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  1. Hi Tim. Have a customer needs a few bits. Can you drop me a PM with your number please. Thanks, Trev
  2. B7TMW

    OEM headlight bulb holders

    Tim. Are they pre facelift? They look like the earlier ones. Think this guy is looking for ones for a 2002 looking at his profile.
  3. B7TMW

    £707 to replace one track rod - JOKE????

    BMW call it KDS. I've just done this job on my e61 and got 2 complete quality Febi Bilstein tie rod kits from All german parts @ £53 quid plus a bit of tax and post each: http://www.allgermanparts.co.uk/default/car-parts/tie-rod-135566.html Buy the complete kits as unless you cut the old rods in half, you won't be able to recover the bellows as they will be seized solid. A simple job followed by a wheel alignment which my local tyre shop does for me for £20 cash appears to have saved me approx. £570!!!! RESULT! Even with a full alignment at full cost that still a severe saving. I don't know how the dealers keep a straight face sometimes!
  4. B7TMW

    E39 M Sport Steering Wheel

    Which style wheel and which airbag do you need? Early single stage? Early Dual stage? Late dual stage? I have a very nice early style Dual stage one available.
  5. B7TMW

    E39 523i Touring £550

    This is very local to me (I'm Rusper and Redhill) and right up my street. It's typical of what I buy but I have enough stock at the moment. If it's still about in a few weeks I'll give you a call.
  6. B7TMW

    E39 530d 2002 ignition switch

    Think Pipers referring to the actual switch on the left side of the column not the barrel. It's still not a hard job, cowls off, a few cable straps to cut to release the wiring and then two tiny grub scews underneath (locked with a red paint dob on each) and it's out.
  7. B7TMW

    PDC problem

    I bet your brother in laws happy!
  8. B7TMW

    PDC problem

    Are the replacement genuine????? I've just replaced two of mine with aftermarket ones (experience on my e39's has proved genuine ones last no longer) and the new ones read differently to the existing genuine ones. The read the object later. Guess you do get what you pay for after all.
  9. B7TMW

    535d manual?

    The e61 530d 6 speed manual was a great car. A mate had one a few years back. Was a great performer and he still, to this day, reckons it was the best all rounder he's owned. it returned seriously good MPG as well compared to his mates 535d. Would still have it if only his nephew hadn't put it through two stationary cars and across the top of a roundabout that the afore mentioned cars were waiting to enter!!!!
  10. B7TMW

    Just about done with Bmw now

    Appears the same as the later N47 Dervs. Timing chains! The guy I'm doing the job with (who is on here, BMW trained and whom I'm not sure I could own a modern BMW without TBH) has another petrol N43 on the ramp at this very moment with exactly the same issue. Only that ones broken up it's guide rails and blocked the oil pump. it does have considerably more miles than mine but is still only just tipping 100k which should be nothing these days. At least mines not that bad. I reckon we are not going to find much horrific in there except maybe a weak (already revised part fitted) tensioner and a slightly stretched chain. Hence BMW would not at this point, do what i'm going to do to it. Yes it's happened but it's been caught early. I'm lucky that it appears that the car has thrown me a warning......which I'm not going to leave to chance. Everything is being changed including bottom sprocket, sump / cam cover gaskets in addition to chain, 2 x rails, their retainer bolts and another new tensioner.
  11. B7TMW

    Just about done with Bmw now

    On a 2008 car it will never be 100% good will unless I'd bough the car from the dealer. Plus can I be sure they will cover every part? I'd rather buy every part I know the car needs and watch them go in one by one and know the car is right and has a clean bill of health. What I've paid for the parts with my dealer discount is a pimple on the arse of an elephant to what a dealer would charge, even with some gratuity! But that's all irrelevant really. It shouldn't happen. And shit like this is happening to so many late BMs now it's getting beyond a joke.
  12. B7TMW

    Just about done with Bmw now

    No it ain't, It's the dreaded chain / tensioner issue!!!! On f*cking 41k miles!!! I've just ordered everything from BMW for a complete chain replacement. And the parts guy knew exactly what it needed!!!! On 41k miles. FFS!!!!!
  13. He will be stuck with those for a lifetime at that price (and colour IMO). Ridiculous!
  14. B7TMW

    Just about done with Bmw now

    Have just bought my wife a 120i convertible. 2008, 1 owner, 41k full cooper BMW history. And the dramas have started already! We've done 15 miles in it! First thing in the morning, it goes into limp mode, EML lit. Leave it for 40 minutes and it's fine. Only today I got it home and the bastard would start again. Slow cranking. It started on a jump and ran fine. I honestly doubt I could have bought a safer bet. A known car from new, bought from an employee of a very good mate. Whatever it's needed it's had at Coopers BMW, I'm already in for the number plate transfer fee plus new plates and £110 insurance swap over. Which today I swapped back to her 2006 VW GTI which I was prepping for sale. I need her in a car that at least runs!!!! Currently awaiting for my friendly (mate) BMW techie to get back to me to read any codes. But the way I'm feelling at the moment, I reckon this is going to be a very short lived relationship and it'll be the last (late) BMW on my drive. I'm so f***ing angry right now as it was a 50th birthday present for the wife.