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  1. RiccardoG

    ABS / brake lights "trifecta"

    Guys, my personal experience on this through the years has been: - Water (rain, washing) impacts ABS sensors in the wheels. In my case the fault generally went away when the car dried up; - Heat impacts the control module (in the engine bay on my facelift car). In my case once that "went" it stayed broken and the fault could not be reset. The diagnostics pointed to the rear pax sensor but that is a red herring as I understand its where the circuit starts The above might or not be what you experience! Some other notes - Removing ABS sensors can be difficult indeed. Careful with them, HR Owen BMW eventually broke my rear wheel bearing and an ABS sensor replacement turned to a £400+ job (granted that was at main dealer) - Removing the ABS control unit in the engine bay was very easy. Getting it re-manufactured costs ~£250 all in, so its not that bad a deal. BBB reman also gives you a lifetime warranty on it - Faulty wiring might also play a role in some cases, I think this would be difficult to diagnose Good luck in sorting it!
  2. RiccardoG

    Headlight adjuster saga and thanks to a member

    Yes, the forum community and spirit is exactly why I felt compelled to write about my experience. I really helped me when I needed it most. There is also a bit of a leap of faith which you're more likely to take within the community than you would otherwise.
  3. Hi All, Just thought I'd add a quick post regarding my experience in getting the headlight adjusters fixed on my 2001 (ie: facelifted "angel / corona") lights. For the first time in 12 years owning my E39 it failed its MOT on the driver side headlight adjuster. Coincidentally, the only other time this car failed an MOT was in 2009, also on headlight adjuster (passenger side). I researched the various options and DIY videos/threads online before narrowing down to three options: new headlight / used headlight / DIY repair. New was ~£350, used ones too risky to source from open market, so I bought a couple adjusters and set about dismantling it. Well... I failed! I suspect that I only had one adjuster broken, which made the task more difficult as there was very little wiggle room within the unit. Turns out I had a 2003 headlight, these are the ones that cannot be "baked" to melt the seal holding the headlight glass in place. Every genuine Hella unit has a date stamp showing production month & year (anything 2002 and beyond usually comes with the stronger glue). So, back to the drawing board... Thankfully a forum member (e34m525i) came to the rescue! I agreed a price with Darren to do the job and swiftly removed and sent him the parcel. Don't underestimate the size of the box you will need for this! All was well then, correct? Wrong!! After a couple of days it became clear that DPD had lost my parcel with it showing as still being at pickup point. In the meantime the MOT retest deadline was looming as it was due on the Friday and we were now on Wednesday. Again Darren helped and we agreed on him selling me a refurbished unit with new adjusters and glass cover. Have to say he did an amazing job. The unit looks just like new and I had it with me by Friday 9am, super quick. Managed to get it all done and assembled back on the car just in time for the MOT retest, hurray! So, if someone needs some help with their headlights, I can wholly recommend Darren's services!
  4. RiccardoG

    Help re headlight aim adjustment

    Dan, when I look at Autodoc it shows the "601" light for "left hand drive traffic". Is this different from what you're saying, or am I getting confused? https://www.autodoc.co.uk/hella/931772
  5. RiccardoG

    Help re headlight aim adjustment

    Thanks Dan. I've had a look on ECP, AutoDoc and C3 BMW. For the Hella lights C3 was cheapest at £250 but they somehow now seem to have gone to £350 since Monday! Next best is Autodoc at £275. Thanks for the tip on the Hella part number, I had been struggling with that! There is also a Depo brand new one at £180 but I'd have to collect. Plus, I'm not sure its an exact match. In the meantime I've also bought the adjusters and think I will have a go myself. Still not decided whether I will bake them or try without. Worse comes I can always buy the new one.
  6. RiccardoG

    Help re headlight aim adjustment

    Thanks for the pointers. I had a better look and, while the white adjuster screw is indeed broken off, even while turning the 10mm hex one beneath it there is no adjustment effect. Dan, where can you source new units for only £250? I've seen them for ~£350 on ebay etc.
  7. Hi All, Took the E39 for MOT Friday and I think they broke one of the hexagonal headlight aim adjusters (the white ones, 2x per side). This is not the same as the internal electric height adjusters, this is the mechanical one for the aim of the lights. The car is facelift with the "angel eyes" (ie: corona lights... guess back in the year 2000 they had no idea what that would come to mean!). Was hoping someone could help with: - Can these be fixed at all? MOT garage says they need a new headlamp (£500...)? - Its only the white hexagonal bit that is broken, the round cog underneath it is still ok - can the aim be adjusted with that? Thanks in advance for any help!
  8. RiccardoG

