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  1. SSkoda

    1994 BMW E34 540I/6 - BK35093

    There are several people posting in this thread that have openly and deliberately done unsavoury and underhanded things in an effort to prevent me trading on this forum, going back at least a year, with no provocation. No, you haven't. Not even in the slightest. What you've done is slur my name on here, threaten legal action and not bothered to contact me directly or reply to me when I responded to the ONE SINGLE message Stefan sent me about it. And quite rightly so, hence me offering to take the car back. It's rather the other way round. Since my reply earlier in this thread I have received no contact, and both Carl and Stefan have my phone number. It would not be inconceivable to phone me to discuss this? But instead they don't bother, and just post here. I have not been revisiting this thread, I feel I made it clear that discussions should be private and waited for that contact. Crying about being "de-friended" on facebook is for high-school girls, but - lets get some facts straight here. I'm not keen on this "we're being truthful" line you both keep peddling and yet this type misinformation like this on this thread... 1. You were "de-friended" a week after the car arrived, before I had heard ANYTHING from you or Carl, before I knew about this thread, when it seemed there was no problems and the car was safely delivered. 2. Facebook asked me to change my surname - this only happened yersterday, I've used the same name for several years so I can only assume that someone with a grudge against me reported me to the Facebook secret police. Convenient for you that you can then make it look like I'm doing it to hide, right? Or you could just ring me. Or PM me. You have dealt with me many times before and not complained, therefore I assume satisfied. Stating otherwise is a lie. You also continue to sully my name even whilst insisting you "have not said a bad word" about me. The person I bought it from built it as a track car. I took what had been done and made it a nicer place to be, so it became a fast road/track car. This is the reason it never had a paint-job and had various scratches etc. Edited your post because it's got unnecessary profanity in it. As per usual. Once again this was a personal car. You have no idea of what I am interested in and i think you will find if you took the time to read my earlier reply that I am offering a full refund. It actually was washed the night before it was picked up however it got dark before it could be polished. Leather cleaning and waxing products were left in the car. It boils down to this. If Carl was genuinely, severely annoyed with the car, he would return it. He uses the excuse of the transport costs, but did not contact me in any regard about this. Now if someone had a car delivered that was SO far away from the description and didn't want it, he would ask the seller to cover transport back, or collect it, or arrange something in this regard. Carl has done no such thing. This makes clear to me that Carl in fact does not want to return the car. Therefore he is still happy with it in some regard. Since posting here and also responding on facebook that he should return the car, neither Carl nor Stefan have been in touch at all. They have all the details they need to make contact, but have chosen not to. They are clearly interested in running me down and badmouthing me here, but not interested whatsoever in reversing the deal. I have not shied away from this. I have not avoided the issue. I have offered a full refund in exchange for my car back as it was when sold, i.e. not missing all the pieces I added to it. No private sale has any recourse in that extent, and I have offered it straight away, not after legal action or protracted wrangling, but straight away. I feel I made it clear that I am not open to debating this out over a public forum. All my contact details are freely available but have not been used. I have waited for that contact. None has been made, but plenty of inaccurate and slanderous posts have been. The option has been given to obtain a refund of monies in exchange for the return of the car, but it has not been taken, it has not even been discussed, it has in fact been dismissed out of hand with not even a direct reply, and at the end of the day if Carl chooses to keep the car rather than take me up on that then I can only assume that he wants to keep it and that is fine if that is his choice, but to then slander me further after that only speaks to his attitude, not mine. As to the people in this thread doing the name calling, grow up. This isn't playschool. And none of the "bring the rugby team over" threats either. It's neither big nor clever, and I WILL report threats of violence.
  2. SSkoda

