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  1. gazcos

    530D hot start problem

    Don't worry, I've found it cheers!
  2. gazcos

    530D hot start problem

    Don't worry, I've found it cheers!
  3. gazcos

    530D hot start problem

    Can anyone show me where it is ? Come on , you knew I was going to ask lol Thanks
  4. gazcos

    530D hot start problem

    Ah, that's a good idea, thanks !
  5. gazcos

    530D hot start problem

    Hmmm , had a new pre-supply pump a few years ago when it stopped pumping when I kicked down etc. I wonder if it could be that again/. A few people have suggested the Cam and Crank sensors.
  6. gazcos

    530D hot start problem

    My cars developed a fault where it seems to not want to start when its warm. I 've had a search on here but cant find a similar set of symptoms. It'll always start from cold but if you've already used it that day it can be a bit of a lottery if it'll start or not, it turns over fine, just wont fire. Its been taking a bit longer to fire than it used to for a while now but always started but just recently its has got worse. For reference its done 140k miles and the battery is a brand new Bosch unit.
  7. Got mine too , thanks very much for sorting this ! Cheers Gaz
  8. Just to let you know I will be coming in my 530D Sport instead of the M5 due to me forgetting that its not taxed and being too tight to tax it a week early and loose a month LOL
  9. gazcos

    My new Beast

    Hello mate, Yes the Alpinas are indeed for sale. I will sort an ad on here when I get time. My 65s are a lot darker than yours but not as dark as some I've seen . A sort of midway I'd say.
  10. gazcos

    My new Beast

    Thanks mate!
  11. gazcos

    My new Beast

    Small update. I have had the original wheels refurbed as they were , in my eyes far too dark plus the finish on them wasn't great. I've also fitted the facelift rear lights. I've already had one person tell me the refurb on the wheels isn't authentic shadow chrome.I've not really seen enough in the flesh yet to make my own mind up but to be honest I'm past caring now, I've never had so many problems sorting out a set of wheels for a car LOL. They were done by Pristines in Milton Keynes, who are just up the road from me and are now absolutely mint! Here are couple of pictures from last weekend. One from Saturday when we went to the Facebook BMW owners club bash at Brands Hatch and the other from Sunday when we went to a local pub where they have a Pistonheads supercar meet.
  12. As above, I need to change my centre link and track rod ends due to the dreaded heatsoak creak but want to know the best/cheapest place to buy Lemfoerder replacements. Are there any other makes I should consider? I've seen some cheap parts on Ebay but I imagine they are made of chocolate. Cheers Gaz