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  1. chemicalal

    M30 2.8 CCV??

    Thanks guys! i kinda knew this but was wanting to explore other possibilities and the CCV came up as a culprit and couldn’t find any info.
  2. chemicalal

    M30 2.8 CCV??

    Hi All, im getting a small amount of blue smoke on start up and I wondered if my E28 528i has a CCV and known issues in this area? Any advice is appreciated. Al
  3. chemicalal

    Temp gauge

    Thanks for all your help on this - Bought a new battery-less SI board from Ivo Christov and fitted it yesterday - All gauges work perfectly now! 105 Euro + 19 Euro P+P to Sydney - Absolute bargain!
  4. chemicalal

    Lets see your BMWs that you have owned

    Few others I’d forgotten about. 330ci MSport with 25k on the clock. Bought it for £5k and sold it for £9k. Second one is a 535d Touring which I bought for my wife. Sold again after 6 months as it was too small
  5. chemicalal

    1983 E28 528i - Head Gasket!?

    Thanks Andy, Main reason why I stopped buying old Beemers after moving here - TBH the prices are only the half of it - BMW Specialists over here have an 80's/90's timewarp sense of superiority and you just have to take it (if you don't have the time/skills/hoist) and you want someone who (theoretically) knows what they are doing. Pretty sure that I've now got oil valve seal issues too, so I may just bite the bullet and get the head off and everything done in the next few months - feck knows how much that'll cost?!?! The main culprit for the above was the oil pressure switch and this was changed and the loss of oil has now dramatically reduced (I'm now only getting a fingernail amount as opposed to two palm-sized ones on my garage floor). The Cam cover gasket was changed when he did the valves/spray bar etc so I'm guessing its not that (unless he's fecked this up). I suspect the duck shaped gasket and o-ring at the rear of the head is now weeping slightly, but its almost impossible to get in there to see or feel. I can live with it just now, at least until the car starts smoking constantly (it only shows a nominal amount of grey/blue smoke for 30-45 secs after 1 min idling from a cold start) and I need to get the top taken off. Thanks for getting back to me on the front strut btw - Don't need it as I eventually managed to get the seized shock out - I was very worried that the threads at the top would be ruined and it was an eye-watering amount for a new/reconditioned one over here. Have a great xmas and NY! Al
  6. chemicalal

    E24 / E28 Leather Sports Steering Wheel

    Hi Chaps, Looking for a pre-85 coarse-spline leather steering wheel from E28 or E24 - Had this one in a previous car and looking for another one in excellent condition. TBH I'm happy with either this one or the standard 3 spoke one. Postage to Sydney ?
  7. chemicalal

    Temp gauge

    Just wanted to check which sensor pertains to the cluster temp gauge?
  8. chemicalal

    E28 528i Manual with LSD, breaking complete car.

    Hi Andy, Do you still have the front strut? Al
  9. chemicalal

    Lets see your BMWs that you have owned

    My current E28. Needs 15’ BBS Style 5’s and a period front valance (I’ve always thought the pre-facelift ones were a bit chinless). Other than that she’s in perfect condition.
  10. chemicalal

    Temp gauge

    Thanks Taffy. I’ll check this when I get home. Much appreciated!
  11. chemicalal

    Temp gauge

    Hi All, Sorry for the stupid q's but my temp gauge isn't working - Its an '82 528i. The gauge blips when I turn on the ignition so I guess its getting power - all of the other gauges in the binnacle work so whilst it could be the SI batteries, I wondered if this could just be a temp sensor failure? Thoughts? Anything else that could cause this? Al
  12. chemicalal

    Lets see your BMWs that you have owned

    Yes, I loved it too. The first Inspection 2 service approx 5k miles after I bought it was an eye opener. Iirc it was £1200 as I stoopidly got them (BMW Dealer) to change both rear tyres! Sold it in 2006 to start my love/hate relationship with 80’s BMW’s.
  13. chemicalal

    Lets see your BMWs that you have owned

    First car ever bought - A 2000 328i Touring with Msport goodies incl suspension . Bought approved used from BMW in Edinburgh in 2003.
  14. chemicalal

    Lets see your BMWs that you have owned

    1st Old Timer bought - E30 Coupe with 45k on the clock.