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  1. andy-e60

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    https://www.hids-direct.co.uk/mtec-12v-55w-cosmos-blue-hid-class-upgrade-bulbs-select-bulb-type/ ^ I’ve had these in the front fogs for 10 years. Still going amazingly well.
  2. andy-e60

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Did this latest MOT take place at the same location with the very same tester as the last MOT. Just made me wonder about that especially when you’ve mentioned earlier that its just about done a very minimal 2000 miles since the last test. Lets suppose the car had done done zero mileage since the last MOT ....can a new / latest MOT then pick up such a lot more than what you / one would be expecting to be told given what was found (or not found) at the last MOT. .
  3. andy-e60

    Clutch and dual mass

    Manual transmission all day
  4. andy-e60

    Clutch and dual mass

    I paid around £1000 for this a couple of years ago.
  5. Great find ...same but over £40 less ...thanks
  6. Or maybe https://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductMobileDisplay?catalogId=10151&langId=-1&categoryId=265869&productId=1468791&storeId=10001 edit ...oh no this one is NOT active
  7. Yh or similar i guess https://www.halfords.com/technology/car-audio/car-amps-subs/edge-edb10-10-v2-active-subwoofer?istCompanyId=b8708c57-7a02-4cf6-b2c0-dc36b54a327e&istFeedId=367c5610-f937-4c81-8609-f84582324cd6&istItemId=wwlqmwxm&istBid=t&_$ja=tsid:94971|cid:868555897|agid:49387676372|tid:aud-297219198129:pla-331127418625|crid:203456299584|nw:g|rnd:17329581921608559564|dvc:m|adp:1o5|mt:|loc:9045984&gclid=CjwKCAjw_YPnBRBREiwAIP6TJxU1oUjm1pB0Fr5Vhm1qq5OI1r0mEYyXNwyAIY31KCk7c3ztV34k5hoCKKoQAvD_BwE
  8. Cheers got the msgs thanks Dotcom I’ll hold out for an amp I guess. One thing which I saw someone once use was an amplified base box from I recall possibly from Halfords ...was just placed in the boot ...all under £100 ...when I heard it, to be honest it sounded like a major inprovement on mine. So could be I revisit that set up they had before going ahead.
  9. Have NBT with dab from an F10 fitted into my E60 ...which used to have the very basic poverty spec audio. I have since also installed alpine tweeters (so not the L7 ones). All other speakers are original. Overall probably doesn’t sound bad enough for it to warrant spending anything more than ‘budget money’ on it !! Even an MTX speaker swap is £350.
  10. Just exploring ...Seems like its far from simple to achieve a simple sound improvement in an e60/e61 !! Was hoping just changing the speakers alone would be worth it enough to make a difference.
  11. andy-e60

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Washed it - was long over due.
  12. andy-e60

    These cars are built like tanks

    Wow thats very lucky and a great outcome with everyone escaping safe and sound.
  13. andy-e60

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Many thanks Gareth . Drive home was absolutely beautiful with everything working exactly as intended. Guys if anyone out there is struggling to find THE right person to work on their car - our very own Gareth aka @gonzo is THE man . Edit: day is not complete without a pic .