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  1. thomp1983

    2003 525d intermittent non start

    I don't but I'll scan it again next time it doesn't start and make a note I'm sure it won't be long
  2. thomp1983

    2003 525d intermittent non start

    I know it said speed sensor and Im fairly sure it was vehicle but if it was engine speed sensor what would he be looking at? Thanks Chris
  3. thomp1983

    2003 525d intermittent non start

    Fair enough but surely if it's leaking off too much that would be a permenant thing and not just intermittent?
  4. thomp1983

    2003 525d intermittent non start

    I didn't check the fuel leak off today but I did check the values in inpa and all 6 are pretty much even
  5. Hi All, A friend has a 2003 525d with 174k miles on it, the last few weeks he has had intermittent starting issues. There seems to be no routine to the issue, the engine will just turn ove and splutter a bit and not start then at some point later it will start fine. I've connected it to inpa which showed 3 errors, 1 for the egr system (it has been removed) 1 for the vehicle speed sensor and another for the electric fan, I don't think any of these would cause a random no start issue. I've had a look round it and the only thing that seems odd to me is how long the fuel pump primes when turned on, it runs for well over 90 seconds everytime which I don't think is right. I replaced the fuel pressure regulator o ring last year as it had split leading to a total no start situation and I don't remember the fuel pump priming that long then. Anyone any ideas, My feeling is it's randomly not building sufficient fuel pressure at ignition on. Thanks Chris
  6. thomp1983

    Torx bolts

    Google BMW new tis it'll be on there
  7. thomp1983


    Groupon are doing a regas via ats for £39 I used it for the wife's mini after replacing the condenser
  8. thomp1983

    5 Series F10 can’t get into the boot

    Id guess if you can open the bonnet there'll be a jump starting connection you can connect a charger to
  9. thomp1983

    Anyone with octopus energy to refer me?

    Ive just signed up with them last week, drop me a pm and i'll sort it out Chris
  10. thomp1983

    Garage advice request

    Mad automotive at wickersley did my e60 525d last year, it's a generic map file but it works perfectly and they were great to deal with. Chris
  11. thomp1983

    Seat twist fix - questions

    A power probe is the tool for the job, I have the following https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/132179431357 If your anywhere near Newark your welcome to borrow it
  12. thomp1983

    propshaft rear cv joint

    Hi all, following on from replacing my clutch/flywheel, prop flexi joint and centre bearing everything felt great with the car. Took the car out for a long drive yesterday probably circa 100 miles and everything was fine until the last part of the journey when I could feel the drivetrain shunting when the clutch was released. Today i got under the car again and it appears the rear prop cv joint has had it as you can see the balls inside the joint have broke through the casing. Anyone who saw my previous thread about a few issues I was having will know at one I'd fitted the cv joint incorrectly after the clutch work and I wonder if this has damaged it, the other issue that may have caused it is if I over tightned the bolts, New tis lists several different torque settings depending on the bolts used, my bolts are m10 torx bolts but real oem has ZNS in the description so I used the setting for zns bolts which i think may be incorrect. Has anyone replaced this joint before? tis suggests the joint has to be set to a certain point is there a way of determining this without the special tool? thanks Chris
  13. thomp1983

    Exhaust Flexi replacement

    got this job sorted yesterday. I went with cutting off the old flexi section, getting a 50mm section of 2.5" pipe welded onto the cat by a guy at work and then used a clamp on flexi section, the reason I went with this setup is I've always had issues getting the original bmw slip joint to seal properly this way I no longer need to undo that joint to remove the exhaust. old flexi section cut away, I was suprised how easy it was to cut this back to bare pipe without damaging it. new clamp on flexi, this has a clamp on joint at the cat end and a 50mm section of 2.5" pipe at the other end to go in the oem slip joint. the total cost for all the bits was just over £20 so a good result. thanks Chris
  14. thomp1983

    Ok what have I broken?

    once again Clavurion was right, i removed the cv joint to the diff turned the diff 180 degrees and refitted and now there is no vibration from the prop thanks Chris
  15. thomp1983

    Rear subframe bushes.

    I'm running the red strong flex bushes and I'm perfectly happy with them