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  1. robtd

    Odd bumper combo

    whats the plan Ray? or is it a secret?
  2. robtd

    Odd bumper combo

    you buying Ray?
  3. robtd

    Rear wiper - wiped out?

    What you you expect to happen Ray? I assumed if the car knew the tailgate was open it would not operate the motor? The little display on the dash correctly states whether any part of the tailgate is open or shut. As i say i can hear a whirring type noise as if the motor is being energised but not enough power to push the wiper. But surely this should prove power is getting to the motor i.e. no wire breaks? Tried to turn the mechanism (with glass lifted up) with mole grips on the round disk and i think that may have stripped the gears but i wasnt too worried as i suspect the motor was goosed anyway. It is now!
  4. robtd

    Rear wiper - wiped out?

    Thanks Dennis - bet that looks pretty good. Ray, may well take you up on that. Quick update. Now its had a rest and things have reset, the washer now sprays again and i can hear a whirring type noise from the rear as if its trying but doesnt have enoiugh guts to move the arm (which is free to move) - so it sounds like we have power to the rear i.e. ruling out damaged wiring or stalk switch problems?? This is my elimination process leading up to splashing out for another motor
  5. robtd

    Rear wiper - wiped out?

    Hi guys My rear wiper has packed up on the touring. Im fairly familiar with the common problems on these as the spindle was seized when i first got the car and i did quite a bit of research at the time. I can tell you that that the arm is not seized and is nice and free and all the parts are in tact. Everything was working fine but then it just packed up. Until tonight, the washer would still spray. However, since i removed/refitted the tailgate trim to have a look, its stopped. I dont know if iv damaged something - slightly annoyed i have made things worse! I thought i could hear the wiper trying to move but thats stopped now too. All the plugs are in position and the car knows the tailgates are shut (if you know what i mean). The fuse is ok. Can you help? Could it be that i simply need a new wiper motor? - assuming i can get the washer situation working again. Dont know what i have done there! Would appreciate your thoughts guys. Thanks
  6. may be possible to run a live straight from battery to starter and see if it will turn?
  7. does sound like a flat battery. Could be started its self - have you tried bump starting - or is is auto? Could try giving starter a knock with a hammer? FYI i usually have to do this on heavy machines like loading shovels not elegant BMW's so i may be wrong!
  8. robtd

    Oily smell

    This seems to come up quite a bit bal s t. I think i may slightly have that problem myself although it has possibly stopped at the min - i know that sounds silly but its supposedly been repaired and i wasnt sure if it had worked! It usually seems to occur uphill. Oil must drip down onto the manifold and burn off. Try parking on a steep uphill when the car is hot and see if you can see and smoke/smell coming from the back of the engine. I wouldnt be too concerned re. safety as it is just a drip of oil burning off. As HCP says, more annoying than dangerous.
  9. robtd

    wheel brace recommendations?

    I have a cheap telescopic one too. Does the job fine
  10. robtd

    is this normal?

    mine does it too - never had battery issues.
  11. robtd

    Allo! New guy after an e39 touring :)

    Hi Rob, thanks! The trailer test was actually harder than I expected to be honest. Before I went i was just thinking that I needed to nail the reversing manoeuvre as id never tried it before, but it was pretty easy once you get the technique down. The hardest bit was avoiding all the bad habits that i've gained since passing my test at 17! You've got to be really aware of everything thats going on around you, twice as much as driving without a trailer, thats what they're really looking for mainly. I had a 7 hour lesson on Christmas Eve driving around a stupidly busy Southampton followed by the test on the 27th, was pretty full-on but well worth it! Pretty pricey mind but i'd definitely recommend doing it. I did look into it a couple of years ago and decided that i couldnt afford it. The guy i spoke to suggested a couple of lessons to get me back into the swing of driving to test standard - thats what pushed the price up. The law around this whole area is quite complex but im fairly confident that i am covered for my current needs on my standard licence.
  12. robtd

    Allo! New guy after an e39 touring :)

    Hi Rich New car looks great. Lights look good to me! Just out of interest, how did you find the B+E test? Rob
  13. robtd


    Iv had the 2.0 and currently have a 2.2 touring. There is definitely a bit of difference power-wise however i still think the 2.0 is fine. As i have said to Ray before, i personally think they are excellent value for money cars.
  14. robtd

    Washer pipes!

    My main problem was joining the new stuff to the existing bmw piping as it kept breaking. I eventually found a diameter that would fit tightly over the black bmw piping so i heated it up with hot water and managed to push it on (carefully!). As i say, it kept breaking and eventually i was getting close to the corner of the bonnet where it disappears and couldnt see a joint
  15. robtd

    Washer pipes!

    Just a note to anyone thinking of touching anything to do with the washer jets on your e39 - be very careful! The black piping BMW have used is very brittle and snaps under the merest amount of pressure. My left jet was blocked so i stupidly though i would remove the pipe from the back first to check water was getting to the jet but not through it (i.e proving the jet was blocked) and as soon as i tried to pull the pipe off, it snapped. I guess the cold weather doesnt help either although the water wasnt frozen due to a decent amount of washer fluid/de-icer in there. I have had to do a major re-plum with some flexi pipe from Halfrauds!

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