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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all
  2. Not saying, the car hasn't been converted to a 6-speed gearbox In several articles and an unofficial ALPINA book. The B10 3.3 has been misreported as having 6 forward gears and not 5. The term dealer copy and paste from an article comes to mind
  3. I think kayser540 has confirmed my earlier point That's borderline patronising (as you said it twice consecutively) The more you say something doesn't mean it is true. Likewise when I have said several times the benefits will take some time to appear
  4. So you are unaware of this then. This is also a remain newspaper Brexit has given competitive edge on car battery tariffs, says Nissan chief | Nissan | The Guardian
  5. Just pointing out a manufacturing benefit. As you asked several times
  6. The post office has publicly admitted there is a backlog due to the pandemic. clearly lost, please explain that assumption? So trucks were not delayed due to the pandemic throughout Christmas week?
  7. I disagree. Nissan are embracing Brexit
  8. It's basic Economics. It's called surplus of labour. I would think that every example of a surplus of labour in non-pandemic/peacetime, will show wages do drop when there is a surplus of labour. Could be one of the few things Economist will agree on
  9. Yes correct but a lot of the block trusted the EU for them to do the deal. I don't know the answer to this, but did Germany knew the block was making a mess of it, hence thought we will be better and use the emergency powers/approval instead? Again don't know the answer to this. Would the EU have been in a better position to lie about AstraZeneca, stop further use of the vaccine, after the emergency approval was removed? The Government was criticised a lot for not working collectively with an EU vaccine deal. As we have a few James O'Brien's fans (video and quotes) on here. Even he admitted last week, that he was wrong on this one
  10. Yes agree. If we assume the boots were ordered on 26 December 2020. Then 2 days to arrive, they would have been delivered on or before 31 December 2020. I'm waiting for an eBay parcel that was posted at a post office, less than 10 miles from where I live, since 21 January 2021. The tracker yesterday was showing, it is still at the post office (today it will not give me any information, hopefully it will arrive today). Is this due to Brexit?
  11. The major benefit is covid vaccine. The issue AstraZeneca which Macron and Ursula von der Leyen are referring to is a misprint of a German newspaper article. I cannot remember the precise details. It was something like 8 people who were tested above 65 had the vaccine in a test (there was no negativity with that test) As Macron cannot provide enough vaccines he lied about AstraZeneca with Ursula von der Leyen last night. When they both said yesterday it is not effective for above 65 years old people. As they pushed the big red button last week with trade. The EU admitted that AstraZeneca contract is fair and they made a big mistake. To me this shows that the EU are just bullies. I have always said it will take some time for the benefits to appear and for the disruptions to stop. It has only just been over a month.
  12. At the time when that was written. The boots would have been ordered around 24 December 2020. We were still in the EU. The delay unlikely to have been caused by Brexit
  13. At the end of last year or at the start of this year. A bill was passed so the Brexit UK negotiation department or team didn't need explain themselves in public. Therefore nothing new will be said until October I guess. We are just going through the motions of transition. However you made the goal to be wide open, in my opinion, for the thread to turn nasty by unnecessary linking the two No. One member insults everyone with a different view to them. The other defends their opinion and others, and then uses the same tone as them. It is a subtle difference, but it is a difference! This is why on the forum which I administer. I have a general section but it is for the forum subject which doesn't fit into any other heading.
  14. You started this rot of a thread Duncan. Since when has it been a forum rule to contribute elsewhere on the forum? People do agree with Karl. I don't have the time or the energy to go over dead ground. Who else will put our side of the argument on here? However when we do all what we get is constant contemptuous and mocking Why can't someone who voted Brexit be annoyed with this Government? There are parallels but you interlinked them. As a moderator and a member of 15 years. You knew where this thread will lead to. A serious lack of judgment. This forum has gone backwards to 2016 and the 2017 General election. This topic is two separate threads With regards to some of the NHS comments: I know for a fact the NHS management were told during the Brexit vote to tell staff to remain. A friend of mine who is an accountant moans all the time about the waste in the NHS. I therefore don't expect a NHS manager to think any differently about Brexit. I am too busy doing charity work to care if someone replies to my post with spiteful and snide comments, to force me to reply.
  15. Just watched this on ITV news Wow: https://www.itv.com/news/london/2020-08-20/surrey-inventor-scoops-world-record-for-fastest-electric-ice-cream-van-reached-speeds-of-73921mph
  16. nealpina

    Fastest electric ice cream van by Edd China

    Private mode doesn't access any cookies stored on you computer or keep them after the session has closed Hope this helps. Also glad you like the second video
  17. nealpina

    Fastest electric ice cream van by Edd China

    Even when you use in private mode and have accepted all cookies. It will not remember them Hope this helps
  18. nealpina

    Fastest electric ice cream van by Edd China

    Yes copy the link and open the browser in private mode and paste the link, or download a different browser and paste the link in there
  19. nealpina

    E39 Granada 530D

    That's awesome. At first, I thought that was a strange combination but it does work My dream BMW and Ford combination MKIII 2000E with per facelift front lights, with an ALPINA V8 engine and manual M5 gearbox
  20. nealpina

    Vintage BMW content.

    Like watching all of those There is meant to be a commercial of an E34 evolving into an E39. At the E39 launch. Never been able to find it
  21. nealpina


    I don’t know how surgeons can wear PPE for several hours. Glad they can though Anyway just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/12192383/new-covid-mutation-more-infectious-spreading-faster-original-china/amp/ Remind me to do a early stock up of toilet paper Unlike a few months ago. I have realised at times it may be best just to listen instead of having an opinion Therefore thoughts?
  22. nealpina


    I am being flippant. A bit pointless if you ask me. The regulations should say must cover mouth and nose at all times, instead of face On public transport people do wear face masks/covering. Not to cover their mouth or nose but just to cover their chin . I will have more respect for you if you didn't wear one, I will then justify to myself that you have a medical breathing condition hence you're the exemption and not a selfish twat
  23. nealpina

    So what are you doing in isolation?

    Watched the entire boxset of The Professionals on Blu-ray. The HD restoration made the quality like it was filmed yesterday. I became bored of the edits on ITV4. Some cut scenes can make you assume parts of the storyline. When you watch the uncut version, you then say to yourself ' now that makes sense' . I never expected to see Pierce Brosnan, Ruby Wax, Ben Roberts (Conway from The Bill) to be in the same episode of any TV show One episode the plot was so loosely put together. That from start to finish it was just one big assumption. I guess that story line, of that year, made the true dictionary definition expression of the meaning 'a gut feeling' Lots of retro cars. Some really nice Fords, BMWs (especially E21s). Also nice to see London scenery in HD from the late 70s to the early 80s

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