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  1. Steve van hool

    1997, 528i overheating.

    Oh dear, not looking to rosy, as it is overheating again, drive for about 1 hour, then put the heaters on, and 15 minutes later it is overheating, almost as though switching the heaters on is somehow a trigger to start overheating?
  2. Steve van hool

    1997, 528i overheating.

    Just to confirm in case anyone is following the post, the initial diagnosis was correct, the thermostat was causing the overheating issues, which has now replaced, along with the housing, all good now, and running as it should.
  3. Steve van hool

    1997, 528i overheating.

    No, not done any of that yet Dan, just cracked the nut lose on the viscous, and leaving the rest till parts ordered arrive. Tomorrow I will try filling the radiator from the top hose, loosened and twisted around and see what happens then, if we get a good flow through the rad.
  4. Steve van hool

    1997, 528i overheating.

    I'm just not understanding why when the expansion tank is topped up to the filler neck, that water isn't coming out from the bottom radiator outlet, is the radiator or the expansion tank somehow blocked.
  5. Steve van hool

    530i auto. No reverse.

    And why it is absolutely essential that you give these E39's a good test drive before any purchase to check engine performance, correct running temperature etc, transmission performance forwards and backwards, corrosion, and how the car holds the road generally, if it stops, starts, and go's. The previous owner may have just been wanting to get shut, people sell their cars for all sorts of reasons. I would go with ARP's suggestion and try a second hand transmission if it is a tidy car, and you want it as a keeper.
  6. Steve van hool

    1997, 528i overheating.

    Hi folks as above, my 528i is overheating,a lack of circulation, top hose is hot, hot, bottom hose cold, steam when releasing the bleed screws. I was leaning towards the thermostat, as was the case with a previous 528i. Today on disconecting the hoses, coolent is visible in the bottom one, but it doesn't overflow when the expansion tank is filled to the top, so something wrong there, blocked radiator? or something else, or am I barking up the wrong tree all together, over to you guys. TIA Steve
  7. Steve van hool

    Windscreen required

    My car was recently written off when the storm blew a tree onto my car, dents, and front and rear screens, autoglass quoted £1,100 for the two screens, I had windscreen cover, for £75.00 but the car still written off. The moral of the story is get your E39 insurance to have an agreed value on the car.
  8. Steve van hool

    The E39 range is 25 years old.

    IIRC it was the high sulphur content of the 1990's petrol that lead to the breakdown of the Nickersil lining on the cylinder bore. Most of the affected engines were early on in their life cycle and rectifyed by the dealers. Nickersil problems are almost unheard of in the trade today.
  9. Steve van hool

    E39 transmission and ignition fail safe locks

    Hi Ray, Ta, would all that include not being able to remove the ignition key, except when the transmission is in park mode?
  10. Having recently replaced a storm damaged written off 528i with a slightly newer model, R reg, for previously a P reg, one or two differences that I wouldn't mind to disable if possible, 1, the transmission lever is locked in park or neutral unless the foot brake is pressed. 2, the ignition key cannot be taken out of the barrel unless the transmission is in park. 3, rear view mirror has automatic dimming at night, when other vehicles lights are behind making it difficult to see out of. I realise these are all safety related features, but would catch someone out who is not familiar with driving the car, as it did me.
  11. Steve van hool

    Car wheel impact gun! Uses, and recommendations

    Some of those impact guns are showing serious torque specs, 950Nm, would I be right in assuming that the guns advertised on the Ebay showing torque specs of 520Nm, are just not man enough to do the job of winding the wheel nuts off. I see battery operated impact guns used to undo hgv half shaft nuts, they are tight, tight and remove the half shaft prior to towing on a TV hgv breakdown programme. They are a follow on from an air, (windy) impact gun.
  12. Does anyone have any experience of using the battery powered impact guns to remove the road wheels, can the impact gun be used from the off, or do you have to losen the wheel nuts first, also any recommendations for a potential purchase.
  13. Steve van hool

    My 'new to me' 2011 F01 730D

    That car looks Bob on Dan, one of the most important questions, for me, to any seller, is Why are you selling the car? Did you find the E39 to small for you, being a big lad, how does the 7 series compare to the 5'er. I know some F10 owners who have found parking a pain when it comes to supermarkets carparks. All the best for 2022 pal.
  14. Steve van hool

    Replacing the FSU unit

    Taking ages to warm up, first port of call for me would be a faulty thermostat, renewal the plastic housing at the same time.
  15. Steve van hool

    RIP Frank

    Sorry to hear the passing of one of the greats of Motorsport, every now and again someone comes along who is larger than life itself, Frank Williams was such a man, along with Jackie, Niki, and Graham to name but a few. RIP Sir