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  1. thomp1983

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I quite often play them at there own game, I'll buy whatever I need from my local euro car parts branch, get the job done then order the cheaper part from car parts for less and return it to euro car parts under the year long no quibble returns policy. Most people probably plan their work with sufficient notice to order the cheap part online in the first place but I have a seemingly never ending stream of people who knock on the door asking if I can have a quick look at something or other and I like to get the job done and our the way.
  2. thomp1983

    Zf5hp24 fluid

    Hi all, I have a zf5hp24 transmission in a 2002 x5 4.4i, i believe the same gearbox is used in the 540. I need to replace the transmission fluid, I've had the engine out the car so torque convertor and cooler are both empty meaning I need about 10 litres of fluid. The zf spec fluid is lifeguard 5 at around £22 a litre, Mobil LT71141 is also suggested at £11 a litre and finally there seems to be a febi oil that says its oem spec at £60 for 5l what are people using that they've had success with, £220 on the zf fluid is alot to stomach with the filters on top Thanks Chris
  3. thomp1983

    "Diamond" key - new battery or replace?

    If you've got an electric toothbrush put it on the charging base for that saves aimlessly driving the car
  4. thomp1983

    Is my dpf regenning properly?

    Ignore this, after telling it to regen a few more times the status changed to active and temps hit 600ish degrees
  5. Hi all, I've been trying to force my 525d to regen and I'm not sure if it's completing properly. With car warmed up at idle I have exhaust temp before cat of 170ish degrees Exhaust back pressure of 6.88 mbar and temp before dpf of 140ish. If I set enable regen and request regen in ista, drive at 70ish in 5th the temp before cat hits 300ish the pressure increases to 90ish mbar the car will then judder a bit and the temp before cat will hit 400ish and the temp before dpf spikes to around 350ish the back pressure drops to about 60mbar. The juddering then stops and the temp before dpf drops off to 200ish. At no point does the dpf regen status show anything but not active, it doesn't show a regen has been completed at all, how can I tell this? Thanks Chris
  6. thomp1983

    Coding Out RPA/RDC Tyre Monitoring

    had another look at this today, unfortunately neither of those strings are in my cas, i've pasted my cas settings below #0905 $1CA $216 $2NP $302 $320 $337 $339 $423 $428 $431 $441 $442 $481 $4M3 $508 $540 $644 $672 &698 &704 &710 $715 $775 $785 $812 $850 $853 $863 $877 $880 $8SM $9AA %0416 &GAAT *NC52 +KMP3 +NAUX -B110 thanks chris
  7. thomp1983

    Coding Out RPA/RDC Tyre Monitoring

    Thanks I'll look at it tomorrow, I did wonder if there'd be a string in the cas but couldn't find and information for what it might be Chris
  8. thomp1983

    making cover

    I'd leave it alone, I've ran blanked off egr and no cooler for the last 2 years and no mot tester has commented on it, they don't spend much time under the bonnet during an mot
  9. thomp1983

