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  1. sprouty

    E39 Saloon Towbar

    Worth a try but no takers. Anyone wants it and can collect from Stafford area you are welcome to it FOC.
  2. sprouty

    E39 Saloon Towbar

    Clearing up the garage yesterday and discovered what I think is a Bosal detachable towbar that I bought ages ago to swap with my fixed one. Car is long gone so its available if of use to anyone. Price is £40 collection only. Cheers Russ
  3. sprouty

    2001 530i Touring

    PM'd with number
  4. sprouty

    2001 530i Touring

    Regretfully I have come to the end of my patience with my 530i SE touring. I bought the car 20 months ago with a known gearbox issue. About 10 months ago I had a S/H box fitted with new fluids and filter. About a month ago it suffered the dreaded loss of reverse. I have other cars that need my time and I just haven't the enthusiasm to sort this out. So if any one is interested it is available. I may break it if there's no interest for the car as is. Currently MOT'd till mid July. May well pass but it'll be difficult to get off the brake rollers as it is !! Currently SORN'ed. From memory mileage is about 130K. A well specified car with the following options; climate comfort screen, glass sunroof, folding mirrors, electric heated comfort seats, xenon lights (angel eyes), business CD in dash and changer in boot plus all the usual gubbins. PDC is present but intermittent. Tyre pressure control is fitted but needs coding out as sensors in wheels have dead batteries so the warning light is on. Starts on the button. No issues I'm aware of other than the bloody box. Titan silver paintwork. The only body work issue is a small amount of corrosion at the back of the offside rear wheel arch above the bumper moulding - photo to show below. Had a replacement radiator within the last 12 months. New discs and pads on the front 48 hours before the box failed. Almost new front tyres - Rainsport 3's. A few photos below. Ideally looking to see around £600. Please post up or PM if interested. I'm located near Stafford.
  5. What about HGV's? No chance I can see of them ever becoming EV based. They'll still need to fill up. Same goes for light goods.
  6. Assuming this is an auto is the box and torque converter good. If so how much? Are you located Warrington area - if so I can collect. Cheers
  7. sprouty

    NS Mirror E39

    Does anyone have a N/S mirror for an E39 knocking about the need rid of. Mine had an unexpected collision with a wheelie bin hanging over the kerb down a lane !! Just the glass and working internals needed. Cheers Russ
  8. sprouty

    Multi-car breakdown covering 2 people

    GEM for me. Moved from the AA a few years ago, the prices were just ridiculous. Costing more for breakdown cover the fully comp insurance on myE39. Never used them but their ratings are good.
  9. sprouty

    RDC Sensors

    Anyone know a less expensive source of tyre pressure sensors for a proper RDC optioned E39. Mines always throwing up the amber light and I suspect the batteries are duff. They are the best part of £60 each from the stealer and five probably needed. I've pulled one apart to see if the battery could be replaced as per some BMW bikes but no dice typically. Cheers Russ
  10. sprouty

    Andrive 2 android system

    Any pics yet mate?
  11. I recently bought what was meant to be a pair of rear shock/spring assemblies for my 528i SE. The wonderful ebay scrappy managed to send one SE and one Sport type. He has since sent the correct 2nd SE unit and I have a spare sport unit floating about. If it's of any use to any of the good forumites drop me a line. Obviously collection or post at cost. I'm in the Stafford area if anyone's near enough to pick it up. I'll add the part number when I can over the weekend. Cheers all. Russ
  12. sprouty

    Keep or replace ?

    Mike You're probably right. I've had a great run with virtually no real issues. The car has been really kind to me, maybe it's time to reciprocate. Finding one with the same spec or similar will be a real challenge. Time to start shopping for some parts I think. Thanks for the input gents Russ
  13. sprouty

    Keep or replace ?

    I am seeking the learned advice of the members. Currently I am driving a '99 e39 528i. I have had the car for 5 years give or take and have taken it from 76k to 128k. Throughout it has been exceptionally reliable, still doesn't require a top up of oil between changes. Also it is well specced, sunroof, electric seats and column, split folding rear seat, not DSP but extended hifi. It's starting to show its age now and I have been looking around, particularly at 540i options. Good cars are very thin on the ground, even if I extend the search to include 530 models. Note I definitely want to stick with petrol. I reckon if I were to throw between 600 and 800 quid at mine it would be much improved, maybe a suspension refresh, new (read s/h) wheels, a couple of bits of bodywork. I really don't know which way to jump. Anyone been in the same boat got any experiences they could share? Cheers Russ
  14. sprouty

    Photo's deleted, shite

    Sorry for the wait for reply Steve - don't often check the forum in the evening. I haven't used Care Recover actually. It was in my programs but I last used Recuva - http://www.piriform.com/recuva That one worked fro me on a memory stick. Worth a try at least !!
  15. sprouty

    Photo's deleted, shite

    Steve Are the photo's stored on internal memory or a removable memory card? If it's a removable card get it out of the phone before doing anything else and try some recovery software such as iCare Recover or similar. There are a number of free to use ones out there. If its in the actual phone memory it may still work if you connect your phone using a USB lead so it is connected to your PC as a USB disk. Russ