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  1. thomp1983

    M62 exhaust downpipe gasket

    They look like the sort of thing but again there not listed for an e53. I used exhaust paste in the end and it seems to do the job Thanks Chris
  2. thomp1983

    Zf5hp24 fluid

    I don't because I don't work in the oil industry but everything online suggests they make it and it's says its approved by zf on the bottle
  3. thomp1983

    m62 engine no start

    Well sadly one problem leads to another, got it running started filling the gearbox with new oil and it's pouring out the bellhousing. looking at realoem theres a lip seal on the input shaft I'm guessing it must be damaged so I'll be taking gearbox out at some point to see.
  4. thomp1983

    Zf5hp24 fluid

    Actually I was wrong about the oil I got, it's Mobil atf lt71141 and Mobil make it for zf
  5. thomp1983

    m62 engine no start

    I bought it as a non runner but it did start on the drive when it was unloaded for aout 10 seconds, I've found the issue, someones fitted the fuel pump relay in the wrong socket in the fuse box, when it ran on the drive it must have been from what rail pressure was left in it. Unfortunately it took me stripping all the fusebox down and continuity testing the connections to find it. Thanks Chris
  6. thomp1983

    m62 engine no start

    Hi all, I've got a 4.4i m62 engine that won't start it just cranks over, the engines in a 2002 x5. There's no power to the white/blue wire at the fuel pump. I've tested fuel pump relay and it tests fine, if I supply the fuel pump with it's own supply the engine will start and run. There is no continuity on the output of the fuel pump relay to the blue/white wire on the fuel pump, anyone any ideas on where this runs in the interior, id imagine a 5 series to be a similar setup thanks chris
  7. thomp1983

    M62 exhaust downpipe gasket

    Hi, Can anyone with an m62 engine car tell me if there is supposed to be a gasket between the exhaust manifold and downpipe? Most cars have a wire gasket that goes on the tapered manifold part, I'm certain I haven't lost them and I can't find any reference on realoem, I'm just surprised bmw seem to rely on a tapered fit being gas tight, if that is the case I'll just use a smear of exhaust paste on them. Thanks Chris
  8. thomp1983

    Zf5hp24 fluid

    I ended up buying 10 litres of the esso oil Barry mentions for £99 delivered
  9. thomp1983

    M62 cam covers - prepping/painting etc...

    They are vanos yes, I'm in newark, Barry's pm'd about them already so he's first inline im afraid Chris
  10. thomp1983

    M62 cam covers - prepping/painting etc...

    I've a pair of valve covers off a x5 4.4 m62 engine I'd sell cheap if your interested?
  11. thomp1983

    Rear bushes?????

    I used strong flex poly bushes on the rear subframe on my 525d msport was really happy with them and didn't notice any adverse effects
  12. thomp1983

    Track Rod End Options

    Meyle HD, seem to remember they do a kit with the track rod end and inner steering rod together for reasonable money
  13. thomp1983

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I quite often play them at there own game, I'll buy whatever I need from my local euro car parts branch, get the job done then order the cheaper part from car parts for less and return it to euro car parts under the year long no quibble returns policy. Most people probably plan their work with sufficient notice to order the cheap part online in the first place but I have a seemingly never ending stream of people who knock on the door asking if I can have a quick look at something or other and I like to get the job done and our the way.
  14. thomp1983

    Zf5hp24 fluid

    Hi all, I have a zf5hp24 transmission in a 2002 x5 4.4i, i believe the same gearbox is used in the 540. I need to replace the transmission fluid, I've had the engine out the car so torque convertor and cooler are both empty meaning I need about 10 litres of fluid. The zf spec fluid is lifeguard 5 at around £22 a litre, Mobil LT71141 is also suggested at £11 a litre and finally there seems to be a febi oil that says its oem spec at £60 for 5l what are people using that they've had success with, £220 on the zf fluid is alot to stomach with the filters on top Thanks Chris
  15. thomp1983

    "Diamond" key - new battery or replace?

    If you've got an electric toothbrush put it on the charging base for that saves aimlessly driving the car