    1994 BMW E34 540I/6 - BK35093

    And yet you seem absolutely content to do so to me. You posted at 1:04am and decided not to furnish with the second reply I sent at 12:56am? You are intending to use an open forum as a jury, but only give them half of the story? Anyway, you've seen what I've said, give me the car back, as it was, not with all the ugly standard crap on it, back the way I built it, stop blaming me for rust that couldn't be seen without removing panels, and stop slandering me on an open forum. Buying a fast road/track car then trying to put it back to OEM spec is often ludicrous. You didn't complain too much about all the surprising extras I forgot about like the ARBs either. Nor the grands worth of upgraded parts you've got on ebay, which would certainly cover the welding and then some. This has been a very one-sided thread, with a great deal of exaggeration, and no contact with myself until now, but you act however you wish. The car was a personal car and advertised as such, and was not at any point a trade sale so Geoff you can put away your law books. [edit: on advice of an impartial forum user, I will say that the skirts were off in Spring, to replace slightly corroded wings with VGC used ones, and there was no rust issues. I would have fixed them if there were. I have no intention of misleading anyone. I did not remove the skirts again since. I took photos of the underside of the car for they buyer on request - probably not very good ones, but they were happy with them. I will need to look up the exact wording but I did make it clear that the bodywork and paint was not perfect - a result of a track orientated car.]
  3. SSkoda

    1994 BMW E34 540I/6 - BK35093

    That is because it is only tonight, at 12:15am, that I was contacted about this. If the buyer (not quite sure who that is at this stage) felt so strongly about it, then I should have been contacted earlier. I've read through the thread since, and had decided to not open up any replies for public debate by what seems to be the usual suspects, people that are too fond of profanity and several certain members in this thread that I'd rather not say anything about or read any more of what they have to say about me, who no doubt will run off another couple of pages after this cursing, suggesting ways to do harm to me or my business both financially and physically (I'm sure it isn't too hard to read back and find the not-so veiled and implied threats in this thread).
  4. SSkoda

    BMW E34 6/S Techno Violet 1996 (warning)

    Oh, she'll need the polish alright, that's the one aspect of my cars I never take care with, rough and ready is my style of paintwork, battle-scarred, patina, call it as you will. Flat stars though, hmm. Well, at least its not Style 5s...
  5. SSkoda

    BMW E34 6/S Techno Violet 1996 (warning)

    Champagne extended leather courtesy of Simon, as well as black headlining, and M3 steering wheel custom trimmed to match. M5 clocks (and set of 540 clocks in boot if you get sick of wrong readings!) M5 infill plate got put on but not sure if that was before or after the ad Aero rear bumper spats, non-spoiler bootlid, genuine Sport clear lights all round. E46 Clubsport weighted gearknob on short shift lever. Brand new genuine OEM clutch (full kit) with about 200 miles or less on it. Champagne is a nuisance to keep clean but I am seriously, seriously going to miss this car. I hope you have some nice wheels lined up for it...
  6. SSkoda

    Ungrateful Madam !

    heat on one side only is usually a faulty water heater valve
  7. SSkoda

    Steering Wheel

    Nardi Blackline option for the E30s was about 360mm IIRC
  8. SSkoda

    How many cranks to start up a B20?

    The little French 320i we have kicking around the yard is a one-turn starter. I don't think they are necessarily a high-turnover-count starter like an M30 would be.
  9. SSkoda

    Whats it worth?

    There is a Daytona 525 sport sitting here that says you're wrong.
  10. SSkoda

    BMW E34 M50B25TU TO M60B30

    Never in eleventy million years would I replace a working M50 with an S50! The M50tu is one of the best engines BMW ever made, all-round wise, and I would not be in any panic to swap it out.
  11. Massive in the European and American markets, and never a fault with their stuff or service (although a delay in response is common). Would be the first port of call for many.
  12. Hmm ok so it's had a bit of changey-about-ness. Which of you remember it having headlight wipers? the motors and arms are missing but the stalk and bottle etc are there so at some point someone has removed those. I was up at Tim's on my nationwide tour of late and had a free afternoon so I got the central locking sorted, just a jammed actuator. Noticed at the same time that the trim has been painted, looks like it's gloss black over the shadowline rather than being chrome bits painted black. Any of those previous photos or info tidbits would be good I'm sure as the bodyshop guys next door keep making disparaging comments about the state of the paintwork! Took it for a razz and raced a Porsche GT1/2/3/meh in it, had to hand the keys back rather sheepishly after.
  13. I seem to remember a black m535i for sale about 18 months ago on here, but it had a beige interior I think and some kind of hybrid valance - the more I think about it, the more I think it's the same car. Was for sale for about £1600 or £1800. Was that the same car?
  14. They're stitched in, and everywhere there is a panel line in the leather, there the pads and leather are stitched together. Absolute pig to remove the heated pads.
  15. SSkoda

    My 525 is broken, Your thoughts Please.

    How?! Did you buy from BMW? Even brand new GSF ones wouldn't cost near that