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  1. Unless your Operatjng System is 64bit (x64) it will use more than 4GB or RAM. If your Operating System is 32bit (x86) more than 4GB will not make any difference. There is a registry fix but it will still be a x86 Operating System. Agreed with i products being restricted with regards to if you want them to be more than a user friendly device (I don’t want a smart phone or iPad to be anything more, however I have ran a web server on a jailbreak iPad lol). I take a different view with their desktops and laptops as they are capable of a lot more.
  2. nealpina

    Anyone see a trend here?

    The UK car manufacturing industry has been screwed since the 90s (if not before) - look at Ford
  3. nealpina

    Anyone see a trend here?

    Geneva MotorShow this week therefore a lot of the big chiefs are making noises. I was talking to someone at Nissan the day when they announced it, and he said (I knew some of this already) that the Asia market is in high demand and they have plenty of land to build on. One thing that has not been mentioned is Ford. They ship cars made in the EU to South Africa and back again to finish production. Therefore it does make the Customs Union argument somewhat weak. If the plants do close then why can’t we develop with Australia, and be a world leader of Ammonia Fuel
  4. nealpina

    Anyone see a trend here?

    Very likely this thread will bring out the worst in forum members. As I can see this thread going in one direction
  5. nealpina

    Dash Cam phone apps

    Captured Del Boy on DashCam
  6. nealpina

    The Trotters

    Not BMW, but no doubt Del Boy will try to sell it as one of Munich’s finest
  7. nealpina

    Over filling fuel tank

    Not after the first full click (meaning not if the nozzle is in the wrong position then it will click). As said above beyond that fuel will leak/pour Only long term issue could be if someone throws a match underneath the car when fuel is pouring onto the floor
  8. nealpina

    Dash Cam phone apps

    Been using the dashcam today. It’s surprising how oncoming traffic position themselves correctly when they notice the camera. However a good neighbour didn’t realise I was driving or noticed the dashcam, and he cut me up. When I arrived home I showed him the footage and he couldn’t stop apologising I’m going to buy a long windscreen phone holder, and use one of my phones as a rear dashcam
  9. nealpina

    Dash Cam phone apps

    Purchased a Nexbase 512 but it’s still in the box. As I may return it for the HD Duo. Any thoughts? Also thoughts with using a phone as a rear facing camera?
  10. nealpina

    Dash Cam phone apps

    I do think AutoBoy Black Box is quite good. I have spotted a bug with the app, but not sure if it's because of Android One but should be an easy fix for the developer
  11. nealpina

    Dash Cam phone apps

    this has hit the nail on the head: My rucksack weighs a ton already However I'm giving a dash cam some serious thought over a phone. I also like the Nextbase Duo HD
  12. nealpina

    Dash Cam phone apps

    That also has good reviews & Wish it was that simple. I can be driving up to 4 different cars a day as I own a transport/trade plate company.
  13. nealpina

    Dash Cam phone apps

    The Nextbase 512GW. Some good on-line reviews. The problem is I have too many gadgets in the car (TomTom, handsfree speaker, and 2 phones), but I will give this some thought
  14. nealpina

    And it's goodbye from him too.

    As it was a 2000E at the time wanted to keep it original. I should have placed a 2.9i 24v v6 with a manual gearbox in there, but a few years later purchased a 325 E36
  15. nealpina

    Dash Cam phone apps

    No dash cam at the moment. I’ve a iPhone for personal use, and a midrange Android for work (Nokia 7.1) only because my previous Windows phone died last week, and at the end of this year Windows phone support will stop (I hate most things built on Unix/Linux kernel apart from IOS and my TomTom). Amyway I just downloaded Drivermatics for the iPhone and AutoBoy Dash Cam for Android. Done a quick test with AutoBoy with sticky tape on the windscreen and quality is fairly good I think.