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  1. cwat

    abs lights etc

    Hi I always thought the sensors read off the back of the bearing on the front so if you got 2+mm ply over a distance you would get a wrong reading cant see what the sensor can read off if not that i could be wrong
  2. cwat

    abs lights etc

    HI had the codes done looks like it could be front right wheel bearing going to replace that first
  3. cwat

    abs lights etc

    Hi got the abs,dsc, brake waring lights coming on Have changed abs sensors one on front and one on back and changed over the old ones The lights come on after moving about .5 to 1 mile then a little while after it comes up tyre control inactive can someone tell me where to look next Thanks
  4. cwat

    power seat not working

    Found the problem, all i need to find is the main block connecktor both ends with wire on and cut mine and solder a new one on, thanks for your help
  5. cwat

    power seat not working

    o3/2000 only heated seat working
  6. cwat

    power seat not working

    Have no live at switch, has any one got a seat wiring diagram for passenger seat so i can try and power it up . Thanks
  7. cwat

    power seat not working

    Seat is in lowest postion is there any way of powering it up to higher it from the switch wire?
  8. cwat

    power seat not working

    I have had the battery off,
  9. cwat

    power seat not working

    Hi, Passenger seat not working on any control, fuse ok, tested switch on multimeter seems ok, Any ideas?? Thanks
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  11. cwat

    Interface signal problem

    Thanks for that the ignition switch was the problem As you said it was a easy fix Thanks agine
  12. I am having an intermittent problem and my Research Tool tells me that it is an MFL Interface Signal problem. A search came up with little info, apart from this relating to the steering wheel controls. Anyone have any experience of this problem and how to resolve it? The problem stops the radio coming on and the steering wheel buttons don't work. The airbag light flickers dimly and after a while goes bright then switches off again and then everything comes back to life. Switching off and on sometimes clears the prob straight away. Any thoughts on resolving the problem gratefully received
  13. After losing all the funtions on the steering wheel I changed the slip ring . I have now got funtions working but no horn but they don't work when the engine is running. The air bag light is always lit very dim, Its dosen't come on bright at all. When i was checking the codes there was something about a "clamp..." does this ring any bells with any m5 owners
  14. Hi, Have seemed to have lost all funtions on the steering wheel, Have tried to read up on this but is this a problem with the slip ring. i got code 81 - mfl interface Any Ideas?