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  1. kenjera1

    E34 525 XI one owner

    You can bet they are don..snow drifts in aberdeenshire compared to record breaking heat last week, mind you at least we've got water in all shapes & sizes whereas our bros' down in the south east haven't. l looked at the ix in fife for sale....seemed solid enough...bit pricey for my liking.
  2. kenjera1

    Old but Funny....

    l was clearing gubbins from the harddrive on my mac and found this newscast from a few years ago l had kept....thought 'd you'd like a giggle... Enjoy... ken Armagg~1.wav
  3. kenjera1

    Trim Guru Help Please! E34 Sport

    Hi Don, how did you get on with your trim quest. ? l sent you a pm earlier regards the shadowline trim and chrome both of which l have in stock. let me know if your still looking. cheers ken
  4. kenjera1

    E34 touring

    you can always fit one....
  5. kenjera1

    E34 Fuel Line Problem

    7.44cm fuel pipe will do the trick...flexi hose & clamp to secure.
  6. kenjera1

    top gear

    l caught the last 1 in the series...and to be honest....TG is rediscovering it;s roots at last..........Chris Evans Ferrari was gorgeous...his garage contents tho; and it's insurance costs l don't fancy. l really, really, really......must have the M5 Tourer.....l'll trade anyone...& l mean anyone...hannibal lecter included....my right leg,...or whatever body parts....just to have one. ken ps..l off to see my psych..l must learn to control these urges....
  7. kenjera1

    Job Interview tomorrow.

    best of luck karl...wear a shirt & tie and be clean....shaven, smelling nice.... ...and inquisitive..ask a couple or more questions. late post obviously.....Congrats karl....hope it works out for you.
  8. Thanks for the feedback folks, l'm currently investigating various funding options....( l've been employed on a variable contractual basis= at their beck & call ) and it's a waste of my time...little enough money with all the hassles thrown in....so l've practically decided it's about time l took the plunge for the future and my own benefit..( remaining sane mainly). Maybe l'm fortunate ( at times it can be a curse)...to have many strings to my employment bow...with credentials/experience. And being in the right place at the right time also helps. l've been offered an opportunity which could be incorporated on a self employed basis thereby offering me the option to have alternative income elsewhere...also self employed. A decision will have to be made after l've sussed out the funding alternatives..... again thanks for the feedback folks...l'll keep you in the loop on what happens... ken
  9. cheers folks....accountancy is almost as bad as being a lawyer....the devils work... all positive so far.....
  10. kenjera1

    E34 525i automaticgearbag

    E34 tourings are pretty bullet proof, as for the areas mentioned above..change the suspension...to standard shocks...l fitted eibach springs with gas struts onto mine...and it clings to the road...and tows fine...l'd check bodywork, pipes, etc...give it a service, maybe change the diff oil, gearbox oil it maybe sealed for life....or not ? change the oil there too....if poss..... it'll run for years with a bit tlc.....
  11. Hi Folks, Well it's about time l really did take the plunge...way to much BS working via agencies etc;.. so do you guys have any tips...on self emplyment in the 21st century. Thanks Ken
  12. In a past life... when l was a motorbike courier my average mileage annually on my cx500 135k...l kept the same bike for 5yrs,, engine rebuilt every 120k, my van did around 60k every year...lasted 6yrs until it went boom... also had a cavalier 1.7td ex-taxi...with the suzi engine that did 245k before l sold it...car finially did 320k+ before the guy blew it up..
  13. " you start to create a rescue service that will double guess themselves and be led by jobsworths calling the shots based on guidelines set out by people who generally have never done the job " l agree with your statement above. it's tragic that someone loses their life regardless of the circumstances.
  14. kenjera1

    F1 2012 Channel line up

    What a PITA... F1 on sky,and now the sun on sunday ( which l won't be buying)....murdoch fecking murdoch....l don't have and won't ever have sky....as l have no intention of encouraging these corporate fascists in their quest to rule the universe..feckers. As for the bbc.... a big let down in public service broadcasting. Thank you bernie for selling out your audience to the highest bidder...