    Coding Out RPA/RDC Tyre Monitoring

    Kombi Trace File CBS_SCEN_01H nicht_aktiv CBS_SCEN_02H nicht_aktiv CBS_SCEN_04H nicht_aktiv CBS_SCEN_06H nicht_aktiv CBS_SCEN_11H nicht_aktiv CBS_SCEN_03H nicht_aktiv CBS_SCEN_14H nicht_aktiv CBS_SCEN_20H nicht_aktiv CBS_SCEN_21H nicht_aktiv CODING_VALID_BMW wert_01 DATEN_INDEX wert_01 CC_BLINKFREQUENZ_LANGSAM wert_01 CC_BLINKFREQUENZ_SCHNELL wert_01 TANK_FILTER_FALLEND wert_02 CC_15_EIN wert_01 CC_15_AUS wert_01 CC_R_EIN wert_01 CC_ML wert_01 TANK_ADC_FEHLER_UG wert_01 TANK_ADC_FEHLER_OG wert_01 CC_F_WASCHWASSERSTAND wert_01 CC_F_KUEHLMITTELSTAND wert_01 CBS_STAT_07H anzeige CC_I_ZEITZELLE wert_01 PREDRIVE_PERIODENDAUER wert_01 BC_LEERZEILE aktiv TANK_FILTER_STEIGEND wert_02 TANK_MITTLUNGSZEIT wert_01 TANK_BERUHIGUNGSZEIT wert_01 TANK_SICHERHEITSFAKTOR wert_01 TANK_RED_REICHWEITE wert_01 AUSSENTEMP_ZEITKONST_Z4 wert_01 AUSSENTEMP_ZEITKONST_Z5 wert_01 AUSSENTEMP_ZEITKONST_Z6 wert_01 AUSSENTEMP_DELTA_K2 wert_01 AUSSENTEMP_ZEITKONST_Z1 wert_01 AUSSENTEMP_ZEITKONST_Z2 wert_01 AUSSENTEMP_ZEITKONST_Z3 wert_01 AUSSENTEMP_DELTA_K1 wert_01 AUSSENTEMP_ANZ_FEHLER_1 wert_01 AUSSENTEMP_ANZ_FEHLER_2 wert_01 PREDRIVE_ABB_MOT nicht_aktiv TANK_SCHWELLE_AUF/AB wert_01 TANK_VOLL_ERKENNUNG wert_01 WARNFELD_INFO_DME aktiv SFY_ALIVE_ZAEHLER aktiv SEAT_BELT_MONITOR wert_01 DSC_ALIVE_ZAEHLER aktiv DME_ALIVE_ZAEHLER aktiv SBR_BEIFAHRER nicht_aktiv CAS_ALIVE aktiv LM_ALIVE aktiv SBR_FAHRER nicht_aktiv SFY_ID_MONITOR aktiv DME_ID_MONITOR aktiv ZGM_ID_MONITOR aktiv PREDRIVE_START_MIT_OBD aktiv BC_DIGITAL_V nicht_aktiv BC_DIGITAL_V_KORREKTUR aktiv ZGM_ALIVE_ZAEHLER aktiv ACC_FILTER_FALLEND wert_01 ACC_FILTER_STEIGEND wert_01 TANK_RW_WARNUNG wert_01 ACC_ZEIGER_AUF_NULL aktiv AUSSENTEMP_SPERR_FAKTOR wert_01 AUSSENTEMP_SPERR_OFFSET wert_01 TANK_UMRECHENKONSTANTE_1 wert_01 TANK_UMRECHENKONSTANTE_2 wert_01 MOTORKONSTANTE wert_01 DSC_ID_MONITOR aktiv TEMPOMAT_SETZ_ANZ_DAUER wert_01 KLICK_AMP wert_01 KLICK_FRE wert_01 KLICK_TON wert_01 KLACK_AMP wert_01 KLACK_FRE wert_01 KLACK_TON wert_01 AKUSTIK_V_X wert_01 AKUSTIK_V_Y wert_01 CC_R_AUS wert_01 CBS_STAT_01H anzeige CBS_STAT_02H anzeige CBS_STAT_04H anzeige CBS_STAT_03H anzeige CBS_STAT_11H anzeige CBS_INTW_12H wert_01 CBS_STAT_20H anzeige CBS_STAT_21H anzeige CBS_INTD_03H wert_01 CBS_GELB_HUAU wert_01 CBS_RES_SPERR wert_01 CBS_AVKM_START wert_01 CBS_GELB wert_01 CBS_STAT_12H sperre CBS_STAT_06H anzeige CBS_STAT_13H sperre CBS_STAT_14H sperre CBS_EINH_01H wegbas CBS_EINH_02H wegbas CBS_EINH_04H wegbas CBS_EINH_06H wegbas CBS_EINH_07H wegbas CBS_EINH_03H zeitbas CBS_EINH_10H wegbas CBS_EINH_11H wegbas CBS_EINH_12H wegbas CBS_EINH_13H zeitbas CBS_EINH_14H zeitbas CBS_EINH_20H zeitbas CBS_EINH_21H zeitbas CBS_INTD_13H wert_01 CBS_INTD_14H wert_01 CBS_TZ_SCHALTER borddatum CBS_GELB_KM_MIN wert_01 CC_ID_AKTIV aktiv CSUM_WEG grundcode_var TNK_LITER_RECHTS wert_01 TNK_LITER_LINKS wert_01 TNK_OHM_LINKS wert_01 TNK_OHM_RECHTS wert_01 K_ZAHL_TACHO wert_01 K_ZAHL_TACHO_KOMPL wert_01 K_ZAHL_WEG wert_01 K_ZAHL_WEG_KOMPL wert_01 FDC_VERBAUT nicht_aktiv ACC_ALIVE_ZAEHLER nicht_aktiv ACC_ID_MONITOR nicht_aktiv ACC_CSUM_MONITOR nicht_aktiv ACC_AUSSTATTUNG fgr_aktiv KL_PREDRIVE_AUSWAHL wert_04 AFS_ALIVE_ZAEHLER nicht_aktiv AFS_ID_MONITOR nicht_aktiv BC_2_ENABLE aktiv BC_LIMIT_ENABLE aktiv CC_TEMPERATURWARNUNG nicht_aktiv SEAT_BELT_DISTANCE wert_01 CC_GURTWARNUNG nicht_aktiv WARNUNG_GESCHW_LIMIT nicht_aktiv CC_BREMSWARNL_NUR_ROT nicht_aktiv CC_ZUENDSCHLUESSEL nicht_aktiv BC_V_KORREKTUR aktiv CBS_INTW_11H wert_03 wert_04 CBS_INTW_10H wert_01 TANK_SCHWELLE_RESERVE wert_01 KUEHL_MTL_AKTIV aktiv_high MOTOR_ART diesel_normal diesel_direkt CBS_STAT_10H sperre EKP_ALIVE_ZAEHLER aktiv EKP_ID_MONITOR aktiv GPS_UHR nicht_aktiv EHC_ALIVE nicht_aktiv SITZ_L_UEBERWACHUNG nicht_aktiv LEHNE_FA_ALIVE_ZAEHLER nicht_aktiv LEHNE_BF_ALIVE_ZAEHLER nicht_aktiv LEHNE_FA_ID_MONITOR nicht_aktiv LEHNE_BF_ID_MONITOR nicht_aktiv AHM_ALIVE nicht_aktiv ARS_ALIVE_ZAEHLER nicht_aktiv ARS_ID_MONITOR nicht_aktiv RDC_ALIVE nicht_aktiv GETRIEBE_ART handschalter EGS_ALIVE_ZAEHLER nicht_aktiv EGS_ID_MONITOR nicht_aktiv EGS_CSUM_MONITOR nicht_aktiv HDC_VERBAUT nicht_aktiv MOTORSPORT wert_02 RDC_VERBAUT nicht_aktiv EDCK_ALIVE_ZAEHLER nicht_aktiv M_TAG_SKALENBELEUCHTUNG nicht_aktiv OEL_MAX_WERT wert_01 SFY_ID_WAHL aktiv CBS_EINH_09H wegbas CBS_SCEN_09H nicht_aktiv CBS_STAT_09H sperre DSC_ALLRAD_CC_WAHL nicht_aktiv FDC_ID_MONITOR nicht_aktiv HDC_ID_MONITOR nicht_aktiv LDM_ALIVE_ZAEHLER nicht_aktiv LDM_CSUM_MONITOR nicht_aktiv LDM_ID_MONITOR nicht_aktiv TCM_ALIVE_ZAEHLER nicht_aktiv TCM_ID_MONITOR nicht_aktiv DSC_MIT_RPA_CC nicht_aktiv KL_PREDRIVE_AUSWAHL_1 wert_02 CBS_SCEN_07H_1 nicht_aktiv CBS_SCEN_10H_1 nicht_aktiv CBS_SCEN_12H_1 nicht_aktiv CBS_SCEN_13H_1 nicht_aktiv KL_PREDRIVE_AUSWAHL_2 wert_01
  10. thomp1983

