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  1. Aware the ALPINA section doesn't get much coverage. As above a brief review of my E39 if you already haven't read it:
  2. nealpina

    Purchased my B10 10 years ago today

    Agreed and unfortunately these are the cars we will always fondly look back when we do sale
  3. The most pleasurable experience in the B10 must be ALPINA 50th Birthday celebration at Buchloe (ALPINA factory). I realised the true power of this beast on the autobahns. I started off driving the car as if I was on the UK Motorways missing out gears, but quickly was redlining through every gear and the power delivery was just amazing. On the way home I had a nice stretch of autobahn, I therefore just put my right foot to the floor, I was not aiming for the car’s top speed, but when I looked at the TomTom it said 260KMH which is 162.5MPH and I could feel there was more power available. I love the long shift gearbox, the clutch, and most people who haven’t driven the B10 do not understand that this is one of the few manual cars which is effortless to drive in traffic. Due to the limitations of the E39 handbrake - hill starts are interesting at times. The LHD wipers is limiting in the rain. Even with these and some other minor design oversights these can be quickly dismissed due to the driving pleasure of this ultimate car. Do I regret not having a V8? Not at all there is something really special about this straight six engine. I respect the V8 engine, and if my B3 was a manual or I had purchased a B8 4.6 there would have been a good chance I brought a B10 v8 instead because of the Switch-Tronic gearbox. Due to how special my B10 3.3 is, I don’t feel the necessity to replace it with a V8 There are only a few cars which I have driven that tick all the boxes of me being tempted of owning instead of my B10, but I still can’t see myself selling my B10 or B3 because I am still passionate about them and the ALPINA brand. The most noticeable car which does tick all my boxes is a Porsche Panamera S 4.8 in either form a rare manual or PDK. My B10 will be 20 years old next year but is still one of the nicest and ultimate cars to drive
  4. nealpina

    We buy any car price?

    WBAC business model seems to be if a seller hasn't got the time or the resources to sell their car (advertising, buyer visits etc). Then WBAC will remove this stress. Fixing dents, removing scratches, refurbishing alloys, administration, transportation to BCA. This all costs money, or weakens their profit at a auction if they sell at the condition when they took the car in . I am not saying if their price is fair or not. However they do have overheads and as a business they need to make a profit. I consider WBAC prices to be of that of a trade-in, and it's up to the seller to sell privately or part exchange their car to make a higher profit
  5. nealpina

    Is Audi overtaking BMW?

    IMO BMW are still the ultimate drivers car. Audi and Mercedes-Benz don't drive as nice. Will rather have a VW than a Audi
  6. nealpina

    Thomas Cook - Gone

    My understanding is, the law is very strict with insolvent rules with regards to Directors pay and bonuses. If any Directors took any unjust gains then my understanding is there will be serious consequences.
  7. nealpina

    Your retro Fords

    Just noticed the updates. Thanks for the additional updates. Always interesting reading and looking at photos of old school Fords
  8. Any good IT geek will have three backup locations: one on-site, and either two different off-site locations or one off-site and one in the cloud. Depending on the company they may not use any cloud base products because of higher level of compliance which these providers cannot provide. This is now getting outside the scope of a home user and a small business. Also very similar to what @whiskychaser says: After a very quick google search this is how to locate where the OE files are stored, I would make a backup of this, then copy this folder to the new computer https://ccm.net/faq/7412-outlook-express-where-are-the-files-stored
  9. As you said I feel the necessity to comment Outlook Express was replaced with Mail since Vista IIRC (IIRC is for the need to clarify if it was Vista and not windows 7 which started with Mail). Anyway plenty of guides on the internet with how to export from MS Outlook Express to Mail. However and if possible make a backup first of your entire computer, and then export to the new computer. A good free alternative to outlook is called thunderbird and some say this is better than Mail
  10. nealpina

    E39 M5 stolen last night

    Just noticed this thread. Glad it’s recovered
  11. nealpina

    New car quiz time....

    I'm so confused now Even though I forgotten that some Minis were superchargers. AFAIK Audi never did a supercharger and I previously asked if it was Mercedes. Not an expert if Porsche had a supercharger - is this it? Trabant with a supercharger?
  12. nealpina

    New car quiz time....

    Volkswagen Touran?
  13. nealpina

    New car quiz time....

    If it's not a BMW I won't be playing this game anymore Will be too busy laughing at your new car choice
  14. nealpina

    New car quiz time....

    Just was about to edit my reply with: I thought charged meant supercharger, and after a few minutes of posting I then realised that charged also means turbo
  15. nealpina

    New car quiz time....

    ALPINA B5 or B7? Mercedes? AMG E55?