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  1. nealpina


    I don’t know how surgeons can wear PPE for several hours. Glad they can though Anyway just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/12192383/new-covid-mutation-more-infectious-spreading-faster-original-china/amp/ Remind me to do a early stock up of toilet paper Unlike a few months ago. I have realised at times it may be best just to listen instead of having an opinion Therefore thoughts?
  2. nealpina


    I am being flippant. A bit pointless if you ask me. The regulations should say must cover mouth and nose at all times, instead of face On public transport people do wear face masks/covering. Not to cover their mouth or nose but just to cover their chin . I will have more respect for you if you didn't wear one, I will then justify to myself that you have a medical breathing condition hence you're the exemption and not a selfish twat
  3. nealpina

    So what are you doing in isolation?

    Watched the entire boxset of The Professionals on Blu-ray. The HD restoration made the quality like it was filmed yesterday. I became bored of the edits on ITV4. Some cut scenes can make you assume parts of the storyline. When you watch the uncut version, you then say to yourself ' now that makes sense' . I never expected to see Pierce Brosnan, Ruby Wax, Ben Roberts (Conway from The Bill) to be in the same episode of any TV show One episode the plot was so loosely put together. That from start to finish it was just one big assumption. I guess that story line, of that year, made the true dictionary definition expression of the meaning 'a gut feeling' Lots of retro cars. Some really nice Fords, BMWs (especially E21s). Also nice to see London scenery in HD from the late 70s to the early 80s
  4. nealpina

    Sir Stirling Moss

    The spooky thing about when I read Tim Brooke-Taylor. I had ITV on, they were showing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Just turned my eyes to the TV, and the next split second the scene had Tim Brooke-Taylor as the computer guy
  5. nealpina


    I am aware of how this virus is spread. To add to the builders, it is also not clear: if they stayed on-site, had self-isolation at home, all lived together in shared accommodation etc. The Police officer at today’s press conference briefly mentioned testing. How do we know if frontline is not now being tested? My opinion is we need to give all front line and keyworkers our full support, with the caveat of they don’t abuse their authority. Asian countries for years have been using masks and other PPE with cold/flu symptoms. We previously have not been this type of country. Our priority is for PPE for the those that need it, not who want it. Famous name brands have changed their production lines to supply and cope with the demand - until supply is greater than demand. Therefore until supply outstrips demand, being at home is the safest option. Wasn't labour in Government during the first outbreak of foot and mouth. Anyway my opinion is: As this is an unprecedented pandemic, I am currently giving the authority certain slack. When this is over we will then have time to analyse what we got wrong, what we could have got more right, and right.
  6. nealpina


    One on my Uncles is a bus driver, and one of his colleagues and friend at the same bus garage, was one of the TFL drivers who sadly died from the virus. Yesterday my Uncle’s bus was stopped during the clapping (not sure if he was on a break), people went to the kerb and clapped for him personally. It touched him
  7. nealpina


    Any update? Nothing wrong with crying because it affects all of us in different ways and it’s shows you have a heart. Never thought I would every say that to you Your daughter needs you to be a strong Dad more than ever now. Agreed
  8. nealpina


    By the sounds of it, funeral directors are becoming overworked and may be finding it difficult to give the personal touch to families Unfortunately you need to go through the family sadness next week. Thankfully technology is there to help with no physical presence Lets hope the reproductive rate is dropping
  9. nealpina


    Fairly sure that first responders are exempt from social distancing. Will be funny if they were not, and arresting someone: Police officer to a suspect: “I will use desensitising gel on my equipment, and leave my handcuffs, my taser, pepper spray, and baton on the floor. So if you attack me, you can use reasonable force against yourself”. Would be bizarre if fire crews needed to keep to social distancing rules, especially rescuing someone. The people who built the hospital, it is unclear if any of them were coughing or sneezing. As my understanding a mask will preventing spreading or receiving the virus from a cough or a sneeze, instead of person or surface contact. However and happy to be wrong with my previous point, but with the short amount of time of reconstructing the ExCeL into Nightingale Hospital, they are in my opinion, are heroes.
  10. nealpina


    Contains very strong language. This has a serious message, but also funny. This police chief of Uganda should be in charge of our policing (edit: not sure how to reduce video size in a post) Uganda's Police chief.mp4
  11. nealpina


    I just feel a bit conscious about my herd immunity comment. It was based on a few weeks ago before the science changed, and just with an example.
  12. nealpina


    I am no scientist but the way I see things, until we have a vaccine then we are limited in what we can do, and one option is herd immunity. Isn't heard immunity what we use to do before vaccines, and used the antibodies and antigens in a blood transfusion to cure the sick. This also can lead to a quicker vaccine? I think they are trying blood transfusion in the US from someone who has recovered, and using their blood in someone who is ill.
  13. nealpina


    Is that because of the new emergency act. That the local council has more control over the arrangements? or it just happened that way?
  14. nealpina


    I am sure your Father-in-law and Uncle will understand why, that the 2 son-in-laws will be there in mind and spirit. Just out of curiosity are the funeral at the same time?
  15. nealpina


    Agreed How have you and your family been coping?