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  1. mad4amanda

    Airbag Light and Horn not working

    I had the same on mine did the slip ring and its perfect now !
  2. mad4amanda

    m tech suspension best replacement shock absorbers

    every add I see says std chassis ie not to replace M-tech shocks is there a direst replacement for M-tech shocks or something a little better that bolts straight on ? I thought all 540i came with M-tech or is that just Touring models? Mine has M-tech on the front and leaky SLS on the rear . Need to delete the SLS and replace NSF shock
  3. mad4amanda

    m tech suspension best replacement shock absorbers

    would these be direct replacement for sports suspension on the front of a 540i ? My touring still needs shocks I bought some sh units from one of the sellers on here but compared to stock they look puny and undersized?
  4. mad4amanda

    e30/34 nardi blackline steering wheel question?

    That looks like a modded (with BMW badge) Ripspeed wheel .
  5. mad4amanda

    540 heat

    where do you think all that fuel goes?
  6. mad4amanda

    Tyre size, I've been looking, can't find..

    yes my 540i has an original 225 5516 spare unused from new , I use this size with no problems.
  7. That`s excellent thank you
  8. Hi all recovered my touring from storage this week going to service and sort a few more little jobs out as you do could do with pointers on 3 jobs: Firstly the drivers door will no longer lock and unlock automatically ( alarm fob or passengers door key ) locks fine with the key and locks all the other doors too , any tricks or tips to resolve this or trace the fault ? secondly passenger front strut has failed is it a long job to remove I have replacements with springs and top mounts ready to go on any shortcuts welcome ? Finally I need to replace the diaphram on the bulkhead end of the inlet manifold , I bought a new one ages ago but never got round to doing it space looks very tight so again any tips for doing it? Thanks all in anticipation steve
  9. mad4amanda

    M30 535i - VERY slight - if at all - coolant leak

    heater matrix?
  10. mad4amanda

    E34 touring roofbars

    Hmm Ive got a set of those somewhere if someone from kent fancies them?
  11. I may have good replacement speres soon as Im doing the sls delete soon but only the valve is leaking?
  12. mad4amanda

    My Old Car.....I need it back 😉

    well is not currently on the mid so its probably not insured currently
  13. I have 1 key for mine will try and see what make it is
  14. mad4amanda

    Suspension top mount question - can someone explain?

    in mind of the above posts would a set of 1989 535 sport complete strut, spring and topmounts fit my 1996 540 are there other parts in need to ask for?
  15. mad4amanda

    DIY PAS fluid change - has anyone done it?

    mine is definately filled with chf