    Are halogen hella headlights the same case as xenon

    Wow, exactly what I need as mine has just failed the MOT on this! I will PM you.
  9. RiccardoG

    E39 530i Manual Sport - Imola Red

    Looks lovely! What are they quoting you for a full respray, out of curiosity?
  10. RiccardoG

    ABS / brake lights "trifecta"

    Thanks for the replies Dan and Pete. Not so easy for me to check the sensors as it involves jacking the car up, which I can't do. I removed the module and sent it to BBB Reman as they seem to come well recommended and also offer a lifetime guarantee on their repairs. Lets see how it goes, will keep you posted.
  11. RiccardoG

    ABS / brake lights "trifecta"

    Also, any suggestions where to send it to? I was all set to use Actronics but when I called just now they were super unhelpful as I'm not "trade"...
  12. RiccardoG

    ABS / brake lights "trifecta"

    HI All, Yesterday was a hot day and after ~45min of London traffic with the a/c on I felt a slight tap from the brake pedal and immediately after the 3x lights (brake / abs and...?) on the dash cluster lit up in orange. Rest of car seems to drive ok. Speedo ok, I think gears all ok (as in, not in failsafe mode), didn't check cruise. Car must have been hot as the viscous fan came on just before the lights lit up, it normally never does. I know this can trigger the ABS module fault. I'm assuming this to be the well knows ABS module issue and am inclined to just whip it off and send to be rebuilt. It's not ABS sensors for sure as a) they're relatively recent and b) it was dry. (I had the issue with them a few years ago and since solved.) Any other thoughts, or should I just go ahead as planned?
  13. RiccardoG

    Specialist mechanic not too far from London

    Thanks for your replies! I am based in NW London but would consider traveling a bit to find someone reliable. Ideally going "up" as I've relatively easy access to A1 / M1 / M40, less so SE/S/SW. Btw, the car is a standard 530i SE, nothing too fancy. However, I do strongly believe in looking after it and in using only genuine BMW parts or the best OEM ones. Even wipers blades and microfilters I still buy BMW ones. Had a look at all your suggestions above, thanks. I think West4Autos might work as would Barry Jones. Will do a bit more research on them as a start. Any other recommendations based on location also welcome.
  14. Hello Everyone, I've owned my E39 over 10 years now and its been pretty much serviced every year since then. I've been to a number of mechanics, both main dealer and marque specialists. Below is my brief take on each one. BMW Park Royal - Went several times. Ok for basic servicing, but expensive for anything else, couldn't just rely on them. CPC Amersham - Have been here the most. Usually good work and reasonable approach/rates. But so difficult to communicate with them I'm sort of giving up on them. Birds - Went once, top class outfit, but more expensive than main dealer on service and generally seems expensive. No point Technosport - Went a couple times, great work, but again quite dear. A1BN - Went couple times, good work and value but had small issue which I never understood if it had been deliberate or not (both windscreen washers disconnected) so have not gone back, also quite far for me ~1hr drive So I'm evaluating whether to continue sticking it out with CPC/Techno or give someone else another try. For my other car I've never had issues in 9 years with the same specialist, why is it so hard for my BMW?? We're also moving the wife's MINI out of the main dealer network now, so its doubly important to find someone that is: - Reliable and easy to communicate with; - Does top quality work but with a realistic approach and cost Am I asking too much? Any leads well accepted, thanks in advance!
  15. RiccardoG

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Thanks! Tried again over the weekend as it was warmer (didn't use water). It just won't budge and I'm very concerned applying more force and breaking the arm or damaging something. Might see this weekend with some water... I'll hop on here and thank you (and Loadmaster). I'm looking at having quite a few defects and dents repaired on my Slate green E39 and might get in touch with Ian if he comes recommended. I'm usually so wary of bodyshops I just avoid them altogether! Looking at getting the car back to fresh factory look and know it won't be cheap so really need someone I can trust will do a long-lasting job.