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  1. chemicalal

    528i 1983 - DME

    Thanks Tims!! Very much appreciated!!
  2. chemicalal

    528i 1983 - DME

    Maybe I'm being stoopid, but my question was do I have a seperate DME Relay in my car and if so, what is the part number? I know that it has a fuel pump relay and can get that info, but maybe I'll take a pic of the fusebox area and post it up. I'm chasing a very slight/occasional lumpiness +/- 50rpm ish, a higher than normal idle in Park (cold it idles at 800, when hot it idles at 1000rpm and with AC, fan and lights on it drops to 850ish) and rich running. Otherwise the car runs perfectly but these issues are bugging the sh*t out of me. I've methodically worked thru most of the known issue areas (replacing with new and known good - changed all rubber boots/vacuum lines, AFM, DME, FPR, TPS, Cap & rotor, Air slide valve, tested the CSV by crimping the fuel line, replaced the blue temp sensor) so I reckon that I want to change the relays and Thermo-time switch to see if this has any effect at all. When I got the head-gasket done (needed new valve stem oil seals) I also asked them to recondition the injectors and I replaced the in-tank and in-line fuel pumps with new BMW parts. The car is 97% perfect but these last wee niggles are slightly annoying. Only thing that doesn't work is the Cruise Control - has had its bowden cable snipped and been unplugged (round connector beside the DME above glovebox) - Assume that the ECU or unit on the inner wing was buggered and they isolated it.
  3. chemicalal

    528i 1983 - DME

    Hi all, Tried looking everywhere but failed - Does my car have a DME Relay? I read somewhere on here that the LJet M30B28 doesn't. If it does, id like to change it and the Fuel pump relay for new. Could one of you kind souls furnish an idiot with the part numbers so I can purchase. Al
  4. chemicalal

    E28 528i on ebay forever...

    I tried to call them about 9 years ago - Tried twice, got zero response. Price as stated was 8k which was about double what it was worth. Thought it was worth a chat though.......... Reckon it doesn;t exist. It's very weird.
  5. chemicalal

    Running Issues 528i

    Thanks guys, was defo holding onto it and was going to get it refurbed (or use it to lower the price of new, which I think I'll do in the next few months) - I did previously take it apart and delicately tried to alter the track (and moved the cog two to three spaces to lean out the mixture and it helped a wee bit). The replacement AFM has totally transformed the car - its up on power all through the range and idles as steady as a rock now.......I'm bloody over the moon as it was the ECU next and then god knows where (needle in haystack, I feared). I'd honestly forgotten how smooth an M30 could be when running really well. Its taken 9 months and approx $15k (GBP7-8000) but its now there (whispered, in case the fecker hears me!). Really want an Eta too now (My first E28 was an '85 Saturn Blau 525e in perfect condition and still my favourite E28)
  6. chemicalal

    Running Issues 528i

    All solved with a new AFM. Still got a slightly high idle but I'm over the moon.
  7. chemicalal

    525/528i AFM

    Got one! Woo Hoo
  8. chemicalal

    Running Issues 528i

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to see if anyone else out there has encountered similar problems with their L-Jet 528i engines. The car turns over three or four times first thing in the morning before catching, but it always starts (I've tried turning the key to initially prime the pump and then all the way and it makes no difference). IF I try to start and it doesn't quite catch and then I turn the key again, it starts IMMEDIATELY. Once started it smells quite rich and after 5-8 seconds it relaxes into quite a lumpy idle - If I then drive away, for the 2-3 mins or so of driving its pretty sluggish and really lacks power - a real flat spot (at this point if I kick the car down it comes to life and runs fine) It may run a wee bit more lumpy until it reaches running temp and the car then runs perfectly (still rich and an idle of 750-800 in D and 900-950ish in N, which I think is a bit too high). For the rest of the day the car functions perfectly (it still might not start immediately on the first turn of the key, but its much faster, and most times it does). Its still ever so slightly lumpy but its barely perceptible and I guess that a 36 yo M30 engine running 98 RON will always run a bit rich and a bit lumpy (Its only got 75k on it so its not a high mileage engine)??? Given the rich running, initial startup issues, lack of power etc I would've thought leaking injectors/cold start injector.........(I've replaced the FPR with new genuine) I've had all the vaccum pipes checks and replaced and I don't think this is the issue here. The in-tank pump has been replaced with Genuine BMW and the external one is making fluctuating buzzing noises (and will be replaced next week, along with the Dizzy Cap & Rotor) I'd love to change the ECU, DME Relay, AFM, but these are prohibitively expensive so want to leave these til last. Any further ideas - DME Temp sensor? I know the above is all over the place..........fairly similar to my head-space regarding this......... Any similar stories or woe out there??? How did you fix??? Al
  9. chemicalal

    525/528i AFM

    BMW Part No: 136 212 721 01 Bosch Part No: 0280 202 025 Hi All, I'm looking for the above in perfect known-working condition and wondered if anyone had one lying around. Cost incl postage to Sydney Australia would be brilliant. Kindest regards, Al
  10. chemicalal

    TPS 1983 528i

    Thanks Mick. I’ve suspected for a wee while that I need my TB cleaned out and recalibrated. My car is running at 95-97% perfect but that last 5% is bloody annoying. Think I need to get the injectors looked at too.
  11. chemicalal

    TPS 1983 528i

    Cheers Jon!! Methinks I need to look at my TB.
  12. chemicalal

    TPS 1983 528i

    Hi guys, Should the idle characteristics of my car change when I move the TPS? On my E32 735i when I moved this it had a definite effect on the engine idle. Al
  13. chemicalal

    Steering Wheel - coarse spline

    There certainly is!! Dig it out Lloydy!!
  14. chemicalal

    Front Spoiler

    Nah, like the black look. Waiting for my clear indicators to arrive from E28 Goodies to complete the look. May change my mind in the future but at least it’s on and fitted correctly.
  15. chemicalal

    Steering Wheel - coarse spline

    Morning Chaps! I’m getting really bored of my standard plastic 1m wide wheel and have found it neigh-on impossible to find a smaller coarse spline sports wheel. I’ve tried our friends over the pond on mye28, all eBay incl German, on here and on every BMW breakers I can find. I’m happy to pay £££ or $$$ and obv costs to ship to Sydney. Anyone on here have any advice? Hate the momo/nardi options. Want to keep it OEM. My car is an 83 528i and is in very good condition, so I’d like the wheel to be as close to immaculate as possible.