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  1. Darlo

    Mikey_535i's E39 M5 - Sold

    I'm sure you will probably already know but loads of info over at www.babybmw.net
  2. Darlo

    Mikey_535i's E39 M5 - Sold

    had i a 130i for two years, my favourite car ive ever owned, had to sell it due to house purchase. I would have kept it otherwise. I will buy another one day
  3. Darlo

    58 Plate - 520D M Sport RE-MAP Prices?

    i have used this place to remap my old A4 and my current 330D. Very pleased with results and very good value. Not too far from you http://www.more-bhp.com/
  4. Darlo

    Just hit 100k!

    Yeah i know what you mean, but my ideal motor would be a black 535d M sport with 19" spiders! I would buy one now but the E39 has been a great cheapish run about and seems a shame to get rid until ive had at least a year out of it! Apart from a tiny crack in the bumper which im going to get done, its mint and i mean mint!
  5. Darlo

    Just hit 100k!

    Hi, just after some advice really! My 2000 plate 530i sport auto has just hit the landmark 100k miles! Now for some reason this got my thinking is there anything i should be looking out for around this mileage? Ive never owned anything with more than 60k on so im in new territory! Im now planning to keep it until early next year and treat myself so something else... probably a 535d M sport. Here is a brief list of whats been done in the the last 10k New battery New rocker cover gasket New radiator Auto gear box service Oil service (now down to three lights again) New ignition switch All four wheels balanced Fault codes read at bmw when i had small electrical fault causing random issues... track down to faulty bus in boot on cd changer! This also confirmed sear occupancy sensor is knackered so may consider fixing as the airbag light comes on every now and again, but its not an mot failure so may not bother! I check the oil on a regular basis, it uses very little. Always warmed and not used for short journeys very often. You guys got any more advice! im lucky as my mate is a bmw mechanic so looks after it for me.... and offers excellent value for money Cheers guys
  6. Darlo

    Electrical issues! Any ideas please?

    Well i had it in at bmw this morning. The mechanic said he had the same problem with a 330i the other day. Said it would be a faulty bus or something! Anyway after plugging it in to the computer he was abit stuck as it didnt show much in the way of fault codes to give him any idea! He then noticed the after market head unit... which lead him to the boot where the cd changer used to be.... which lead him to the wires that were hanging out of a 'bus' that were shorting on the cars body work! He was convinced thats the problem. A quick repair and everything is now working as it should. i am so pleased and even better it was done for free!!
  7. Darlo

    E39 mileage register

    51383 LimavadyE39 70250 E39mad 525d 70539 v8 boy 1998 535i S.E. 74000 themanstan 530i 74560 Paddy O'Furniture 2003 535i Sport 79000 Big D 523i 80744 AndrewMac85 2000 523i SE 81375 DJM 523ise (again should be about 81600 but Speed sensor fault) 88245 WNeill 530i Sport 90426 as355f1 525d 95235 paperjams 98312 BadDave Alpina B10 3.2 99698 Darlo 2000 530i Sport 102000 Sphinx 523iA 102600 Mikey_535 1999 M5 111000 Tidgy 528 120150 Trisman 528i/532i Alpina Touring rep. 122550 Scotty540i 1997 540i SE 123000 Busteredwards 523i 125000 Conan 2002 530d Sport 125000 markgixxer750 M5 128856 puggie 523i 131000 micheal d.s. 523i 132500 peejaybmr 528 137000 mne666: 525D 138777 Dan. 523i Touring 138987 Andy Ran - 2000 M5 139000 Scruffy: Slammed 523i 142000 Pow 528 143000 mark 528 146000 Osi_NL 520i 151425 Revs Hotclutch 530i 152000 mattyv33 535i 154000 lee540 e39 540i 156000 pompeybmw 528 157500 shrink 530D SE Auto ('99) 159972 Seesure 2001 M5 160000 Pritesh '99 530D 161500 RichE39 1997 528iSE (has had replacement engine) 166000 rob-the-viking 528 172000 Greg 523i (engine change at 55k) 173000 rickybotts_123 520i 175000 BriC 1999 520i 178000 maxtherotti 540IA (highest miles petrol v8 so far ) 178000 Zildjian 2000 M5 180000 Trisman 2000 530i Manual Sport. 190019 Brammers 2003 530ia 202000 Dennis Cooper-2003 530d Touring (actually around 206000) 327000 Raymond 525 tds (engine change at 305k)
  8. Darlo

    Electrical issues! Any ideas please?

