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  1. Sad to read I can see my E39 (ALPINA B10) DNA, from your old E34
  2. nealpina

    Alexa vs Google Home

    The thing that happened yesterday which had a massive run-up to, and apparently in the early hours of the morning it had results. I can't remember what it was, but it prevented me from posting this. Seriously I didn’t want to start a political thread by posting this before today, but I have been waiting to post this since I first read the thread
  3. nealpina

    Alexa vs Google Home

    In the early days of the technology it did record conversations because it thought the 'wake' word was activated. It has learnt from these mistakes, and now makes considerably less false wake activations
  4. https://uokhun.uk/2018/12/29/drivers-horror-after-bmw-indicator-explodes
  5. nealpina

    Driver's horror after BMW indicator explodes

    Yes it's clickbait, but's it's light amusement for laughter. In this context I'll use the word joke rather than fake news
  6. Been wondering this for sometime and google is full of different answers. Therefore any conclusive answer or definition?
  7. I think that's why I asked the question. I was watching either a TV documentary or film. They either used the word bus where we will use coach, or it was vice versa. I questioned it because in the UK we would have called it the opposite. Therefore it's a cultural thing if the word bus or coach is used to describe a large motor vehicle carrying passengers by road P.S. I like some of the photos which have been posted
  8. Thanks for that, interesting fact
  9. No standing on the coach, not standing waiting for the coach to arrive Sorry couldn't resist
  10. Maybe even better than buying a 40 years old car to avoid the ULEZ and the Congestion Charge. Good thinking: Buy a Euro 6 Bus or Coach, and drive in Bus Lanes and avoid the traffic also
  11. nealpina

    Ford Capri...

    If Toyota can bring back the Supra (albeit it’’s a Z4) than why can’t Ford with the Capri. Also I have driven the new Supra
  12. nealpina

    "So long and thanks for all the fish".

    I don’t understand why people feel the need to leave a car forum when they don’t own that model or brand of car anymore.
  13. nealpina

    Curve TVs

    I like my curve TV. Not looking for a new TV but having a browse today, and it looks like curve TVs are no longer being made or sold. Any experts on here with the reason (done a quick google but can’t find anything)?
  14. nealpina

    Curve TVs

    Is it official curve TVs are no longer being manufactured or sold (just old stock which can be purchased)?
  15. nealpina

    Curve TVs

    Nice and now rare I was too late buying a 3D curve when I purchased as it was only curve. If I could I would have purchased 3D curve
  16. nealpina

    Curve TVs

    CES 2012 nice. I think that will work well mini iMax curve 3D. I do see the picture differently on my curve rather than flat IMO for the better. Gran Turismo 5 or 6 is great in 3D. So was watching Kyle in 3D , sports work really well in 3D
  17. Some interesting facts there some which I already knew. I am looking at an engineering point of view e,g, (and already been mentioned) gear ratios will be different, rather than their function.
  18. I presume they don’t say hurry up as TFL may get accuse of telling their drivers to speed
  19. For me between 8 and 9 in the morning, it's quicker to walk to the station rather than the bus due to the school run
  20. nealpina

    Isn't this a 4 Series?

    It’s a wannabe BMW (meaning front wheel drive).
  21. nealpina

    Your retro Fords

    As per this thread I keep asking for photos of your cool Ford Therefore thought it will be a good idea to start a new thread
  22. Aware the ALPINA section doesn't get much coverage. As above a brief review of my E39 if you already haven't read it:
  23. The most pleasurable experience in the B10 must be ALPINA 50th Birthday celebration at Buchloe (ALPINA factory). I realised the true power of this beast on the autobahns. I started off driving the car as if I was on the UK Motorways missing out gears, but quickly was redlining through every gear and the power delivery was just amazing. On the way home I had a nice stretch of autobahn, I therefore just put my right foot to the floor, I was not aiming for the car’s top speed, but when I looked at the TomTom it said 260KMH which is 162.5MPH and I could feel there was more power available. I love the long shift gearbox, the clutch, and most people who haven’t driven the B10 do not understand that this is one of the few manual cars which is effortless to drive in traffic. Due to the limitations of the E39 handbrake - hill starts are interesting at times. The LHD wipers is limiting in the rain. Even with these and some other minor design oversights these can be quickly dismissed due to the driving pleasure of this ultimate car. Do I regret not having a V8? Not at all there is something really special about this straight six engine. I respect the V8 engine, and if my B3 was a manual or I had purchased a B8 4.6 there would have been a good chance I brought a B10 v8 instead because of the Switch-Tronic gearbox. Due to how special my B10 3.3 is, I don’t feel the necessity to replace it with a V8 There are only a few cars which I have driven that tick all the boxes of me being tempted of owning instead of my B10, but I still can’t see myself selling my B10 or B3 because I am still passionate about them and the ALPINA brand. The most noticeable car which does tick all my boxes is a Porsche Panamera S 4.8 in either form a rare manual or PDK. My B10 will be 20 years old next year but is still one of the nicest and ultimate cars to drive
  24. nealpina

    Purchased my B10 10 years ago today

    Agreed and unfortunately these are the cars we will always fondly look back when we do sale