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  1. btc

    A little help please chaps

    thanks the box seems fine changes smoothly the car has been unused for a few months
  2. is the auto selector lever on the e34 525 auto adjustable if so how is it done please been offered one cheap but with the lever in park the car is still in reverse but strangley starts any help and advise please
  3. btc

    525 TDS mpg

    thanks mate
  4. btc

    525 TDS mpg

    can you run the tds with a mix of veg oil and diesel say a 30/70 mix i can get new veg oil at a good price and i used to run my hilux surf on a 50/50 mix brian
  5. btc

    another 525tds question

    thanks for the quick reply so this could cause athe car to feel like it is losing power seems to be gradually getting slower there is no smoke and the car starts on the first click of the key brian
  6. can someone tell me please where the egr valve is please cant find the thing and what purpose it serves thanks brian
  7. btc

    a little help needed please

    i haave been told it could be the battery behind the speedo are these easy to get at and change orwould it maybe easier to get a second hand speedo brian
  8. btc

    a little help needed please

    cheers will have a look at the earths at the weekend
  9. btc

    a little help needed please

    no obd fitted and i have tried removing the connection from the rear of the unit but still not working also noticed last night the light behind the 3 heater dials are not working the 2 temp dials and blower switch
  10. btc

    a little help needed please

    it is the actual mileage display on the speedo dont have an obc fitted
  11. hi all relitive newbie with a question went to work this morning and the mileage/trip display decided it didnt want to play anymore it did flicker a couple of times any help appreciated its a 1996 520 thanks brian
  12. btc

    anyone bought alloys from here?

    dp motorsport import and supply to most independant wheels retailers i have had several sets from them and never had any issues brian
  13. i have a spare switch just need to get the old 1 off and hope it cures the prop
  14. strange i was just about to ask the same thing i have found that if i tap the switch it will work for a while brian
  15. btc

    Hi another newbie

    sorry no pics of the old ones but i will get some pics of the 530 up when i have given her a clean