    Well as luck would have it, everthing is back working normally again, all very strange! I did have a stroke of luck and bumped into an old friend who works at a bmw dealer! So ive got it booked in for a health check and diagnostic to see if any fault codes have been flagged up.... even better it looks like it will be being done for free or very cheap (and a few pints to my mate!). Ironically its the same dealer where the car was bought from a few years ago for the some of £17k! ive still got the invoice of sale for it! Fingers crossed its all ok
  9. Just after some help in regards to a couple of electrical issues im having with my 530i! I posted a few months back with similar issues and was advised to have ignition switch replaced, which i did and all the problems went away and has been running fine ever since. I was having problems with the boot release, and was told to check the wires in the boot that come out through the grommit on the right.... hey presto 4 broken wires all repaired and even my troublesome airbag light went out! It was running fine for a week or so then.... similar problems to when i had a faulty ignition switch started! No indicator lights on dash when indicating, steering and wheels controls stop working so no cruise control etc! Even stranger now is that the wipers or electric windows dont work for the first minute of driving then they work fine. Also if i start the engine with the drivers door open and then shut it, the display on dash says the door is still open! i have to turn off the engine and start it with door shut for it to go out and stop the warning bonging! Oh and to top things off the engine temperature needle has got a mind of its own and my airbag light has come back on!! I dont know if it coincidence but the day the problems started it had been very heavy rain the night before. ive checked all the fuses and they are all fine. I left it with a mechanic friend whilst i was away golfing and came back for him to tell me he has no idea! He suggested main dealer which is obviously going to cost big bucks! Have you guys got any ideas? I love this car but little issues like this are starting to pi$$ me off and im tempted to trade the thing in right now and just get a 535d sport....!!! Any help/ideas would be appreciated. Thanks in advance Darlo
  10. Darlo

    Mini Cooper S works.... poll!

    Ha thanks for the comments guys! My mum has got a cooper s as well and my missus As a drivers car i think they are fantastic. I did ringing up a company that will vinyl wrap the roof black and change the stripes black all for £200. The wheels could do with a refurb, so was going to make it look more like this...... http://motoringfile.com/pictures/2007_giftguide/JCW_R56_miniature.jpg As for the price we are still in negotiation but it will be cheap, he just got a final price against whatever car he decides to buy next! Ive still not voted... its a close poll thats for sure!
  11. Now then people ive got the option of buying a mint 57 plate mini cooper s works from a mate at trade price! It was £32k new and has every single jcw extra including the seats, its not got any nice extras like bluetooth, sat nav etc but its an amazing car to drive and its very low mileage! Now this question may sound sad.... but would you say its a bit girly?! im 6'3" and best part of 17 stone so dont know if i will look stupid in it.... but its a fantastic motor!! ive put it to a poll, please vote and comment here is a pic, got more if anyone is interested!
  12. As i understand it there is a possibility that a jailbroken fone is vulnerable to attacks using ssh, and its better to be safe than sorry I guess. ha ha, now you are talking in complete code... SSH? Dont know what it is but i will now try and change my password!
  13. done some googling...... how to change it and reasons why http://www.blueplastic.net/en/cambiar-password-root-iphone-ipod-touch-solo-si-cydia-y-open-ssh-instalado/ http://cydia.saurik.com/password.html dont know if i will bother!
  14. yeah could you explain further please, ive jailbroken a couple of iphones and my ipad in the past and never heard of this?
  15. Thanks for link.... just done my iphone 4! Now to download lots of useless free apps!