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  1. chemicalal

    Oil Pressure switch!

    My M30B28 is weeping oil from the Oil Pressure switch AGAIN. This is obviously very easy to remove/replace, but I wanted to ask you learned gentlepeople if oil will pish out of the hole (in a big way) when I get round to changing it? I assume not (as with the engine off it won't be under pressure) but wanted to ask anyway.
  2. chemicalal

    Out At Last

    Yep, looks good. I found mine on eBay brand new with fittings from an old guy in Adelaide. He’d had it since 1986 in his garage. Very lucky as I was searching for options to mask the chinless and awful prefacelift valance.
  3. chemicalal

    Out At Last

    Doppelgänger! Even the same factory front lip (had thought about painting mine the same as the body as per factory, but wanted to try black first).
  4. chemicalal

    Factory fitted Alarm

    Has anyone on here professionally ripped out a BMW factory fitted alarm/immobiliser? I’ve got some funny control units hooked into the under-dash/steering wheel beige panel. Some are unplugged and some ain’t and I’m wondering if this system could affect idle (thru electrical load, in the same way as when you turn on your lights or Aircon?) by still being connected in some way?!?! Thoughts and advice gratefully received (as is constructive criticism and pointing out why I’m an idiot)!
  5. chemicalal


    So, the engine valve timing was quite a bit out! They’re gonna adjust and then reset ignition timing and tune it fully. Getting the sump gasket done and both engine mounts and gearbox mount changed too!! $1800 but if it means that this car is eventually running as close to “as new” as possible, then I’ll be happy! Just need to fit the new manifold and new genuine centre box and my work should be complete! Thanks to all for your thoughts/help! Very much appreciated!!
  6. chemicalal


  7. chemicalal


    Sounds perfect!! let me know how much and how to get the money to you.
  8. chemicalal


    That’s fine Andy! Please look it out, let me know it’s in ok condition and how much you want for it and I’ll pay immed.
  9. chemicalal

    Experiences with Fritz Bits Exhaust ?

    Bought a centre box and rear box from BMW for my 528i AU$1050 delivered. ‘Bout £600 ish so actually pretty good!!
  10. chemicalal


    Thanks very much!! Please let me know costs and your preferred mode of transfer and I’ll get the payment to you ASAP
  11. chemicalal


    Hi Andy, Thanks very much for the response and help! Would you post this manifold to me in Sydney?? Big ask, but would be absolutely brilliant if you could take the time! I'll pay over the odds!! Let me know and I'll act accordingly. I'm dropping the car off again on Wed and will 100% tell them to do the clearances cold! Taking liberties here, but if the valves are not the issue/root cause of the low vacuum at idle (and also not the exhaust system), any very well educated thoughts on what it could be?!?!............I've been trying to solve this issue since Dec 2018 (as I knew in my gut something wasn't quite right with the power delivery) and its beginning to p*ss me off! KR Al
  12. chemicalal


    Zero HG issues and the engine on the whole is in great shape. Apparently very low idle vacuum - 11 instead of a healthy 15ish. Doing the valves on Monday and will report back. Any ideas on the causes of low idle pressure. Blockage? I'm deeply suspicious of this shitty Oz exhaust system - we have a mental emissions system from the exhaust manifold into two air pulse valves and this combined with the middle box could be the cause of all. Trying to source a standard M30 exhaust manifold and rip this rubbish out.
  13. chemicalal


    Hi Jam, Thanks very much for the response!! It disappears after 10 mins idling and drives perfectly after that. If I start & drive the car immediately it lacks power for about 20-30 secs and then the engine response returns to normal. So (based on my rather rudimentary knowledge) I suspect its either an issue with the HG, head or best case scenario its a crazily excessive buildup of condensation in the aftermarket exhaust centre box - I'm a pessimist when it comes to old cars and I expect it will be a small crack in the head that is very slowly dripping coolant into the cylinder (prob No 2 with the lowest comp of 165-170) overnight and then clears out each morning.......I'm guessing this is the most obvious cause of the vapour/loss of power, but very confused as to why i'm not losing any coolant (hence my desperate hope that its just the exhaust?!?!) . I also wonder if this then rights itself as the head heats up and expands and explains why it doesn't continue for the rest of the day? However, not being a mechanic, I'm not even sure if this is possible?!? I guess by posting up the vid I was hoping that someone would either say definitively, yep that output of smoke is definitely coolant burning off OR No, that vapour doesn't look like enough or have the characteristics of burning coolant (not thick enough, different colour etc) I'm also confused as to why the spark plugs didn't show any signs of coolant fouling?!? The vapour does have an odour, but to my untrained nose it just smells like its running slightly rich. Coolant burning has been described as "a sweet smell" but it really doesn't smell that sweet to me, and I'm not sure I even know what a sweet smell is. Anyhoo, its booked in next Tuesday to get fully checked and I've ordered the centre exhaust section from BMW ($497 delivered from Germany and it takes 2-3 MONTHS!). I've tried to locate a tester solution/paper to test for coolant in the collected vapour from the exhaust but google has failed me (or more realistically, I've failed Google). RE valves - I wouldn't have a clue on how to check the valve clearances, so I'll ask the guys to do this on Tuesday and report back here on findings. Thanks again for your response/thoughts! KR Al
  14. chemicalal


    Video (1).mov
  15. chemicalal


    This is an engine with a full SH and approx 85k genuine miles on the clock - Its a really good condition low mileage car that has had approx. GBP9k spent on it since purchase in Dec 2018. Doing my effing head in and any help, thoughts gratefully received!