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  1. Steve van hool

    Accurist MS 595S Wanted

    I know one or two watch collectors are on here do they have available an Accurist MS595S watch for sale, or know where I can get one, pic inc
  2. Steve van hool

    Elec Window Troubles..

    On removing the drivers side motor, and disassemble to clean out the grease in the motor, which had almost solidified, was enough to get my electric Window working again.
  3. Steve van hool

    Elec Window Troubles..

    Have you checked the isolation switch under the dash.
  4. Steve van hool

    Immaculate E39 530i SE

    Lynne, if you have still to collect the car why not ask OCC's to get some carpet mats for you, Andrew might even throw them in with the deal for you.
  5. Steve van hool

    E28 Jack Pads with Sill Pinch Weld Clearance

    Mick I would use a long piece of wood at least 30cm on the sill before jacking to help spread the load, the sills can easily deform without spreading the load, I have even seen e34's and 39's spoilt this way. Steve
  6. Steve van hool

    Immaculate E39 530i SE

    At the very least, for that kind of money I would expect carpet mats.
  7. 335i will be a decent bit of kit Duncan, will also have a decent bit of depreciation still to come on it, would imagine manual is available, and not being a 320d lifts it out of the fleet buying fodder.
  8. Steve van hool

    Knocking noise F/O/S, e39 M5

    Cheers, will need to jack it up then check for play.
  9. Steve van hool

    Knocking noise F/O/S, e39 M5

    When rocking the steering, I'm getting a slight knocking noise from the offside front, seems to be coming through the trackrod, any ideas before jacking up, and removing the front wheel, for a more confirmed diagnosis.
  10. Steve van hool

    530d and 525d guys..... ever done your chains?

    I know it is a completely different engine, its still no excuse, for something as basic as a timing chain to prematurely fail in a modern bmw engine. Timing chains have been around for almost as long as the IC engine, over 100 years!
  11. Steve van hool

    530d and 525d guys..... ever done your chains?

    So how come the 520d F10 5 series has so many timing chain failures, is it a weaker chain?
  12. Steve van hool

    E39 Auto Gearbox - Any Uprated/upgradeable Internal components?

    Remapping will usually shorten the life of an automatic transmission, since the e34 came out ignition was programmed to retard at shift points, to smooth the transition from coming out of one gear, and going into the next gear, if this is cancelled out through remapping, it will increase the stress on the transmission components. In the 1970's and early 80's, you were lucky to get over 100k without an automatic transmission rebuild, and definitely be on it's last legs by 140k. Do you know if any transmission rebuilds happened while the police had it Dennis.
  13. Steve van hool

    Is there a spcial trick

    I know what you mean it is a pita to fit the cabin filter housing to the trunking once it is attached to the bulkhead, so maybe remove the housing from the car, properly attach it to the trunking, then fit the whole lot to the bulkhead with the cabin filter housing already locked onto the trunking.
  14. You have done quite a bit DIY wise to your E39, knowing what has, and hasn't been done is very useful, and worth something while the car is in your ownership.
  15. Steve van hool

    Is this M5 really worth the money?

    I definitely won't count my chickens Piper, either way it makes no odds for me, because I'm not looking to sell my car, at the moment.