC's UK importer they gave me the MKII version (FOC) which came with top mounts, proper parallel springs, and a full leg which you have to weld it to your existing hub stubs once you have cut them down, the MK II version (pictured installed in my K38) was much improved over the MK I version Point to note that a true coil over kit adjusts the vehicle height not by screwing up or down the spring seat to adjust vehicle ride height, but by the actual whole shock body moving up and down in a lower threaded part of the body (see third last picture, and rear shock on right in second picture). If you move the spring platform you change the spring rates which alters the handling.
  13. robmarrs

    Real Old Skool Tool

    If only I had the space! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E21-4-0-V8-Road-Legal-Road-Track-Hillclimb-Very-Rare-M3-Alternative-/172360338805?hash=item28217a0d75:g:Nv0AAOSwCGVX77ek
  14. robmarrs

    Jacking Points

    Thanks for that, Berkshire so Park Royal not too bad in real terms. Been on their website but it displays so small on my PC I can't read it! What sort of work have you had done by them?