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  1. Mr_Doyle

    840ci sport or 635csi for 2nd car?

    We've had our e24 for 11 years and 70,000 + miles, an '88 CSi highline, auto in black with many of the options ticked. It's proved to be very reliable, we've used it just about every day. Fuel economy is around 20 mpg it's not super fast but a cool cruiser. Sounds the part with a powerflow exhaust. It was miles better in the snow the the e39 as well. Barring a paintjob with new front wings, body repairs etc (3 years ago cost £2.5K), has had less spent on it than the 540 we've had for coming up 3 years. I dont like working on the interior, the hidden screws and removal sequences etc are a pain but the mechanics are easy enough to work on. They do have rust issues as everyone knows so get a good one but I've seen weather beaten 840's too. I'd like an 840 one day myself but the 540 is proving to be great fun. HTH's
  2. Doh!!! It's been a long day. Still a 7.3427 % (Aprox) increase is still fair
  3. Mr_Doyle

    Passenger door stuck

  4. Mr_Doyle

    Passenger door stuck

    Bloody thing is working normal, suspect car has a monk on 'cause it's not been used since November
  5. They claim 31hp for the M62 engine using the 840 as an example (286 - 307). £6/hp is a pretty good deal Unfortunately I wont be able to make it
  6. Mr_Doyle

    Passenger door stuck

    It's unlocking but the internal or external handle won't open it Any clues?
  7. Mr_Doyle

    Why are autos heavier on fuel

    Are you asking why you would want to change from a Manual to an Auto? From a purely drag racing point of view, a sorted auto will shift quicker than a manual (200mS IIRC) and also you don't come off the power whilst shifting. These fractions of a second count when drag racing If your question is for someone else then apologies?
  8. Mr_Doyle

    Why are autos heavier on fuel

    The fluid of choice at the drag strip these days is John Deere Hygard. With the correct valve body and converter an auto box will outshift the vast majority of manual boxes (liberty's and lenco's not included). It's not unusual to see a car improve it's ET's when converted from manual to a tweaked auto.
  9. Mr_Doyle

    My thermostat picked the wrong week to fail !

    Had the same thing happen last Jan. I found the stat jammed open with crud, replaced with a pattern part and two weeks later it leaked. Bought the BMW seal (540 V8 btw) and no probs. Next time I'll just buy a proper BMW one.
  10. Mr_Doyle

    E39 540i sport or E39 M5

    Having never owned an M5, I have to take on board what the owners of these cars are saying. Would I still like one? sure but I think you have to be under no illusions about running costs. I was under the impression that the M5 shared a lot of running gear with the 540, not the case. I have a non vanos 540 6 speed manual, when anything goes wrong I fix it myself and (so far) relatively cheaply. Seems very easy to work on, easier than my E24 using that as an example. Could I do this on an M5? probably, but like a previous poster alluded, I may have to stay in a couple of weekends a month going off the cost of M5 specific consumables DIY on an M5 probably wouldn't add to its value (despite my credentials ) either. Going off this, and the 1000 mile a month I'm doing, I would say that the M would be more suited as a weekend / special occasion car for me. Do the majority of M5 owners have something more...erm..."practical" for the daily commute? Interesting thread BTW.
  11. Mr_Doyle

    bolt in or weld in cage

    Just a quick word of advice here, If you are going to enter the car in any FIA or MSA event check the rule book. Bolt in cages aren't permissable in some classes.
  12. Try this, should give you a reasonable estimate. http://www.wallaceracing.com/wt-correction-et.php
  13. Mr_Doyle


    OK, I reckon my race car makes over 850 HP. I know the weight and it runs mid 9.s @ over 140, I've done it a few times. Putting the weight and HP in the robrobinette calculator had the car doing a 10.2 second 1/4. It would have to make over 1020hp to run mid 9's. No way, the heads just wouldn't support that much horsepower N/A. The wallace calculator, for MPH, 846 hp and For the ET, 868 hp much more realistic. Going off the times and weight Dan posted, the wallace calculator said for MPH, 294 hp and for ET 269hp. Again much more realistic. These are Flywheel estimates BTW. The other thing is I have seen a M5 race at York raceway, on the run I saw it ran a 14.2. The pass sounded and looked OK but it could have been his slowest one, granted. I've driven our 540 for a year now and my experience tells me it feels like a hi 14 lo 15 second car, I've never had it to the track. Not really a claim just a gut feeling. A second and a half in the 1/4 is a world of difference agreed. Sorry guys I don't want to offend anyone, I'm just interested and drag racing has been close to my heart for over 25 years now. It's really the only thing I can accurately relate too. As for my one off spirited drive with an M5, well perhaps like Dan says, maybe the guy wasn't trying, or maybe it wasn't a real M5 in my case. Who knows. I'd like to drive an M5 to feel the true difference, any volunteers
  14. Mr_Doyle


    Though there are more tracks than just "The Pod". York, Shakespeare and Craile spring to mind. A show of tickets would do but a real race would be more entertaining.
  15. Mr_Doyle


    I just use one to calculate HP, the motor on the race car has never been dyno'd. I'd rather see a 1/4 mile timing ticket for an M5, since that would be real world results, non of this theoretical "bench" racing Don't take this the wrong way, I do think the M5 is a way quicker car, dragstrip times aren't everything to every one (though they are to me ) I was just pleased to keep up with one whilst both of us were driving in a "spirited" manner shall we say. Have to say that I'm still impressed with Dans times, even if the calculators say for both et and mph the FWHP is under 300hp .