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  1. Max M4X WW

    Style 66 Staggered 17" Alloy Wheels SOLD

  2. Max M4X WW

    Style 66 Staggered 17" Alloy Wheels SOLD

    Oops! Thanks
  3. All wheels are straight and without any cracks etc. Removed only due to upgrade. Ideally need a professional or DIY refurb and one new rear tyre but perfectly usable otherwise. Wheel 1 235/45/17 Michelin PS4 Dated 2019, Tread depth: 7mm Wheel is virtually unmarked (unused spare I bought last year) Wheel 2 235/45/17 Michelin PS4 Dated 2018, Tread depth: 7mm Minor curbing (has been touched in) and minor bubbling on the inside face. Wheel 3 255/40/17 Continental Sport Contact 3 Dated 2013 (some sidewall cracking) Tread depth: 4mm Some bubbling paint inside and out, very minor curbing (has been touched in). Wheel 4 255/40/17 Continental Sport Contact 3 Dated 2016, Tread depth: 7mm Some bubbling paint inside and out, very minor curbing (has been touched in). £350, collection only from Hampshire/Surrey Border
  4. Max M4X WW

    My 2002 E39 525i Sport Saloon in Titanium Silver

    Thanks, for now they will stay as-is until they bug me enough to warrant getting them done but it will probably never happen. I may end up going for Goodyear Asymmetric 5's but its all personal choice!
  5. Max M4X WW

    My 2002 E39 525i Sport Saloon in Titanium Silver

    So after a month or so of searching, I found a set of Style 37's. I know they are common wheels on the E39 (and obviously factory fit on some) But I just had to have these wheels after having them on my 540i many years ago. I was only really looking for a half-decent set which were round and presentable as this car is never going to be show worthy, just clean and usable! They need new tyres, but I wanted to fit them anyway so I could list my wheels for sale and check the car drove OK (albeit without any wheel weights as I removed them all for cleaning!) The wheels as bought (with worn 2016 P-Zero's and less worn 2016 AUTOGRIP M+S Tyres!) The cleaning process below shows AutoSmart wheel cleaner, Auto Finesse Iron Out (twice), White spirit (for tar spots as I have run out of AS Tardis) a quick polish with Lime Prime, wipe down with brake and clutch cleaner and finally a coat of Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour. I also touched in some of the curbing to take the edge off and seal any water ingress - however, the factory lacquer on these doesn't really seem to lift. I also transferred my "Floating" centre caps from the Style 66's and replaced all of the wheel bolts with new (the lockers are arriving today and should be the same style and key as existing) with the often lost covers as well. Overall I am really happy and will now proceed to order the new tyres (which I have changed my mind on again!)
  6. Yep, I have those metal clips. The arch liners are a bit out of shape due to the rust and this is probably not helping regarding needing longer screws! I got one side on but using a wood screw to pull things together, putting in one black screw the swapping the other but couldn't get it to work on the other side.
  7. Hi all, I have been undertaking a mini-restoration of my wheel arch lines, trim clips etc and ordered all the required screws etc to complete the job. This included many of the following: I thought the standard Hex nuts would work fine for the bit of trim at the front of the rear wheel arches, between the arch liner and sill trim which looks like this: But they are too short. The original screws were totally rusted away so I didn't have them for reference but I assume they must have been longer than the above screws. I can only assume they are #17 in this photo and are NLA. Does anyone have any idea where I would get a similar screw but a bit longer? I can't find the screws for the Sport rear bumper diffuser either! Thanks
  8. Max M4X WW

    My 2002 E39 525i Sport Saloon in Titanium Silver

    Haha, trying to keep everyone happy!
  9. Max M4X WW

    My 2002 E39 525i Sport Saloon in Titanium Silver

    Yesterday I managed to fit the 4x new rear arms. A bit easier than the front, but those ball joints are a pain to get undone! Lots of mole grip use and I found banging a smaller socket on the end of each worked the best in the end. No photos as it's all fairly similar - I will get some of each wheel arch when completed. Next weekend I will complete the front ARB bush install and begin to reassemble everything (though I am tempted to leave it until it is aligned as access will be easier for them I think). I am spending half to one day a weekend on the car and the rest on DIY at the moment!
  10. Max M4X WW

    Number Plates

    Great for dealer plates, but not trading currently to my knowledge. I have used https://www.fancyplates.com/ for years or more recently https://www.instagram.com/am_plates/ (they do totally plain ones if you are after those).
  11. Max M4X WW

    My 2002 E39 525i Sport Saloon in Titanium Silver

    Thanks, ordered Powerflex as they are a known brand. Heard of PSB but not sure they have been around that long - I know its only polyurethane but I've seen simpler things go wrong. The fact they are black was tempting though! Wish I got the genuine BMW ones with my Latvia order now, would have saved a lot of faffing. I can HIGHLY recommend https://www.bmwautoparts.net/ - cheaper than anywhere else I could find, prices all online (like real OEM, but better really) and arrived in around 10 days.
  12. Max M4X WW

    My 2002 E39 525i Sport Saloon in Titanium Silver

    The Febi Front ARB bushes have now turned up and are 22mm the same as the Meyle ones! Annoying, going to have to try and return these and buy genuine or black powerflex..
  13. Much better. Thought about an M5 lower grille?
  14. Max M4X WW

    My 2002 E39 525i Sport Saloon in Titanium Silver

    I did think about Powerflex for the ARB's but didn't really want them being purple or any potential squeaks. Also not that ken on spending any more money the moment! Hoping the new rubber ones will still be an improvement over 18year old rubber.
  15. Max M4X WW

    My 2002 E39 525i Sport Saloon in Titanium Silver

    Went to change the ARB links front and rear yesterday but only managed the rear as the front bushes I got from eBay (Meyle) were listed as 24mm and did not fit my 25mm ARB. They both measured 21/22mm - one was stamped 21 and the other 24! Very odd. I have ordered some Febi 24mm bushes and hoping these fit as genuine 25mm BMW bushes are about £27 each as opposed to £16 the pair. I am trying to avoid powerflex and the like. Rears went on fine as I got Genuine 15mm BMW bushes on eBay from Park Lane BMW for about £15 posted. Today I did the rear discs, pads and shoes and I think it is adjusted correctly but it will need a bit of a drive and few applications of the handbrake to tell for sure I thnk. I have also taken the plunge today and ordered the 4x rear arms from eBay as on closer inspection with both sides off the ground there does seem to be a bit of play in some of the arms and one of the rubber gaiters has split. Weirdly the rears are a bit more expensive than the front even though they are smaller. Hoping these arrive soon along with the new front ARB bushes so I can get everything finished and re-assembled (once by big order from Latvia arrives also!) and all the new trim etc installed with the cleaned arch liners. Then it will be alignment time and hopefully (if I find some) also time to fit 18" M Parallel wheels (I was let down buy they eBay set, they sold for £940 delivered and my offer was £800) Hoping to find a set for sub £400 and a refurb will cost a similar amount so I will have a totally fresh set rather than a VERY good used set (which I would have preferred really for originality).