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  1. Neil A

    Interim oil changes

    I thought it might create a line item in the CBS log. If not I'll just do the oil change and wait for the 'official' service. The receipts/invoices can act as proof of maintenance.
  2. Neil A

    Interim oil changes

    Fantastic, thanks!
  3. I've just picked up a 66 plate 520D on 42k miles and it's done over 10k miles since the last service. The oil is proper black and smells of diesel. I'm not a fan of extended servicing intervals anyway. So my question is, if I get a local indie to do just an interim oil change can they then reset the onboard service computer but just for the oil change? I don't want to throw any of the other service timings out of kilter (inspections, brakes etc).
  4. Neil A

    Coolant leak? And PAS fluid leak? [pics]

    Thanks. I'll check the expansion tank first to make sure it's not losing too much. I hope it isn't the thermostat assembly as that's been replaced! I'll also clean the residue off the airbox to see how long it takes to come back
  5. Neil A

    Coolant leak? And PAS fluid leak? [pics]

    Yeah that's what I meant, no residue anywhere I can see around any nearbye components
  6. Neil A

    Coolant leak? And PAS fluid leak? [pics]

    Thanks all. Been out for a closer look and can't see any evidence of leaky rad hose or rad. Everything looks dry. I guess I'll just keep an eye on it.
  7. Hi all, not posted for ages, guess the car's been like clockwork so nothing to worry about! I went to to top up the washer fluid today and saw this 'fling' on the air box. My first inclination was it's dried coolant which has been flung off aux the drive belt? Any thoughts?... (The car has a new thermostat, housing and Behr rad a couple of years ago, replaced as a precaution) On an unrelated matter I have a very oily pipe which comes out the bottom of the PAS reservoir. It's been like it since I had the car in 2009 at c.65k miles (it's on 104k now). Is this a common fail point? It's wet all the way down to where it joins the rad assembly: Any thoughts or comments appreciated.
  8. Neil A

    Hello, E39 530i Owner

    Amazing, good luck to you! Loads of people use the 'upgrade' LEDs but most of them are cheapo Chinese units and flicker on start up as the LCM (Light Control Module) does it's system check when you turn the ignition on. I tried three sets, all failed. Now I'm back to 90's spec OEM yellow ones (it's not like you can see them from the inside!).
  9. Neil A

    Bloody vapours barriers, again!.

    I used this. It's brilliant stuff: Much better than any kind of tape.
  10. I was there when my E39 had this done and it would have been a complete nightmare if it wasn't 6 feet up in the air. Especially the filling part which was done via some fandango air pressure filler device.
  11. I got my Behr from C3BMW along with all the necessary parts to overhaul the cooling system - I thought they were very reasonably priced given everything is from OE brands
  12. Neil A

    Autobox Oil Changes

    This stuff works perfectly: It's not cheap though!
  13. Neil A

    Autobox Oil Changes

    ATF, gasket and filter screen are c.£100 for the parts. It's probably an hour's work.
  14. Neil A

    Autobox Oil Changes

    Ok, I had this done last week on my 100k 530i auto. This is what the magnets in the bottom of the sump looked like on mine, and this was a gearbox which was working fine. The fluid we got out of it (7 out of the available 10 litres) was jet black. New ATF is the colour of cherryade... Just do it. There's no way it can be bad for the 'box as long as the fluid is correctly and gently circulated through the internals of the box after it's refilled. Changing the filter is childsplay once the sump's off. It just pulls out the bottom of the 'box:
  15. Neil A

    Merc c250 bluetec

    My old man's got a new C220 and it's amazing. The ride is superb, super refined. The gearbox and interior quality are real high points.