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  1. kingludba

    E60 545i Project Headache

    Brilliant, I too would love a v8 but the horror stories I've heard on the engines has put me off....but at the moment they are the only v8's that haven't rocketed up in value. Would quite fancy a 550i in touring guise. Did getting the stem seals done leave you bankrupt? Did you get the valley coolant pipe done at the same time or was it in good order?
  2. kingludba

    Windscreen required

    Came across this today whilst whoring and touring on YouTube, seems pretty straightforward E39 windscreen trim replacement
  3. kingludba

    Sharkfans pics

    Friends in the right places.... I thought your e39 was lush. ....well the e34 is the one
  4. kingludba


    What an intro...... and welcome to the forum. My son got a good deal on selling his f10 120i, managing to clear the finance and have enough leftover to buy his e34 and fettle it with goodies. Surely used car prices will come down soon?
  5. kingludba

    New to me 540i Touring

    That's quite a fleet you have there. Any contact details for Lee? I'm planning on getting the automatic transmission serviced/flushed once we are into spring so would be good to have a chat with him. My son finished his apprenticeship last year as a tech at Barons in Ash/Farnborough, well chuffed with him for doing so.....and so I tend to get most of my parts at cost from there....still pricey though
  6. kingludba

    E39 5HP19 transmission faults

    Any recommendations for flush and filter change garage near Farnborough Hampshire? Tried searching on here but nothing relevant comes up. Gav
  7. kingludba

    New to me 540i Touring

    Is there a sticky on here with a list? I think my auto box needs servicing, makes noise's when I first start up in morning, sounds like it's slipping but it's not.
  8. kingludba

    New to me 540i Touring

    Brilliant...I'm in Farnborough, I have a 528i and my son an e34 520i. When the weather and covid improves we should meet up for a friendly pint Gav
  9. kingludba


    Thanks for quick response. Those LM''s are very nice. My son has a set on his e34 that I am hoping to adopt soon but he says they won't fit the e39, what's the difference between the 2 models? Centre bore? Is there a way around it? @OP sorry for the thread hijack. Gav
  10. kingludba


    Any before and after pics? I have 17 inch style 32''s, don't think they staggered, rears look like they sit far too deep in arches compared to fronts so was thinking of spacing them too.
  11. kingludba


    Another touring saved. Welcome and can't wait for your build/maintenance thread. Gav
  12. kingludba

    The most beautiful E39 in existence !!!!

    Absolutely stunning machine. What was the hick-up? Is it a high miler example?
  13. kingludba

    E39 ALPINA Touring, Send

    Yes was grey Anything interesting at the meet?
  14. kingludba

    E39 ALPINA Touring, Send

    On Portsmouth road 5 minutes ago, absolutely stunning condition hence the immediate post. Dont see many of these around.
  15. kingludba

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Perfect, next on my list. Don't know when last they were changed as I just taken ownership and they are suffering to clear anything off the screen.