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  1. Grand Dragon

    Rust to Rome Rally

    Is this the car can’t cost more than £500 type things? I was all set to do one next year myself, but things change and now I barely have time to fart, let alone do anything good! Good luck! Oh there’s other “local” type rallies you can do ie; around the lakes or Scotland or Wales or well you get the picture
  2. Grand Dragon

    New 2010 5 Series owner

    Greetings. Pics of your motor are a must! you are indeed in the wrong section, but I don’t know where would be best for you to ask it? Either the F10/11 section or maybe the detailing section? Anyway, welcome along
  3. Grand Dragon


    I bought the Mrs some crotchless knickers for Halloween, nothing kinky just to give her a better grip on her broomstick.
  4. Grand Dragon

    Just scuffed my wheel.

    Is it not something you could do yourself? Its very small, but I know how it will annoy you as it would annoy me just knowing it’s there!
  5. Grand Dragon

    £15,000 ///M badge.....

    Sorry if it’s been discussed before but really..... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F202728686809
  6. Grand Dragon

    £15,000 ///M badge.....

    Yes sir, yes I did! Thank god not everyone is an egiet.....
  7. Grand Dragon

    Omega Watch Service

    Goldsmiths jewellers. They carry out their own works on site at most of their stores.
  8. Grand Dragon

    Bad smell & BMW response - help/advice?

    This! This is the only hope you have! And you can get a FULL refund! According to a certain Mr X (AKA Mr bullshit! )
  9. Grand Dragon

    Very true.....

  10. Grand Dragon

    Leaving the Bavarian nest

    I might “MIGHT” be able to have both dunc! Like I say I need to see the numbers after the initial spend! Oh btw I’d walk over broken glass for the lambo anus!
  11. Grand Dragon

    Leaving the Bavarian nest

    Ha ha, what is? The house or the car..... I'm kinda regretting not doing this sooner, fecking stupid yoof brain thinking it knows better.... There’s also this that I’m kinda in love with! https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201907089839264?advertising-location=at_cars&postcode=l393lw&model=X6M&page=2&make=BMW&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used I especially like the seats hmmmmm....
  12. Grand Dragon

    Leaving the Bavarian nest

    That does look a nice place to sit! Then the howdy looks good as well! I paid a visit to a certain German car dealer in Preston last weekend; I’m gutted if I’m honest, need to see if the numbers work after signing my life away for some sand and cement, marble, glass and plastic.... £85k for one of the nicest places I’ve been in, in a good few years! this one was locked for some reason....
  13. Grand Dragon

    What are you doing now?

    See you there! Im sat at the bar on the beach......
  14. Grand Dragon

    New M5 V8

    I’m not keen on the colour if I’m honest, the M5 should imo be a understated but interesting colour. That blue looks fantastic on a M2 M3 M4 but the M5, not for me!
  15. Grand Dragon

    New car quiz time....

    Right boys and girls...... as I’m sure you’re aware that the million mile turd mobile decided to throw a hissy fit and in doing so decided it wanted a new engine! So I took the decision to put us out of our misery and send it the metal god of automobiles and in doing so left us short of one very much needed car so I said to Mrs Grand dragon it’s up to you to buy/get us another motor to transport ourselves around in as my new employer has decided to promote me to some sort of Twat that looks after people and in doing so has took away a bit more of my time I used to use to play shot the zombies and look at auction websites! Soooooo, my question is what did she buy? Clues, it’s a car! It’s got 12 months MOT and runs on stuff that’s called petrol, not that evil stuff that goes by the name of diesel.
  16. Grand Dragon

    New car quiz time....

    Well here it is, in all it’s glory! 84k full service history a 12 month MOT 4 new tyres everything works as it should! and it cost.......
  17. Grand Dragon

    New car quiz time....

    Ha ha! At least I can raise the dead! That must say something about me?
  18. Grand Dragon

    Looking for a friend......

    Hello boy’s I know you all hate me but I don’t care! I’m after a bit of a favour, the million mile turd machine shat itself on Saturday and went into limp mode but then stalled and wouldn’t start! Got it recovered to a garage and just got off the phone to him and he said it’s a fuel issue, probably the injectors! He said he looked at the car where it is (outside his front gate) and it starts on easy start but then dies and it needs to go to an injector specialist about 10 mile away! It’s been to said injector place before for a injector so know them but if he’s going to replace them it ain’t going to be cheap! His diagnosis hasn’t filled me with confidence if I’m honest and I’m thinking it’s either the fuel filter (not been serviced for 30 or 40k, I know I know, before you lot start going on) or the fuel pump. Is there anyone that is local to me that has got a code reader that they would be willing to either lend me or come over and see if you can go one better than just saying it’s injectors..... beer tokens a plenty to any helpful peeps TBH I told him the recovery guy read the codes and two came up a 3002 which was fuel pressure and a 1278 (or something like that) which was air/fuel mix fault! So he knew it had a fuel issue before he lifted the bonnet. Is there anything I can do/test to eliminate before hand? Was thinking of changing the fuel filter and seeing if the fuel pump was working, is there anything else I should look at? Thanks in advance
  19. Grand Dragon

    Looking for a friend......

    What are you going on about? You do know false memories is a sign of the onset of dementia.....
  20. Grand Dragon

    New car quiz time....

    Oh here he is! Crawled out from your rock have you?
  21. Grand Dragon

    Wobble diagnosis

    Any shaking I’ve experienced through the chassis has been down to the weights on the rear wheels. Check the balance of the wheels first and for most.
  22. Grand Dragon

    New car quiz time....

    I’ll tell you how much it cost when I post a pic Ive just got in and the bloody think isn’t here! Sorry I didn’t see the i, yes ours was indeed powered by the devils fuel! To be fair she’s had 3 of them before a mini one a cooper and a cooper S and yes they where cracking little drives! You thought you where doing about 90mph but where only doing 40! I’m not allowed to drive it as I was driving the beemer when it decided to pop a valve or two! and im not in long enough to actually drive it! I did look at the four four! but the brabus one! anyway, pic’s to follow.....
  23. Grand Dragon

    New car quiz time....

    Bingo bango we have a winner! but it it gets worse (for me!) it’s a fecking convertible...... I’ll get a pic of it later I’m currently on double bubble
  24. Grand Dragon

    New car quiz time....

    Are you sure....... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vauxhall_Motors
  25. Grand Dragon

    BMW Alloys vs 3rd Party Alloys

    Tyres are one thing wheels aren’t......