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  1. amebb

    DSC light on.....?

    UPDATE I tested each of the speed sensors and all were good. The resistance was at 3.08ohms I tried bleeding the brakes. Previously the calipers were removed from the front and rear to have new seals fitted etc. I have tried bleeding the brakes but they still feel spongy not hard as expected. If the brake system was not bleed correctly would this make the dsc light come on? Thanks
  2. amebb

    DSC light on.....?

    But is there a difference from the blue connector and white connector? Thanks
  3. amebb

    DSC light on.....?

    This morning I thought I would check the Speed sensors to see what their condition is like. I noticed on one of them, see pic.... that it was damaged on the outside. The plastic had become brittle. My question is the connector on the sensor is white. On Amazon I have seen sensors where the connectors are blue. What is the difference between them? I don't want to buy the wrong ones etc.
  4. amebb

    DSC light on.....?

    Thank you, I will try to get one sorted out. Thanks
  5. amebb

    DSC light on.....?

    Yes I have downloaded it... will get 8t sorted. The adapter, is it unique to carly software? Thanks
  6. amebb

    DSC light on.....?

    Yeah I did disconnect the battery for 24hrs and no change
  7. amebb

    DSC light on.....?

    I will check that out too...
  8. amebb

    DSC light on.....?

    This is my setup at the moment for checking codes.... Software is Torque connected to the car via bluetooth device. See pics I found carly so I will try that too...... thanks
  9. amebb

    DSC light on.....?

    Thank you.... I do have a code reader but it's very limited I think. It can read certain codes etc but nothing in detail. So, let me try to find Carly.... can you get carly from android store? Searching now.... Thank you
  10. amebb

    DSC light on.....?

    From my understanding and I could be wrong.... the ABS pump can go faulty but normally the fault develops over a period of time. Very rarely does the pump just stop. Like I said, before I took the calipers off etc the car was running fine, no dashboard lights etc and the DSC button worked etc and the only time the DSC light came on was when I has accelerating on soft ground or skidding etc.. .
  11. amebb

    DSC light on.....?

    Ok, but then would the ABS light not switch on?
  12. amebb

    DSC light on.....?

    The calipers were removed and serviced. On the calipers the brake piston seals etc were replaced. I have read the codes and nothing referred to ABS, DSC ETC errors.....
  13. amebb

    DSC light on.....?

    Hi, can anyone help me with this issue please? I have a e39 540i and last week I changed the discs and brake pads all round. Since then the DSC light has been on. No other light is on, ie ABS or Brake light etc. Could it be that I have not bled the brake system correctly etc? Has anyone else had a similar issue like this? Thank you
  14. amebb

    Misfire mystery

    Update.... injectors 7 & 8 were faulty. Not opening etc. After being g replaced the problem was fixed. The engine was idling smoothly and no issues etc. Thank you for all your tips and hints, much appreciated.