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  1. Zildjian

    Project Le Mans Blue M5

    Even more great work Rob!! Who needs Ed China!! Blimey, original thermostat. That headlight looks superb now. The prefacelift set-ups aren't as 'pretty' as the facelifts in some ways, but the xenons give out an excellent light and funky colour. In fact they looked the business the day you drove off after buying the car. Keep up the good work. At this rate I'll be saving up to buy it back
  2. Zildjian

    Project Le Mans Blue M5

    Ahh yes, maybe we should start a club Bit like the ex-husbands of Elizabeth Taylor or Katie Price.
  3. Zildjian

    Project Le Mans Blue M5

    Yep, that's my old baby. Felt a bit down after it went yesterday, but not as down as I felt this morning, a few minutes after I woke up and remembered again that it's not here anymore I can't tell anybody that I drive a BMW M5 now. On the upside I'm proud to say that I DID own a BMW M5 for almost 3 years, and can conclude they make an unbelievably good family/fun car. Everybody should own one once. Best car in the world!!!
  4. Zildjian

    Project Le Mans Blue M5

    Blimey Rob, you didn't hang about, getting stuck in with the polishing!! It looks great The exhausts have come up a treat. I did polish them up when I first got the car, but then decided to let them dull over again to look more subtle. Car looks better on your posher gravel driveway. So glad it's gone to a good home to be loved. I'll keep an eye on this thread. Thanks again.
  5. Zildjian

    Le Mans daily driver!

    630+bhp and 850KG!!! Awesome, and so surreal to see on the roads.
  6. Zildjian

    Heko Wind Deflectors

    To me, they're the automotive equivalent of those big clip-on sunglasses that fix on to the normal glasses of elderly people.
  7. Many aren't phased by size these days though, that was more my point. I'm an 18 stone benchpress addict myself, but the modern breed of psychos would often pay little attention to this I suspect. I'm a lot more nervous of the skinny nutjob who would think nothing of sticking a pair of scissors in my neck or go mad with a wheel-brace before I've had a chance to get out of the car (I saw this happen). There are some proper nuts out there with absolutely no sense of consequence. It's not how big you are, not how strong you are, not what you can do,......more what you're PREPARED to do. I for one would not want to risk ending up in prison for getting into a road-rage situation. Slightly different if a family member was assaulted (as in your case), but the older I get, the more I let things go and just wave idiots past,....let them get on with it.
  8. This is my first BMW, and I have to say that I've been pleasantly surprised, and never noticed a problem being let out at junctions and roundabouts over the 3 years I've had it. I think it's different if you're a snotty young looking estate agent type with lashings of hair products, and driving a BMW 318i, but I can't help thinking that people might see the M5 as 'the gentleman's BMW' lol. I always seem to get let out, but then I think some of this might be down to 'road positioning'. If I rev up and edge out early in ANY car, then other drivers sometimes close the gap, but generally I hang back behind the line, look like I'm patiently waiting my turn and then they let me out. How a car is driven has a lot to do with it. As for size of driver, or how big and scary we look,......I think has sod all to do with it.
  9. Just needs an Ebay resistor mod now to double the horse power.
  10. Zildjian

    Took the car to the body shop

    Indeed, especially if it's a 'keeper'
  11. Zildjian

    Took the car to the body shop

    Beautiful!! Would it be vulgar to ask what sort of money this cost?
  12. I remember fitting some new 17" alloys on a Vauxhall years ago. The rolling circumference was actually around a centimetre LESS on the 17s with the low profiles than the 15" alloys and tall tyres. I reckon this seller must've been sitting in traffic jams too often, and has been thinking too hard about stuff.
  13. Zildjian

    Jumpy GT-R

    Not just me then. I was surprised to see a roundabout over there too. Looks more like Belgium or somewhere. Crazy fast cars, and one nut of a driver!!
  14. Zildjian

    Jumpy GT-R

    What sort of car are the couple in? It seems to go rather quickly aswell.