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  1. e39london

    Door Mouldings

    Hi Sorry I should have perhaps been cleared Yes...the mouldings half way up the door. 3 each side. Front wing/front door/rear door. Kind regards.
  2. e39london

    Door Mouldings

    Hello there. Yes...all the numbers are correct. The mouldings (5&6) are black. Many thanks.
  3. e39london

    Door Mouldings

    Hello guys. Could I please get a price on the following: Reg: RA52 GUU Door mouldings for all doors. 3 each side Many thanks.
  4. e39london

    Insurance increase?

    Hi all, I have recently had a custom built performance exhaust, simota induction kit fitted to my E39 535i and will shortly be putting on a new lowered suspension kit (50mm). Can someone give me a rough idea as to how much this is all likely to increase my insurance? Im with the elephant if that makes any difference. Many thanks.
  5. e39london

    Simota Induction Kit

    Hi all, Does anyone know how to install a Simota Induction Kit into the E39? The instructions that come with it are somewhat rubbish to say the least. they don't really explain how to put evertyhing together. I have had a look through google and youtube but haven't found any results which can help. I am hoping that some of you have done this before.
  6. e39london

    535i Suspension Kit

    Hi guys, I am looking into changing the shocks and springs on my 535i as a recent Inspection 2 revealed: OSR spring broken, and rear shocks need replacing at around the 90K, 12 year mark. Whilst upgrading the suspension, I would also be looking at putting in a Powerflex bush kit. I was originally looking at the Bilstein/Eibach combo but it's out of my budget unfortunately. Having read various forums, it seems like the Spax Supersport Kit would be ideal for me and it withing my budget £250-300. Does anyone have any opinions on my thoughts and can anyone recommend better alternatives within the same budget? My 535i is a non-sport version and will be used for fast road use only...no tracks! Kind regards.
  7. e39london

    535i Cooling System

    Follow up to this... The BMW Specialist tested everything and thankfully it wasn't the head gasket. Nor was it the thermostat, water pump or viscous coupling. After carrying out a block and pressure test, I have been told it's the auxilliary fan which has been causing all these problems. So I have ordered a new one from BMW (as I was told the after market ones are rubbish) for £280 and it will be fitted tomorrow morning hopefully. Hopefully this will be the end to my troubles. Thanks to all those that have helped thus far.
  8. e39london

    535i Cooling System

    Hi all, I am in desperate need of some help please. Last week I was driving home and suddenyl there was a hell of a lot of steam coming from under the bonnet (near the back) and coolant/water leaking out of the bottom of the car. To cut a long story short, one of the hoses needed replacing. Problem solved? Well so i thought it was but it seems not! Driving home yesterday, the same problem occured but this time there was water gushing out from near the radiator. I called a a good friend of mine who happens to be a mechanic and he came over and it turned out that the expansion tank had a crack in it. Off I went to get another one and had it fitted. Now though, my friend tells me that there is way too much pressure in the system and that I should get it pressure checked. Each time I have had this problem, the temperature has remained constant at half way. There has been no coolant loss other than when it has come gushing out and the coolant level light hasn't come on once. The mechanic friend said he has come across this problem before on a similar car and chaging the water pump sorted out the problem. He also said to me that it could be the thermostat as it has some sort of pressure release valve in it? But just to rule out a head gasket issue, he told me to have it pressure tested. Anyway, I booked it in for the pressure test earlier today at the local specialist and was told after a few hours that the pressure is so much that even after 2mins of the car being on, with the expansion tank cap off, the water just wants to escape from the expansion tank. I was told that they need to have the car completely cold to carry out a "block and pressure test" so was told to leave the car with them until the morning giving the car the opportunity to get completely cold for the morning. I am really hoping that it is not a head gasket problem as I hear this can be very expensive to sort out. I only got the car 3 weeks ago Can anyone please shed some light on what might be happening?
  9. e39london

    Will these wheels fit?

    Unfortunately not as the company is in the US. Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.
  10. e39london

    Will these wheels fit?

    Hi all, I am after some advice please. Hopefully someone can help. I own a 1998 E39 535i. I am looking at purchasing some 20x9 alloys for it. The information I have is as follows: Offset: 15mm Backspacing: 5.62" Bolt Pattern: 5-120 Rec. Tire Size: 245/35-20 Will these wheels fit my car? Thanks in advance.
  11. e39london

    Recommended Garages/Services/Suppliers

    Has anyone had any experience of Custom Werks for servicing in Hayes? I am looking at getting an Inspection 2 done shortly. Your views/opinions would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
  12. e39london

    Does anyone know what happened here?

    And that would cause all the steam?
  13. Hi all, I recently purchased a 1998 535i. Today, getting off the M25, there was a lot of steam coming from under the bonnet and through the vents inside the car and I stopped the car to have a closer look. On opening the bonnet, I could see steam bellowing out from the back of the engine area (closest to the windscreen). When the AA guy came (he was completely useless!)he had a look at my water level and it was really low, no signs of a leak though so he began topping up the water and after about 2mins, the water could be seen leaking quite rapidly from beneath the car, directly underneath where the steam was coming from. The AA guy decided he didn't want to take a closer lookk and investigate why this may be happening and arranged from a flat bed to come and take me and my car home. Does anyone have any idea why this may have happened? Kind regards P.S. no indications came up on the dashboard
  14. e39london

    Window Tints

    Can anone recommend any window tinting people in the Heathrow area please?