    Coding Out RPA/RDC Tyre Monitoring

    DSC Trace File AUSSTATTUNG_RPA nicht_aktiv US_VARIANTE nicht_aktiv ASL aktiv BSW aktiv EVB aktiv HBA_DXC_8 wert_03 HHC aktiv HPS aktiv HVV aktiv SST aktiv VCH aktiv HILLDESC_DXC_8_0C nicht_aktiv RPA_WARNSCHWELLW_1 wert_01 wert_03 wert_04 wert_05 RPA_WARNSCHWELLW_2 wert_01 wert_03 wert_04 wert_05 RPA_WARNSCHWELLW_3 wert_01 wert_02 wert_05 wert_06 wert_07 RPA_WARNSCHWELLW_4 wert_01 wert_05 wert_07
  11. thomp1983

    Coding Out RPA/RDC Tyre Monitoring

    I do that every time it gives the flat tyre alert and a couple of weeks later it does it again somethings evidently upsetting it and it's jot the tyre pressures so I'd rather just disable it
  12. thomp1983

    Coding Out RPA/RDC Tyre Monitoring

    No I don't reset it everytime I check the tyres I shouldn't have to given I use the same pressures from the door plate each time.
  13. thomp1983

    Coding Out RPA/RDC Tyre Monitoring

    Yes and confirmed it has been coded to the car correctly
  14. thomp1983

    Rear spring options

    Evening, Noticed today whilst doing some work on the car both rear springs have snapped at the bottom, typical when I've just arranged to sell it to a mate. Whsts the best option for replacement it's a 2005 525d with the msport suspension Thanks Chris
  15. thomp1983

    Coding Out RPA/RDC Tyre Monitoring

    Noticed earlier my rpa screen now has the initialise option greyed out and below it says system error which should stop the flat tyre notifications , I need to work out how to remove it from the vehicle settings screen completely to satisfy my ocd