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  1. nealpina

    Payroll application

    As just mentioned in another thread I recently ditched my accountant. I currently use a free payroll application. Any recommendations for a combined package with VAT like QuickBooks, or a payroll application which is a few quid per month - even an Excel add-on? I don't need anything fancy as I'm perfectly happy with Excel but if I need to change then will do so.
  2. nealpina

    Making tax digital - what are people doing?

    I recently ditched my accountant. As I spotted a mistake with his figures on the balance sheet before he submitted to Companies House - he reluctantly corrected it. He has always overcharged me for the amount of work he did as my figures were/are presentable and correct. He charged his usual rate and not the amount of work was needed because he is old school and never taught himself excel just Sage - meaning moved from paper accounts to Sage. Anyway found a few online accountants and a fair amount of them (and as mentioned by @Retset) do use Quickfile. For an extra £0 to £45 per year you then get the full functionality of features of Quickfile. Also @Wivenhoe great first post as this is what I only need. As my totals are just Box 1 to 9 on a spreadsheet, and I then use to just copy the values into HMRC web page As this is all what HMRC need to be compliance an Excel addon the figures can still be wrong - why HMRC making a fuss with compliance software?
  3. nealpina

    Back in a Beemer Whooohoooo

    I also like your individual colour Brass Metallic
  4. nealpina

    Your retro Fords

    Do like seeing retro police cars.
  5. nealpina

    Back in a Beemer Whooohoooo

    Yes correct colour 359 is from the individual programme
  6. Retro cool, if I had that I will fit the twin headlights Correct same number even for the Sierra
  7. nealpina

    Back in a Beemer Whooohoooo

    Nice Not that I'm bias, I will have owned my Mora for 10 years next month.
  8. Aware modern convertibles do have climate control. Due to the hot weather I have delivered convertibles every other day. Due to my hayfever I prefer climate control, but today I enjoyed having the breeze keeping me cool. Just thinking what do people prefer?
  9. Are all Tina Convertibles Crayford? If not any factory built cars? Am I correct that MK I & MK II were never pickups? Apart from what is on the Crayford website any extra information with Tina's convertible? and extra info with the pickups
  10. nealpina

    Your retro Fords

    Nice like the race car. The Puma engine in a Fiesta cool
  11. Nice photos. Your car?
  12. nealpina

    What were you doing when Chernobyl blew up?

    Apparently the Russians are making their own version of Chernobyl tv series. Likely to be called 'Not the fake news Chernobyl tv series' Also anyone for Chernobyl Vodka? Never say never but I doubt I'll try some anytime soon. I wonder if it will glow yellow like Peckham Spring
  13. nealpina

    What were you doing when Chernobyl blew up?

    Not sure why but I have a thing for flat design. It was the plastic frames in the windows for the flats. These will have been metal during that time. However the rest of the scenery which was set in Lithuania from my limited knowledge was done to a high standard. I was a fan of the TV series ‘The Americans’ the actors did an excellent job with the Russian accent. I think I was expecting too much as I was comparing it with this. I think because of the tight budget it will have taken the accents too long to adapt and the story will never have been told, but I kept on expecting Sarah Lancashire to appear in her Happy Valley uniform
  14. nealpina

    Nurbürgring in a Smart car?

    Have limited knowledge of Smart cars engines and spec. However the 1.0 Brabus is super quick from a standstill and can be thrown into corners, but top speed is limited (by engine power - not because of a limiter). These are not a motorway car, but under the right conditions fairly fun to drive.
  15. In the mid noughties the company that I worked for had mixed fleet of Ford and Vauxhall. The early Vauxhall were better than the Fords. After 2007 everyone wanted the Ford. Only time when Ford IMO were playing catch-up to Vauxhall. Due to the front wheel drive setup even today Ford and Vauxhall, and the quality of interior they're on the same par; and it comes down to preference of looks etc IMO