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  1. Steve van hool

    Bmw car mag, E39 topics

    Just a heads up on the October edition of Bmwcar magazine, featuring quite a few E39 topics, namely an Alpina version of the E39, A 528i car featured in the staff cars section, and a workshop guide to changing the E39 shock absorbers. As I say just a heads up.
  2. Steve van hool

    First day with the F10 Lci 520d Sport

    As you say Mark, an early E39 being more reliable, probably due to being relatively less complex, it doesn't explain why they seem to fair a bit better on the rust front as well.
  3. Steve van hool

    Does the cost of road tax influence your buying decision?

    Yes it would influence my decision as £900 will buy you a half decent holiday, rather than going into the government coffers, but road tax pales into insignificance when compared to depreciation of an £18k car purchase.
  4. Steve van hool

    E39 M5

    I don't think the E39 M5 will ever have anything like the stratospheric increase in values of the E28 M5, but, as the. last true manual M5, and as such seen by many as the last true M5 drivers car, it's appreciation in value is foregone.
  5. Steve van hool

    First day with the F10 Lci 520d Sport

    I'm about 13 years in with my 1996 528i, and to date it has been the most reliable and enjoyable drive so far in 40 years of motoring, since I passed my driving test. I drive for a living and so I'm super fussy in how well a car measures up to a drive.
  6. Steve van hool

    First day with the F10 Lci 520d Sport

    You've sold it Dan?
  7. Steve van hool

    First day with the F10 Lci 520d Sport

    An old shed to smoke about in? What about an E39 Mark, all either 6 or 8 cyl, although a nice one is fast becoming a classic rather than an old smoker, another plus is, unlike the F10, or G30, they are no longer depreciating, so you shouldn't lose on it. Dan has a nice estate, sorry, Touring for sale, looks to be pristine, or try Old Colonel Cars.
  8. Steve van hool

    Throttle body differences.

    I don't know if they differ, but early E39's had engine management electrics by Siemens, and later on by Bosch, that will include the throttle bodies.
  9. Love the red E39, one of the best colours for that 5 series range, the interior is very Marmite though, being boring, and Conservative, I would probably go for the 2nd one with a black interior.
  10. Steve van hool

    BMW E30 316i

    Did a jolly boys outing to Lisbon, a great city, and I recommend.
  11. Steve van hool

    BMW E30 316i

    Even if it is as cheap as chips, stops, starts, and go's, the 316 was the poor man's bmw, you couldn't really get any lower, and as a consequence not that great a drive, a 323i or 325i was a much better drive, after you had poured yourself into one. The 316 reminds me of a bmw 518, or a Mk2 Ford Granada 2 litre, still damn fine on the body, but paired up with underwhelming performance due to small engines.
  12. Steve van hool

    BMW E30 316i

    Seeing this, I'm reminded of a local evening news story, when Spanish Air traffic control went on strike, and holiday makers couldn't get back home, one plucky lass bought a Ford Fiesta in Costa del Sol, and drove it back home to Blackpool. Northwest TV news covered the story with the car on her drive, having made it back home.
  13. Steve van hool

    1987 E34 preview - CAR

    The 535i was a heavy, wallowy old bus in E34 form
  14. Steve van hool

    E39 M5

    Didn't Wills get banned from bmw5, over piss poor customer service?
  15. Steve van hool

    *DEPOSIT TAKEN* E39 523i SE Manual 1999

    Me too, Today you can still get an E39 worth owning for a bag of sand, but prices are rising. Yes, it's an old car, but anything from the 525i onwards can still give a reasonable account of itself in modern traffic for anyone interested in their motoring, and can do the necessary tinkering. Banger economics, anyone.
  16. Steve van hool

    Under bonnet sound proofing

    £50.00 from Germany!! Or you could make your own for £15.00, Ebay foam backing, wallpaper for a template, ruler, and scissors putting my Blue Peter hat on. Mick is right it does neaten up the engine bay, will have to find a way of sorting the interior air scoops next, oh and just getting the bloody thing started, and MOTed
  17. Steve van hool

    BMW 2002 on Quest channel

    I always maintained one of the main attractions of older bmw's, apart from the build quality, is how they drive, their legendary 6 cyl engine, both at tickover, and the way it spools up when you put your foot down, surely this will be lost on an electric one.
  18. Steve van hool

    BMW 2002 on Quest channel

    Have a look currently on TV Quest channel for electrifying a 2002, not sure if metalic green was an original colour.
  19. Steve van hool

    BMW 2002 on Quest channel

    Aye, it's a dear do modernising classic cars, even without electrification, have always said the cheapest way to spec a car is to buy it, with the modifications already done, if it doesn't have the engine in that you want, then wait until one comes up that does. The E46 going ok?
  20. Mark, you obviously have a good relationship with this dealer, have you bought from them before? as a valued customer they will want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase, it is the only way they can guarantee repeat business, tell them you want a 6 cyl model, in a colour and price parameter of your choosing, may have to wait a little, but I'm sure they could indulge you. PS Any news on where your previous 525d ended up, the colour and spec was right up my street, I would have travelled for that one bud.
  21. Steve van hool

    BMW 2002 on Quest channel

    I don't think anything to do with a 2002 would be cheap Duncan, and would detract from the cars originalty but interesting went behind the scenes at Jaymic, I don't think it was very original paintwork, metalic dark green.
  22. Steve van hool

    My first BMW - E28 528i

    Hi Mick, My mistake then, I assumed it was the on/off switch for side, and tail, and headlight switch, not too many crappy ergonomics for an E28, but the main headlights switch is one for sure.
  23. Steve van hool

    First day with the F10 Lci 520d Sport

    If the service history is not forthcoming, and you bought it on that basis, I would take up their offer to take it back, and look for a 6 cyl which is more likely to have a few more toys with it that you are obviously missing on your current model BM, plus absent SH will affect your residuals, when you come to move it on, 4 or 5 years down the road, just my two cents, but it is your call Mark.
  24. Steve van hool

    My first BMW - E28 528i

    Looks like a much better headlight switch than the UK models, which I find fiddly, and out of the way.