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  1. Steve van hool

    New Wheeler Dealers

    The Porsche Boxer episode has just been on, I don't know how old the episode is but a boxer for a grand, come on, plus I don't think a slipping automatic gearbox has ever been fixed by a fluid change, if it is slipping then there is something inherently wrong with the transmission, thirdly the registration plate number would appear to be non existence.
  2. Steve van hool

    2011 520d - brakes spongy after fluid change

    Needs sorting pronto from the sounds of it, as well as spongy brakes, you have extended brake travel, it might only be one second longer, but you can easily travel some way in one second at 70mph, and can be the difference between stopping safely or having a collision. Get it sorted.
  3. Steve van hool

    Nearly two years since I stopped driving an e39, and missing it

    When the E39 first came out, in 1996, it blew everything else away, in spite of it's first appearance not gaining full acceptance from previous E34 owners, saying it looked snouty, it won numerous car of the year awards in its early days, that it can still hold its own with modern stuff 25 years later tells you all you need to know, in spite of ARP being so dismissive of the E39 range. Hand on heart, mine, a 1996 528i, is the best car I have ever owned.
  4. Steve van hool

    Nearly two years since I stopped driving an e39, and missing it

    What are you driving now Dan?
  5. Steve van hool

    New Wheeler Dealers

    I like the show, particularly when Mike is giving a car an appraisal, "cars talk to me" and then to watch him haggling, both when buying, and when selling the cars.
  6. Steve van hool

    Bmw car mag, E39 topics

    Just a heads up on the October edition of Bmwcar magazine, featuring quite a few E39 topics, namely an Alpina version of the E39, A 528i car featured in the staff cars section, and a workshop guide to changing the E39 shock absorbers. As I say just a heads up.
  7. Steve van hool

    First day with the F10 Lci 520d Sport

    As you say Mark, an early E39 being more reliable, probably due to being relatively less complex, it doesn't explain why they seem to fair a bit better on the rust front as well.
  8. Steve van hool

    Does the cost of road tax influence your buying decision?

    Yes it would influence my decision as £900 will buy you a half decent holiday, rather than going into the government coffers, but road tax pales into insignificance when compared to depreciation of an £18k car purchase.
  9. Steve van hool

    E39 M5

    I don't think the E39 M5 will ever have anything like the stratospheric increase in values of the E28 M5, but, as the. last true manual M5, and as such seen by many as the last true M5 drivers car, it's appreciation in value is foregone.
  10. Steve van hool

    First day with the F10 Lci 520d Sport

    I'm about 13 years in with my 1996 528i, and to date it has been the most reliable and enjoyable drive so far in 40 years of motoring, since I passed my driving test. I drive for a living and so I'm super fussy in how well a car measures up to a drive.
  11. Steve van hool

    First day with the F10 Lci 520d Sport

    You've sold it Dan?
  12. Steve van hool

    First day with the F10 Lci 520d Sport

    An old shed to smoke about in? What about an E39 Mark, all either 6 or 8 cyl, although a nice one is fast becoming a classic rather than an old smoker, another plus is, unlike the F10, or G30, they are no longer depreciating, so you shouldn't lose on it. Dan has a nice estate, sorry, Touring for sale, looks to be pristine, or try Old Colonel Cars.
  13. Steve van hool

    Throttle body differences.

    I don't know if they differ, but early E39's had engine management electrics by Siemens, and later on by Bosch, that will include the throttle bodies.
  14. Love the red E39, one of the best colours for that 5 series range, the interior is very Marmite though, being boring, and Conservative, I would probably go for the 2nd one with a black interior.
  15. Steve van hool

    BMW E30 316i

    Did a jolly boys outing to Lisbon, a great city, and I recommend.