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  1. thomp1983

    Coding out pre tensioner

    I managed to sort this today after watching various videos and experimenting with different settings, I see what you mean grant about different models having different modules meaning it's not as straight forward as just changing one setting. Thanks Chris
  2. thomp1983

    Breakdown cover

    Autoaid were great when I needed them, recovered my mates golf from Loch Lomond to Nottingham no issues, they were with us within an hour and didn't require me to pay for any of it upfront. Chris
  3. thomp1983

    Coding out pre tensioner

    Yes i can get WiFi in the car no problem, I go back on shift at work for 4 days from tomorrow so I'll drop you a message to organise something on Monday if that's ok? Thanks Chris
  4. thomp1983

    Front and Rear suspension Refresh

    It won't light up and burn all away in one go, it'll burn some then you scrape that away with something then burn another bit then so on u til you can knock it out with a hammer
  5. thomp1983

    Coding out pre tensioner

    Any chance of sharing what needs changing?
  6. thomp1983

    Front and Rear suspension Refresh

    It's a messy horrible way of doing it but burn all the rubber out with a mapp gas torch then use a hammer and drift to fold the metal of the bush in on itself.
  7. thomp1983

    Coding out pre tensioner

    Just states the following Acsm/Mrs: anchor fitting tensioner: driver
  8. thomp1983

    Coding out pre tensioner

    Code is 0093f8. The anchor tensioner won't fit with the fully active seats as the end of the tensioner hits the seat control panel as the layout is different between the seats
  9. thomp1983

    Coding out pre tensioner

    Hi all, I've retro fitted pre lci m sport leather seats with full electrics in place of the stock half leather semi electric setup the car came with. The original half electric seat had 2 pre tensioners on the drivers seat, the one where the seat buckle clicks in that all the seats have and one on the sill side attached the the belt itself. I've replaced the seat belt with a non tensioner one but obviously with the tensioner missing I get the restraint system error when turning the ignition on. If I plug the tensioner electrical connection in and reset the code the light goes away but I still get an error when you scan the system with ista. Can I code out the anchor tensioner so I won't get any faults when scanned with ista? Thanks Chris
  10. thomp1983

    Kbus wire

    All sorted, ran a new wire from the centre switch panel to each seat and all's now working properly. Only job left to do is coding for the tensioners as I've now only 1 tensioner on the drivers seat instead of the 2 I had previously. Thanks Chris
  11. thomp1983

    Kbus wire

    So your saying I just need to run a new wire from pin 3 on the centre switch to the seat, not connect it to the existing kbus wires that should be there somewhere?
  12. thomp1983

    Kbus wire

    Hi all, Currently fitting a set of leather seats with full electric controls and memory function to my '05 car that has semi electric half leather. I've got the power to the seats sorted and tapped into the yellow & black can wires at the drivers sill loom but I can't for the life of me find the kbus wire to run to the seat module. All the wiring diagrams say it's a white/red/yellow wire but I can't find it anywhere, it's not at the lower centre switch panel, it's not under the centre console, I've had the glove box and all the modules behind it out and I can't find it there unless something's hidden above the airbag unit. I've removed the steering wheel cowl and underdash panel and can't see it there either, I'm obvious missing something simple but can't see it? Anyone got a known location for finding this wire? It's the same colour on all e60's regardless of model year according to wds Thanks Chris
  13. thomp1983

    Are These Seats Heated?

    Hi, I've bought a set of leather msport seats to replace my half leather units, the seller didn't know much about them apart from the drivers seat has the memory function. I've taken a picture of the control unit and wiring for the passenger seat and wanted to check if there heated. I don't think they are heated as from what I can read online the heater pads would plug into the 2 slots to the left of the black connector in the first picture? thanks chris